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  1. Yes, on the half shell only.
  2. More popular in the southern New England states but my go to is the Clambrella Rig. Deadly!!!
  3. From the album help

  4. Came home last night and found a package of "Smoked Stuff" at my door. Thanks Starship I will enjoy every bit of it.
  5. I always find rough surf = better fishing. Yesterday was one of the better days in the last few weeks. Surf was starting to build and the fishing picked up. Nothing over 40" but 5 in the 32" to 38" range and a handful of slots. But those conditions are dangerous to be casting at night when the bigger girls are out. Be safe out there David!
  6. I'll be hitting the suds starting Thursday all through the weekend. Last couple of outings haven't produced much.
  7. Three hours this a m on the incoming, perfect conditions but still got the
  8. From the album Still here...

  9. I remember netting pogies by the dam in the 70's. Those were the days!
  10. John, we all know that "Wood is Good!"
  11. I heard from an unreliable source that a local tackle shop posted on their fishing report last week that the fall run has been canceled.
  12. Good amount of pollock where I was at.
  13. This was all I could muster up the last few days, does it count?