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  1. Good to hear from those who remember Team Bumps and Bruises. I certainly hope to get out with you guys again soon. Yup, Hardy and I were always good for a story, and they are all true as it could only happen to me. I will go on record to say, that I havn't taken a fall in a long time, not since breaking three ribs and bruising a kidney 2 hours after I bought my new house in the summer of '02. Would you believe, I fell down the stairs! Ha! Thank God Hardy was there to help me move the next day. Yes...that is correct, I hadn't even moved yet. I fell down the stars 2 hours after the close, just walking through the place. Hopefully I will have some great stories for you guys this season....but I have to leave on this one. This one is for the legend of Laurel and Hardy, the novel. Hardy and I were fishing at the one spot amidst all of these pilings. I hooked into a monster and decided to cut the distance between me and the pilings by moving closer to them....well I didn't know it was about 8' of water there and the moment I got deep enough in my waders that I was semi bouyant, I lost all leverage on the fish and she started pulling me out. Next thing you know I am holding the rod over my head, trying not to get tangled on the pilings and screaming.."she's pulling me out!!!..RICH SHE'S PULLING ME OUT!!!" Hardy finally realizes the peril I am in and reaches out to me, but not before both of us filled up waders. canyon bag opens up and everything that floats is floating everywhere. Nearly every plug was in the water. Yep, my inventory took a hit that day. Needless to say, Hardy pulls me me to safety and I I get the fish within ten feet of me before she wraps me around a piling and off she went. I never thought I would ever see a day that a fish could pul me in, but this one nearly DID me in. That water was deep. Thank God it was n the 60's and thank God for Hardy! Ok boys, Sopranos is on. I'll be in touch! -Geoff
  2. Hello's been years, but I am back in the game. I know a lot has changed since I parted ways with the board, but it was nothing personal. Lots of stuff happened in my life since 2001. Safe to say, everything has got back on track now and I will surely be around the boards again. Hate to say it Tim, but I am becomming a sick little boat boy and will be venturing into the areana of kyak fishing with my boy Hardy very soon, however, your teachings in the ways of pluggin' in the surf have kept me going since then. Hope to see everyone soon. Cheers, Geoff
  3. You know...I can always count on you guys to make me feel better. As much as the giggles hurt, it feels good. I have had many falls, tumbles and spills, but this one is definitely the worst. It has been such a downer. Thanks for the laughs guys, even if it hurts. -G
  4. Hmm.......the ole Captain fell down and went boom. Yes indeedy...two ribs and a bruised kidney. To make matters worse, it happened at my new house which I closed on two hours earlier. My end of summer fishing season was just about to begin too. Maybe my Hodgeman wadingbelt/back support. I guess you can say..."the more things change, the more things stay the same." Be good my fellow fishing loons! -G ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H
  5. Rich...I'm gonna need a ride....can you help me? ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H
  6. I first shed a tear for the state of our I shed a tear of hope. -G
  7. Striperfever, Take the time to get used to the knots. It happens. I have been using braid since the early beginning of my hunting days and had my share of issues too. Be patient....there have been more than one occaison where I did battle with some knots, but they can be untied! Once you truly experience the properties of good braid line, it's hard to go back to mono. Practice patience nd you will overcome. -Geoff ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H
  8. I agree whole heartedly. I lost a friend from the UK who worked for Guy Carpenter...he was as American as apple pie.'s me...however I only have a minute. Cheers, -Geoff ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H
  9. I think I have caught a fish on evey plug and jig I have in my bag. There are so many variables to factor, that it s hard to say which is best. I will say this much, I always start my night out with the small mega bait. If there are truly fish present and they are frolicing around, I will switch to BIG bombers and such and start throwing. -G ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H
  10. I begin crying as I was probably not paying attention. -G
  11. Righty, Has it gone yet? If I can get permission from da wife, we may have a deal. $200??? -Geoff ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H
  12. Nanz....thanks for reminding me I am a skirt. -G
  13. Did I fail to mention that two of my weakies were 7 and 9 #'s? -G ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H
  14. Skin-so-soft. You will wind up smelling like a cheap tart, but it definitely works. I usually cut it. Take about a capfull and add it to a small hairspray bottle full of water. Shake, spray and rub it in. Not too mention, your skin will be a smooth as Daisy Fuente's bottom. -Geoff ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H
  15. Don't follow me when rock hopping. More importantly, don't step where I step. Also, if you are too technical on your approach ot fishing, you will always be disappointed. -G ------------------ ------------------------- Team L&H