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  1. Bucket technology
  2. Cattle Dog aka Crazy ****ing dingo
  3. more of a weekend warrior these days
  4. good night with the bbm and benzy
  5. The river has been really high so it was mostly rubber this winter. Hard to make a cast when you are backed up into the trees.
  6. Yes, **** me.
  7. Check out my new bitch.
  8. Sorry guys.
  9. Don't forget I booked us a trip for June 13th.
  10. If you need something you know the number. **** you know the address. Just stop by.
  11. I prefer dropping water for most fish. Why? I think fish put the feed bag on before and after a good rise. After is more predictable easier to fish. Some fish will feed straight through the rise like catfish and stripers but fish like pike or walleye bite best on either side of it.
  12. I watched a video of a seal smacking a kayaker with an octopus the other day and it made me think of you.