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  1. exactly, the whole area is a **** hole. crown fried will do well there
  2. if your Irish and a drunk it's for you
  3. Bass turned into racer blues last night the Asian was big dick
  4. Buggy fish don't count!
  5. all bass last night
  6. Gracias Billy Thanks. This time of the year you need the thick **** for the yellow eyes. I never pre tie anything.
  7. Devils are here!
  8. got um after the rain last night
  9. Yes it is, that's how they had me describe my blunts.
  10. Last year I got a new policy during covid through select quote. I told the guy I was a stoner. He said go with Lincoln Life they don't care as much. They still showed up at the house and took blood. My blood is probably 25%THC and they still gave me a million dollar policy for $105 a month.
  11. The chunky dudes eyes say it all!
  12. depends how drunk i am already