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  1. I have one my kid got from his school sports instead of a trophy. He never used it. I saw the same one on Amazon for 18.00. It's light and has an outside pocket I use for my line wallet. I don't even know it's on me. I just spray the zipper with anti corrosion spray. On my third season now. When the zipper corrodes. Ill spend another 18.00 Just go to amazon and look up school day sling packs. Save your money for a fly line.
  2. Payment recieved, line is sold. thanks very much Thaistick and Thanks SOL
  3. Ok ty
  4. Pic is up.
  5. Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Clear Intermediate Fly Line 400gr WF10 WF11 It's in new condition in the box. 25.00 I'll ship east coast.
  6. It's a brave new world! Loaded with Millennials in charge. Good times
  7. lol Probably replaced with a Sniper
  8. Found a spot where ,we can wave to each other on the state lines
  9. Thanks guys!
  10. Hey guys, lobstah boats still selling with all these bans? Was gonna take a ride and help support these guys and buy a few,. Or is it to early still
  11. This weekend will be historical.
  12. Found Small stripers under some light bird action Sunday AM at a popular SE mass spot west of the canal
  13. lol You may see me around this spring....
  14. I've had mine since they came out and I love em. I have a larger size one for the canoe as well.
  15. You have no idea what you are talkin about