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    got an early retirement from AT&T and then retired again from Consulting and Systems Integration
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    Surf Fishing
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    Currently retired, therefore, I irritate, aggravate, and agitate

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  1. I too believe it is an Eagle Claw from a mid 70's vintage. I had an Eagle Claw that could be the twin.
  2. Yes
  3. I have 2 of the 360's. Great reels. I use onr for lures and one for bottom rigs. Great reel for the money.
  4. Call Gene Reynolds. He will fabricate a receiver to attach to the frame.
  5. Good info on the brakes and mag adjustments
  6. What is the distance from the butt to the middle of the reel seat?
  7. My F250 memory buttons control the seat height, distance, and angle as a well as the pedals. The tilt steering wheel requires manual adjustment.
  8. the check is on the way. Thank you
  9. I will take it for $23. Shipped. PM me your info
  10. I have a Diawa Seagate 20, box, papers, etc. Rarely used. It is essentially a BG 20h with cosmetic differences. If you are interested, I will take and post pics.
  11. I have a leer on a F250. No leaks or issues with the cap, but I do wish I would have gotten one with a raised roof.
  12. I will take it for $55.00 shipped. Paypal OK?
  13. Condition? Or can you post a pic?
  14. When the Striped Bass Amendment 6 passed in 2016, it was stated in the record that these reductions only had a 50% probability success in rebuilding the stock. It appears now that the reductions failed. Arguably the assessment in progress will call for additional reductions, or perhaps it is time for another moratorium, or at least a slot that totally protects the big females.