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  1. This weekend will be historical.
  2. Found Small stripers under some light bird action Sunday AM at a popular SE mass spot west of the canal
  3. lol You may see me around this spring....
  4. I've had mine since they came out and I love em. I have a larger size one for the canoe as well.
  5. You have no idea what you are talkin about
  6. Thanks guys
  7. Up here in Maine. A wArm freshwater stream. Kid in the family thinks it's a trout? Looks like. Carp thing to me. But I don't freshwAter fish
  8. From the album Fish ID please

  9. xoxoxo
  10. Screw it
  11. Merry xmas and I hope we all have a great 2014 season!
  12. A day early but I won't be around a computer tomorrow. I Took this panoramic shot last night at the WaterFire Salute to Veterans. It was a spectacular event and was very refreshing to see such a tribute! It prob should be in the photo forum, but this was a Rhode Island specific event. Enjoy and thank you all for your service.