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  1. Nice Blackie Chris!!!
  2. Dixiekraut... Do you mean that commercial fishermen are seeing them 10 miles off-shore?!?! That is well past the 3 mile limit?!?!
  3. It was a Blue Fin Tuna. The photos are from our terminal's security camera. Look bottom right on the "beach". you will see one of our crew members bending over it cutting off the tail. The second photo is a close-up.
  4. Has anyone fishing north of the Bay Bridge seen any schools of tuna in the Bay?!?! One beached itself at our terminal here in the Baltimore Harbor Saturday night!!! One of our tug's crewman cut the tail off for dinner!?!? Incredible!
  5. Hit AI/VA late Friday afternoon and got on at 1800. Winds were stiff and seas looked like a washing machine. Ran into Andy who was planning to pull the overnighter. Ended up parking next to Imre and fished until dark...notta. Got back out at 0600 Saturday and wind was really howling ... SSW 20-30 and believe gusts must have occasionally reached 40. A sand blasting. Found Andy as far south as they let you, and he reported notta overnight. He suggested a hole a little further north. Slung peelers and fleas using 6 rods until 1430 and wrapped it up. Chirs(R&R) stopped by for a bit. Did not hear of a fish caught up and down the beach all day. Of course as I began to pull in ... the wind dropped down. Upon arriving at Capt Steve's they reported notta all day. When looking at Sunday's weather forecast, it seemed that might be a good day. But had to roll home. From what I understand, sounds like they came in on Sunday Oh back down from Friday the 12th thru Sunday the 21st. nice to chat w/ Andy, Imre, Joe B., and Chris. Chris...I'll call you before arrival Friday...
  6. Brandon, going to AI/VA Fri pm/am Sat...looking for some pullage. Hoping to get some cooperation from a Rock or Drum...or both!
  7. Saturday Holland Pt Tides High 0632, Low 1301, High 1926. Winds 5-10 from the SW. Leg had all the gear loaded and I arrived the pier at 0535. Then waited for Jeff until our 0620 departure. Winds less than 10 but came up to just over 10 mph. Decided to work our Xs in 30-32'. Steve and Jeff swiftly got the planers and all 18 rods out in short order. Then, we noticed the Port planer was submerged and going deep fast . Leg grabbed a knife to cut it loose. After that it was a mess as all 6 lines off that planer tangled into a huge mess. Regardless, we circled around and captured the rogue planer. We determined one of the bolts had worked itself free and was the cause of the malfunction. Hence, we trolled a bit longer inside...then moved out to the 50' depth. Steve and Jeff had to get to the kids' lax game, so we parked the boat at Tristate Tackle for a few hours until Steve could return. While eating lunch at Happy Harbor I spoke to charters and wait staff only to hear the season has been extremely slow. At 1545 Leg and I headed back out and Steve got all 18 rods back out using the orange planers in record time. This time we moved out to 35' half way between the can and 83 when I noticed 4-6 fish on the screen near a depth change. After coming back around over the mark, the starboard deep rod w/ chartreuse teasers hit and Steve brought in a 24" throwback. On the next turn over the same spot around 1915, the farthest planer line with white tandem goes. Could tell it was a good fish after Steve handed me the rod, but the line parted at the reel . F! We turned around to go over the spot and another line off the starboard planer popped...but nothing on. Must have been a short hit. As it was getting dark, we decided to pull them in. Unfortunately, caught the skunk.
  8. Heard the Puppies were in AIVA and made the trip down Thursday night. Was one of the few at the point Friday and got a 19" and a 20" using frozen Cobb Mullet. Test riding Dad's new boat for The Tides at 0930 Saturday kept me from getting out to the beach until before noon. Chuck had already grabbed my Friday Pup Hole, so Chris(R&R) and Markus(Lucky OC)...nice to finally meet you...allowed me to slide in near them. Heard Bite had been going off all day and grabbed 2 each 19.5"ers. Saw a photo of a 50"er caught by a guy a quarter mile north of me. Sunday am...out at 0620 and still could not get my spot back... oh well. Morning was filled catching 5 short Rockfish until finally at 1330 pulling in a 18.25" pup...close but legal. Wrapped it up at 1500 and exhausted from my weekend. Great seeing all, Chris & Markus...Thanx for the hospitality!
  9. Very nice Brandon! Sorry I missed you this May. Hope to see you this Fall chasing Reds!
  10. Krabil...interesting! I am sure I was well south of you. I got a keeper drum at 835 and then a 33" throwback rock, keeper/size throwback drum, and a 38" rock for my Chincoteague limit from 11-12. left 'em biting... only to return this pm after work for a 2 hour quickie... back to my spot from yesterday and a sweet 36.5" tasty keeper. Cap'n assisting this afternoon and very helpful! few days of work and back down for a week!
  11. Nice fish Andy. Hope to see you Sunday am
  12. Agree w/ Surfnuts
  13. There are a number of charters in Deale, MD about 20 mins drive south of Annapolis. Also, Kentmor on Kent Island has a number of charters.
  14. DerrickT... No! OSV access to the Coast Guard station was available until Friday, May 15th 2015. I know, I was there for the week leading up to and including May 15th. Has anyone actually had the opportunity to speak with anyone at the park to determine what this year's deal will be? I certainly hope they don't impose that March to Sept OSV closure this year?!?! What a bunch of Gov't idiots..."Save a bird...kill an Island!"
  15. New Year's Weekend Chinco trip... 50 lbs of Fresh from Kool Ice...caught one of the commercial guys unloading into the freezer ;-) ! Dad got his lifetime overnight and we fished from 5-9 Fri pm...USCG pier driving entrance...spiney dogs 7am-4pm Sat covering the first hole north of the sailboat/point...skates 7am-1pm today fought the wind in my face on the south side of the point...much better?!?! both spiney dogs and skates... Really wanted to spend the 2nd half of the Ravens Game w/ Cap'n before he and mom headed home for the weekend. Ranger Daniel from MI confirmed 2 shorts to 24"? of probably 5 fisherman each day thru my weekend on the entire southern AI/VA !?!? Heard from my buddies at cap steves not a keeper yet this Fall/Winter so far?!?! If they're still in Nj...maybe later in January?!?! Certainly can't go skiing........still no snow?!?! Sat hole? attached