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  1. had to chime in on this one. like rich I have been away from SOL for quite some time, but this thread has interested me. Like rich I'm not going to say that the legend or mojo will outcast every rod on the market, but like rich said if casting distance is your main interest then you are probably missing the point. casting distance is important and sometimes the guy who casts the furthest does get the majority of the fish. that being said of the guys I fish with rich included I cast about the shortest distance. but rich can attest to the fact that in most cases that does not prevent me from catching just as many fish as anyone else. that being said there is not a more versatile rod on the market. I can use the same rod for catching any fish from a rat on a bomber to a 50lber on a pencil or live bunker. that is what in my opinion these st croix rods have over every other rod. you may say that they don't cast as far as this rod or that rod but in the end i can use a rod that will cast in most cases as far and as accurate as the majority of rods on the market. and not need half a dozen rods to work multiple situations. to bash guide placement is ridiculous because in my experience I have yet to see anyone outcast and outproduce the guys with the legends or mojos. and that comes from thousands of hours on the beach. st croix didn't build a competition distance rod. they built a rod that would fish the best. end of story.
  2. no but i think based on what happened that call pretty much decided the game based on what happened over the next 5 min.
  3. well the refs only took 10 min. to screw this game up. it is amazing how much they suck. boarding on bernier and no boarding on stoll ten sec earlier. give me a break.
  4. not for nothing passiton. you should be reprimanding other guys not only iggy. hes right if guys read and understood his first post. he never blasted anyone for killing fish. he asked a simple question. how much pressure can the fishery take? and guys are coming out with some dumb comments saying he is condeming people for keeping fish. hes not. I actually feel bad for the guy. I didn't see the post before it was edited but I can understand where he would be coming from .
  5. sorry for the length of time I have been away from this. been a crazy week and i did not have a min. to myself. in the end I think I'm taking the advice of some of the guys and im gonna hold on to the rod for the time being. thread closed thanks for the responses guys.
  6. thanks guy. it is a sweet rod. ill give it some more time. see what happens.
  7. Looking to sell my St. Croix Ben Doerr 10 footer. just collecting dust now. rating is Medium Power Moderate Fast Action 6-20lb line up to 3ozs looking to get $125 Rod is in pretty good condition. some light scratches other then that everything looks good.
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