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  1. I have 2 yetis and an Orca. One of the yetis is a dedicated bait cooler and it does a great job. The other yeti and the Orca are food and drink only. The Orca does a better job on ice retention in my experience. My only complaint with these coolers is the weight. They do need to be pre chilled to do their job properly.
  2. What Springer said 39954NP-BN
  3. I too run a F250 that specifies 65 and 80 psi. Moreover, this is my 2nd F250. I air down to 20 and have yet had to go lower. Deflators are a necessity.
  4. I have had far better luck with the swimming mullet targeting puppy drum on the OBX. True the Zmans are more durable, but they dont attract the bite with the frequency of the gulp.
  5. I have a 108L that I lost 9" off the tip in an accident. I put a new tip on it but as far as I am concerned the rod is trash and only good for use in teaching my grandkids how to cast.
  6. Had to grab another 15. Thnx for the heads up.
  7. I also have a 1023 and 7 dust. Snapping my 923 was horrific. I can only hope to find another.
  8. Bump, I know its a long shot, but hoping someone has one.
  9. When I had mine done, I found keeping it elevated and iced (I.e. on an ottoman) helped with the pain. I only used the oxy for the first PT session. It will get a little better each day. The PT is paramount to recovery.
  10. I know it is a long shot, but I am looking for a Wheels Reels 923 finished rod or blank. Yes, I know they are no longer in production.
  11. Here is my take on what happeneed... At ASMFC today, the Striped Bass Management Board moved to formerly start an Addendum to the Striped Bass Fishery Management plan (FMP) to address overfishing and implement measures that would include: · Minimum fish size for the coast and minimum fish size for the Chesapeake Bay · Slot limit that would prohibit harvest of fish over 40” · Mandatory use of circle hooks when fishing with bait coastwide to reduce discard mortality. · A provision that states could use seasonal closures in conservation equivalency proposals. · Apply needed reductions proportionately based on total removals in 2017 to both the commercial and recreational sectors. The above motion was passed unanimously. Additionally, there was discussion about only applying the above measures to the recreational sector. I want to personally thank VMRC Commissioner Bowman for speaking up and ensuring both the recreational and commercial sectors are included. There was also a motion that was defeated, to also immediately start the Amendment process that would address the entire fishery management plan. A full Amendment would most likely rewrite the entire Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan and probably take 2 years to complete. Again, any decision on the full Amendment was postponed. So here is what is going to happen. ASMFC will approve a plan information document (PID) for an addendum to go out for public comment at their August meeting. Public comment will be taken until probably the end of September. ASMFC will take the comment into consideration at the October Annual meeting and we will most likely have new coast wide rules including the above for 2020. Stay tuned.
  12. Hopefully Virginia will serve as a precedent causing other states to take immediate action regardless of what ASMFC does. Unfortunately with VA being only 3% of the total removals, any savings achieved in VA will not have a meaningful impact on the biomass. The Big four of Maryland, Mass., New York, and New Jersey represent over 75% of the removals. Without action in those states, it will only get worse.
  13. Based on the 3 year average (2016-2018) of recreatioal removals and discards the big four are: Maryland. 32.76% Mass. 16.66% New Jersey. 15.82% New York. 10.74% Reducing the harvest in VA, which is only 3.48% will not have the same effect as reducing the harvest in one or all of the four states above.
  14. Somebody has to start. Too bad it is VA a state that only repreaents 3% of the coastwide harvest vs MD or Mass.