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  1. Are you going to install a turbo on the e-motor? Audio? Custom poling platform with hydraulic lift/lowering remote. Stealth paint with 3M Slick Schick hull polymer for 5mph more on "full throttle"! Cool dude....lift'n the Suub this week.
  2. Electric bike for me if I was into biking.
  3. Reports were, "shad fishing was horrible yesterday" but damm the torpedoes full speed ahead.....we're going. Besides, the guys fished darts and flutter spoons, we're going with fly. The Delaware River is beautiful and so different than the bayshore and ocean I live near. But I've been fishing the same spots for over 40 years its the best for your soul. And, we did well considering the reports with over a dozen shad, some big roe mixed in with the acrobatic bucks.
  4. A fat bump of med orange chenille then long thin yellow feathers behind the bump to give them a little spread/flare. Hollow tye in three Squimpish hair bundles adding some flash, then bright red Hollow finally the head finished off with a chartreuse EP Brush and big 3D eyes. Gonna chuck it at some big blues soon. Stay safe stay home UNLESS you're going fishing.....I can continue to fish 15 yrds from the next guy no problem!
  5. Red and black Hollow need ay least one for night.
  6. Top fly is all SF Blend white/yellow/orange on a 2/0 in small bunker Hollow. The second is another killie in chartreuse.
  7. Matched pair of one saddle and one grizzly tyed on each side total four. I added light pastel blue to the top because around here killies are with orange spots, blue and yellow near spawn but the do retain the colors just muted. Don is actively tying flys.....met some of the best people at the Salty' are definitely one of them!
  8. No problems with ANY Colton product. It all boils down to your preference, people can only really point out out what's wrong with a reel. Most of the time if own and fish it we like it. Good luck on your search.
  9. Orca buddy....You inspired me to tye a killie pattern similar to yours. I really liked the look of your fly any killie loving fish will inhale it. 1/0 hook, two pairs of yellow rooster and yellow grizzly topped a little flash, olive over pastel blue with a black head.
  10. Jonny King Hoo Fly in killie colors...short an chunky about 4"
  11. No thank you.
  12. Bob Pop Surf Candy with whitw bucktail and olive Squimpish hair and dark grey Squimpish on top.
  13. That ought to work....I like it.
  14. I like your ideas and techniques.
  15. Yes it is..