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  1. I had no idea. ****. I see the cost of kids increases over time.
  2. wife and I both started new jobs kids cost $ inflation is nutty
  3. RIP Mike it was my pleasure getting to know you around here. God bless.
  4. So busy with work and the kids! Thank God for the backyard. Miss you all. Now go get your faces ****ed!
  5. Did my yearly week at the beach with the family in NC. The weather this year was outstanding and the water looked tropical a few days. Shark fishing was a little slow but the pompano and sea mullet ate good all week. I start a new job in two weeks so I will be pulling the wagon pretty hard. See ya'll around.
  6. Yeah, that's not bad at all.
  7. That is really nice! Looks expensive.
  8. 2015 4runner 16mpg combined
  9. having your lawyer there with you when the prosecution preps you isn't a bad idea
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