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  1. The Slim beauty works well for me.
  2. Depends upon the build of the camper. If there is an overhang, the answer is yes. That is why you have be cognizant of where the center of gravity will be in the truck bed.
  3. short answer is yes...just be cognizant of your center of gravity
  4. Pics below. All wood was leftover from other projects. The brackets were from a boat being salvaged. The difficult part was a lot of measuring and getting the angles correct for the rear bracket which is held together with screws. There are two pieces to this. The front bracket fits in the sliding windows. I added the felt to the front bracket to prevent scaring the rods. The aluminum on the front brackets is different heights allowing easy install and removal as needed. The rear bracket is held in place with clamps. I do wind a bungee cord around the rod buts while underway to prevent the rods from coming out of the holders. The clips on either end of the rear bracket are for the bungee cord or to attach a tarp if I need a cover for an extended shade.
  5. I offer $75.00 Shipped to 20148 for the 146 jr and will pay via paypal.
  6. Reel Lazy if you have PM privileges, PM me your email address and I will email a couple of articles and write ups from the past several years and a couple that have the rods, lures, weights, distances etc well displayed. It it just too much information to post here.
  7. I am in total agreement on a size 10. I have four 15's and two 12's all for specific rods. I have one very distinct requirement for a smaller, i.e. size 10 reel.
  8. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family
  9. Jimmy Z gave you good advice several posts back. The only thing i would add is to start with 20lb mono.
  10. Hockey Tape for spinning reels with braid. Dont need anything but an educated thumb for conventional casting and only need that on touch down or if it starts to fluff during flight.
  11. Tradewinds, Ocracoke NC Frank n Frans, Avon NC
  12. I agree with your first 3 but change the last 2 1.Water temperature 2.Moon phase 3.Tide 4.Wind 5.Water clarity
  13. Too much grease and too heavy and too much oil will add to the resistance and will slow it down.
  14. Your 360 should be fine on a pier. What kind of, and how much grease did you put in there. Too much and/or too heavy will slow it down. Penns are not the easiest reels to turn and are not completely quiet. I wouldnt change the bearing unless you can hear it roaring when you turn the handle or know the bearing is bad. Is there any grinding when you reel?
  15. 7th and 8th grade delivered the local newspaper and caddied at local golf course during the summers. 9th & 10th grade weekends and summers I worked at my uncles gas station, pumping gas, greasing cars, changing oil and misc repairs. As soon as the older guys found out I could do those things, they kept giving all of that work to me because they didnt want to get under vehicles or get dirty. 11th grade summer, I worked for an insulation company cutting pipe insulation and putting the aluminum backing on the batts. After High school I got a job in the local Bell phone company and dropped back to part time work in the fall and went to college part time. It took me 8 years to get the BS degree and Ma Bell paid for all of the tuition and books.