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  1. Over the years, I have caught more big drum after dark than in day light.
  2. South Point Ocracoke is closed starting 7/8 of mile from where 72 dumps you on to the beach.
  3. I have a F250 Crew cab with a 6 1/2 foot bed. I usually fish by myself and want my stuff organized. I am 4 hrs from Asseteague and 7 to the OBX. I dont want to break down and put together rods for travel or overnight storage. I fabricated a rack for the rear to transport my rods using scrap lumber as shown in pictures below. I had the butt holders from a previous endeavor. The 2nd picture is what I put in the rear cab window to support the rod tips. I started out with a hole for each rod tip, but that was a pain and I just opened it up. The longer slots easily accommodate 2 rods. I put my stuff together before I leave home and dont take it apart until I get back home days later. This rack easily accommodates my 9' to 13' rods and the 12' and 13' rods do extend up between the 2 front seats. The hardest part was getting the angles for the wooden frame figured out. Oh, and if I have to sleep in the truck or take a nap, the rods are up and out of the way.
  4. I listened to the whole thing. I agree with Charles W, this was a win for the fishery. So if I have this correct, here is an issue by issue summary. These following issues were voted to be removed from further consideration, meaning the provisions currently contained in Amendment 6 will be carried forward with no change and remain as they are today. Issue 1 - Maintain the current Goal and Objectives. Issue 2 - Maintain the current Biological Reference Points. Issue 4 – Stock Rebuilding Targets and Schedule. Consideration to change the rebuilding schedule were removed, but options to protect the 2015-year class were added. Note we are currently committed to a rebuilding the stock in 10 years that was triggered in 2018, meaning the stock has to be rebuilt by 2028. Issue 5 – Regional Management. Issue 8 – Recreational Accountability. Issue 9 – Commercial Quota reallocation. Consideration to include this in Amendment 7 was removed, but the board tasked the Technical Committee with study indicating there will be future action on this item, perhaps in a subsequent addendum. The following issues were voted to be included in Amendment 7, meaning there will be further analysis and consideration for change(s) made with Amendment 7. Issue 3 – Management Triggers will receive additional analysis and consideration for change. Issue 6 – Conservation Equivalency. Issue 7 – Release Mortality. I am happy to see many of the issues being tabled or excluded from being changed. Considering the work to be done and the amount of controversy surrounding the issues of Management Triggers, Conservation Equivalency, and Release Mortality, it will be interesting to see if the current schedule can be maintained. Add to that, the next stock assessment update is scheduled for 2022; I have to question when the new rules may take effect.
  5. You do need to register in advance. Google ASMFC spring meeting and scroll down on the page to the registration link. I am hoping someone comes out of left field and makes a motion to can Amendment 7 and and do a couple of addendums on Amendment 6 to restore the Spawning Stock biomass, restrict Conservation Equivalency, and reduce mortality.
  6. Get a sliding rear window in the cab and run them from the bed thru that window into the cab. Thats what I do.
  7. Low fines are just like getting a speeding ticket. They are not painful enough. The fines need to be larger, along with loss of license and / or gear.
  8. in line circle hooks are mandatory everywhere when using live or cut bait when fishing for Striped Bass. It is an Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission requirement and all east coast states have to implement it.
  9. I just had my second replaced in Dec. Like everyone has said, the therapy is the key to recovery. Best wishes for a speedy for a complete and speedy recovery.
  10. I have no experience with the Saltiga, but I do with the Saltist 30 and 20; they are great reels. You may also want to consider the new Penn Fathoms. They are wicked fast out of the box.
  11. I have not had any issue with the tape sticking to line
  12. another vote for the 3 pack of hockey tape
  13. The Ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke is still running. It may mean a longer drive if you really want to get there, depending on where you are coming from.
  14. John P nailed it..." close the bail after a cast and make sure the retrieve is starting cleanly with the line in the spool. " and the chapstick does work for getting windknots out
  15. I had one that looks almost identical (including the stand) that my Dad purchased in1954 to finish our basement way back then in knotty pine. I got it when he passed and ended up moving it from VA to NJ to PA and back to VA. It was super load and wicked. I upgraded several years ago and sold it on Craigs list for $100. The first guy that came and looked at it took it. He was a tradesmen and wanted it for the weight of the table and extensions.