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  1. I've been fishing the seven weight all spring. Big blues some nice bass bang'n rod. Sudsy....two piece are still around but not in the rod you may want. My old T&Ts are two piece great co cast all day. My bud got one piece eight wgt that has that solid flow feeling.
  2. If an outfit is balanced well (rod, line, reel) I can cast it...$100 to $1000 its gonna work. mkus was nice enough to share a deal of his preference, if you're a "brand name" user nothing will change your mind. Others may be opened minded to something new, saving cash and experimenting to be satisfied. I'm looking for a inexpensive 10 wgt floater to make a head. This may be worth it to hack it to pieces!
  3. BFD....get well soon, you're a fighter with tons of people who care!
  4. Hollow ready for action.....white with a yellow head.
  5. "Practice? I don't need no stinking practice!" Sorry just hit me
  6. Snappers are good to eat and five ain't enough. Limit is 15 OF ANY SIZE. Should slot them too as sooner or later they'll be wiped out.
  7. Bump cause I'm on the fence about 7/8......
  8. Hey Dino!
  9. Not at all, fishing sucks. I gotta fight for even a small fish.
  10. Once I coated the duck feather with LF and let it dry I took some 60:40 diluted LF and water shot between the layers. The craft fur needed some structure with some "give" so the diluted LF works. Same for me...a #1 white Half/Half has been my only constant pattern this week! Been fishing the 7wgt almost all spring.
  11. Never use it....never!
  12. Should have let it go after a quick photo......hope it didn't go to waste and congrats, that's a monster!
  13. A large mole crab....tan craft fur/crystal flash/two pink feathers for mouth and claws, lg nickel eyes, complex twist (lavender and tan webby saddles and pink ice chennile) covered by tan craft fur and a mallard duck feather. Coated with Liquid Fusion. Need the right conditions to fish it, no rip currents lately or bass!
  14. Nice local boat workmanship, colors were Caribbean plus the designs were totally cool. Fish were nice too.
  15. Now thats a way to enjoy the thrill of a big ass fish! What are the flats like? Saw a program that featured Beaver island that's like killer smallie and carp sight fishing. Congrats!!