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    got an early retirement from AT&T and then retired again from Consulting and Systems Integration
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  1. I will take it for $55.00 shipped. Paypal OK?
  2. Condition? Or can you post a pic?
  3. When the Striped Bass Amendment 6 passed in 2016, it was stated in the record that these reductions only had a 50% probability success in rebuilding the stock. It appears now that the reductions failed. Arguably the assessment in progress will call for additional reductions, or perhaps it is time for another moratorium, or at least a slot that totally protects the big females.
  4. Another vote for the Penn 704 or 710 green or the 704 z or 710z. Use em and abuse em...they will hold up and if you break one, it can be fixed.
  5. Dan Grulke is in Fairfax. Search his name on this site. It will show up. He has built 2 for me, repaired another of mine as well as one for a friend, and is building another for a friend now. Private message me when you get enough posts and I would be happy to tell you more.
  6. Another fan of the knipex and yes they can be operated with the weak hand...I know
  7. Way too lenient!
  8. I did post in the BS&T, thnx
  9. Conventional Casting reel seat ID size 24. Apparently they don’t make them anymore. If anyone has one laying around and is willing to part with it, let me know. I want to move the reel seat on a custom 12 foot heaver and don’t want to have to redo the whole rod. Size 22 is not big enough.
  10. Dblue doesnt have one either, I checked. I have also checked ALPS, Batson, Anglers Workshop, Pac Bay, Fuji, Aftco, and Recoil. It appears no one makes a casting reel seat with a trigger grip in size 24. Does anyone one know for certain, there is no one making a reel seat in that size? or does anyone know where I can find the trigger that Drumfish 420 mentioned above? Thnx in advance for your help.
  11. Thnx...that is what I was afraid of. I checked the fuji site and didnt see the to see if I can locate one.
  12. Anyone know where I can find a size 24 or 26 casting trigger reel seat? Long story short, I have a custom 12’ Rainshadow, built conventional, that I need to move the reel seat on and a size 22 wont clear the butt rap nor will it fit from the other end. I do not want to have to rewrap the entire rod. I need a size 24 or 26 casting trigger reel seat. I have searched this thread as well as google and cant find one. Anyone?
  13. I would go with the 20. I run 20 on 3000-4000 size reels. No issues with windknots, but I close the manually by habit to prevent them.