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  1. No fish yet
  2. Been using he zoom super fluke on owner beast hook. Largemouth and decent picks in freshwater....nothing in salt yet.....
  3. I love my legend elites. I have a 4 and 6 weight. You will not be sorry. I have a different view of rods than most others. I think rods are like women, and all have good points, you just have to find sweet spots. Many people say Rod has to fit your style, and that is of course true, but you can also adjust your style to fit the Rod as well. A few seasons back I was " struck" with a $59 redding ton cross water 2 piece Rod....thing was a dog and slow at first...but then I used it to improve my drift and my cast improved ... Anyway sweet Legends are very sweet me like a z axis tip action you can throw narrow loops
  4. I would target weakfish too.
  5. Ok sold to Greene!
  6. Ok wife works in wooba I am around often
  7. Deal back on! Spelunker is located in New Jersey and won't be able to make deal. I am located in Marion, MA south coast of Mass by Cape Cod Canal. I can deliver in Plymouth or Barnstable Counties and travel to Boston and Springfield Mass areas often..
  8. Sold to Spelunker, if I understand the rules I think we are able to PM at this point to arrange meeting.
  9. I am located in Marion, MA on the south coast by the canal. You can pick it up or I could deliver in Plymouth Barnstable county. I also travel to Boston area and Springfield quite often.
  10. I'm going fishing for awhile. Sorry.
  11. Ok, I will only deal in this thread.
  12. Ok, I understand.
  13. Ok I will only deal here. PM me!
  14. (*edited - please list every item with a clear asking price - please check out the rules pinned to the top of this forum TimS)