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  1. Just an FYI it is illegal to fish below the dam. You must stay down river of the rail road bridge.
  2. Fish are there. I was drift fishing from the bridge down to the Shawsheen culvert and was getting plenty of top water hits. The fish were too small to take a 2 oz pencil. Down sized the lure no problem but all under 20". There were few mid 20's . The other boat anglers were reporting the same.
  3. Ton of fish in the Merrimack River most of the fish I have been getting are in the Mid 30 inch range. I was on vacation last week and fished every day and could not keep them off the plug. Drifted the boat from Lawrence down to Haverhill and pretty much was getting fish the whole way down. Also saw a ton of herring, more than I have seen in the last 5 years.
  4. Try calling the dental schools to see if they can do it cheaper. A co worker had both upper and lower dentures done I think at tuft dental school and it was way cheaper that his regular dentist.
  5. Did anyone notice the thread title reads "Rate President George W Bush " but the poll question reads " How would you rate President Obama's Presidency".
  6. They are in the river now. We have been getting a good number of fish up at the dam in Lawrence but it runs for a few days and shuts down and then picks up again. I was in Haverhill last week a managed 1 32" fish but others I talked to were getting 2-3 fish per man in the boat. Friday I had a bonaza day for about 2 hrs. About every 3rd or 4th cast I would land a fish between 30 and 36" and got 2 40 inch fish. Just go everyday and you might hit a push of fish.
  7. Can't miss it there will be about a hundred people fishing from it and a dozen boats drifting by it. Just use your head and you will be fine. You just have to pay attention to how fast the tide is coming in because it is deeper on the back side. Also watch the waves when the head boats pass. not uncommon to get washed over by a 6 ft wave.
  8. I fish the Merrimack almost everyday. Above and below the dam are both good. Smallmouth tend to be the prominent fish but I have pulled out quite a few trophy fish. I have caught a 42 inch pike, 9lb largemouth a few 4lb smallies and a few walleye. A couple of 47 " stripers as well as shad up to 6 lbs and even accidentally hooked up to a sturgeon. For the fresh water species I tend to use rattletraps, inline spinners, spider jigs and jerk baits. When I go for stripers pencils and bottleneck plugs and sluggos. I use a lot of white or chartreuse colored lures for both fresh and salt species.
  9. Hunter safety course is free and qualifies to get your gun permit. My husband and daughter are currently taking the course at the Methuen Gun Club. At the first meeting they were told that if then knew someone wanted to get in this class there was still room but they would have to show up for Fridays class (today) to qualify for the minimum attendance. Call mass wildlife to see if you can get in. http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/educa...ic_listing.htm If you see a course closer to you and it says it it full just call and enroll anyways because usually people sign up and don't show. Good luck
  10. I am in healthcare. People don't stop getting sick just because it's a holiday for some.
  11. I rather see a short fish be kept that I know will be eaten than see a picture of some guy in an expensive boat holding a 50lber for a fishing tournament or worse he has a cooler filled with legal size fish that will be tossed because by the time he get back to port they're half rotted. But hey it must be ok because they were legal right. There are many reason why stock numbers drop it not solely people keeping shorts.
  12. ^ There would be more and better armed criminals. And more defenseless law bidding citizens.