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  2. Heh, this thread is 4 years old now...but I did get an email notification for it. An update...I purchased two Tierra 2500s back then, put them to the test and they performed well for the most part but IMHO couldn't handle the torque/tension of bigger fish in the long run. The gears lost their tolerance and became a little grindy...not enough to impact fishability but enough to notice. I also blew out a drag on one fishing for snook in FL, and another drag in upstate NY fishing for smallies. I sent them back to Daiwa once a year for 3 years (08, 09, 10) for repair/replacement...they often replaced the entire drive system and drags (free the first time, $40+ in repairs thereafter). Every time they came back from Daiwa, they were smooth as they were out of the box...but it only lasted maybe 100-200 fish (bigger, that applied a lot of torque/tension to the gears), then began to deteriorate. I finally switched over to Shimano Stradic FI 3000s and sold the Tierras. I've been fishing the Stradics since last winter and so far so good. I don't think the Tierras are a bad reel by any means, just couldn't handle saltwater applications (fishing braid) and the fish being caught in the long run.
  3. Anyone know of a place I can rent a small boat for a day near VA beach to do some flounder/fluke fishing in the rivers/bays?
  4. Hahaha "Get behind him" "Get by the tail" Oh my!
  5. Ohhh OK, I see on their site they have "Fireline Braid" and "Fireline Original" and "Fireline Crystal". I like the Crystal myself, and yes...the additional breaking strength is why I like it too!
  6. Something different/bad about the "new" Fireline?
  7. Is this open to anyone? Can I get on the wait list?
  8. He can say that here, right?
  9. Plus it allows you to adjust for conditions via length without having to retie/resnell
  10. If you need to fill some seats, let me know
  11. We have em
  12. Here's the report on the trip! 01/05/2009 - Blackfishing Out on a Limb, 17lb 8oz Tog! (Pics) Alright boys and girls, let the storytelling begin! Another day, another trip, and some more awesome toggin aboard OOAL! The weather was near perfect, NW winds with seas mere 2-4s...we left the dock with high hopes. An allstar crew with a pair of guys I haven't fished with since our last tog adventure aboard OOAL last season...Al and Matt...rounded out by OOAL frequent fishers Craig, Mike, Doug, and myself. For those that don't recall...Al hooked up and landed this awesome 16lb 8oz fish last year with his then made famous "candycane" rod pictured in the background! Well, Al and the candycane legend live on, as today he hooked and landed another BEAST of a tog...this one topping the scales at 17lb 8oz! Al was dead set on releasing this fish, but it hit the deck bleeding pretty badly. We cleaned up the blood for a few quick snaps and Al, adamant about the release, tried to revive the fish for 15-20 minutes but to no avail. I believe he is going to get the fish mounted with his fish from last year...maybe a Dueling Tog scene over a whitelegger! Big congrats to the "Candycane Man" on another beauty! Ohhhh the candycane rod! She sure has some juju to her! And our boat limit for the day with some more keeps going back over the rail for another day. Man Al's fish dwarfs the hell out of the rest of those fish! Some decent ones mixed in there, in the 5-7lb range. One final shot back at the dock after gathering our gear and packing up! Some more cool photos from the trip! Some guys on the MIMI trip saw these coming on down our way! Up, up, and away! Splashdown! Very cool! Two rocks and a rope baby! When you know where these badboys are dropped, "fishing in CM is EZ!!!" Until next time...
  13. ARAT, thanks for the offer...I hear ya. Our crew of 6 has been anticipating this trip for months...we booked way back in the winter time and have been gearing up for it...all pumped and find out today it's been cancelled. Unreal Bido, you aren't kidding. Very low move...not to mention he left the captain and mate out to dry as well for the entire season...ugly situation.
  14. I realize there is probably a 1% chance of landing a tuna charter right now, but I just found out that Defiant Sportfishing's owner sold the boat this past weekend and as a result basically shafted all of the charters for this fall's tuna trips. I spoke with the owner personally, so this has been verified. He is returning everyone's deposits. Alas, that leaves everyone hanging out to dry in respect to getting out for tuna. Nevertheless, I figured I'd take a shot in the dark and see if anyone has any charter recommendations or knows if any boats are available for a 6 pack charter on the weekend of 9/22-9/23...overnighter: troll, chunk, troll. I know, it's a weekend...impossible to get, but no harm in asking. We'll also evaluate open boats and other dates...but a change in date will change the crew, as some guys can only make that weekend as they previously requested it off from work. Please feel free to respond here or email me if you'd prefer. Any assistance or recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all. Matt ************************************************ ****** UPDATE 09/05/2007 @ 3:30PM Does anyone have any personal experience/feedback/reviews on The Edge Sportfishing out of Brielle? www.theedgecharters.com/ They have an opening and can accomodate us...but none of us have any experience or knowledge of their outfit. Again, please feel free to email me or respond here. Thanks again, Matt ************************************ ******************