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  1. Early spring tiderunners eat big flys here in northern NJ and out in Long Island NY. We've had them to 15lbs from shore on herring patterns. As the big weakfish move out, don't hang around long, they're replaced with schools of mid size fish and some larger fish left behind. Ocean weakfish eat ocean bait usually they're mixed in with bass. Mid-spring the good fishing was mostly at night through dawn and dusk can not be ignored. Flys from 3 to 5 inches now take the fish and at times creeks and creek mouths are a good place for floating crabs and shrimp on the outgoing along with traditional sinking flys. Bay beaches are good until it gets too warm. In July weakfish use to be slammed in Montauk as they leave the Peconic Bays and surrounding waters. Early fall spike weakfish show, I never target them only as a by-catch. It use to be late fall on Montauk big schools of large weakfish were in the surf. In late October early November on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket I often caught big weakfish on conventional surf gear.
  2. Sent to me today dates for striped bass regs and more
  3. I'm into pond fisging this summer, loads of fun. Sunnies, bluegills and bass are on the menu, the Frog Gurgler caught some bass but a trout dry fly was hot on the pan fish. A 4wgt makes it totally fun.
  4. NoMoCo.....back bay on a 6wgt. Good fight from the 3lb bluefish. Peanuts (the size of a peanut) to 4" small bunker all over the place. An all synthetic Bob Pop Hollow Flye was a killer as well as a yellow Gurgler. Fun fish'n.
  5. Small blues on small bunker from peanuts to 5 inches. One to three pounds fought well on the 6wgt. All in NoMoCo back country.
  6. These are small Spanish mackerel being caught here, I've caught them to five pounds on the fly and they do fight well plus sharp teeth. Eating part was the best! Catch and Fillet
  7. Allen Kraken is an underrated reel. Have the 4 for years killer reel. Alpha reels are also another Allen reel that is a good choice. I had the Redington Behemoth fantastic drag but not a sealed drag, easy to clean though.
  8. You guys have been bang'n it! Nice seeing other places also Kentucky Fly. Thumbs up..
  9. Black fly Lefty's Deceiver larger than the bait when you're ready to call it quits and rip out your hair.
  10. Found a nice little pond with sunnies, bluegills and bass. The bigger sunfish liked the little frog while these guys slammed JT's trout flys. 4wgt to 5x tippet...a blast!
  11. The red reels you maybe thinking of is made by a custom machine shop. Scott James was the owner and produced a beautiful fly reel. Always at the Fly Fishing Show until he stopped production. His shop I think was in that area but not 100% sure Edison comes to mind. Several of my friends still fish them. Go here...
  12. RIP Bonefish Dick You'll be missed and remembered only in the best of memories.
  13. To Pat, please tell your husband that many of us are saddened by this next step in his journey, one we all must take. Bonefishdick leaves friends from all walks of life who wish him only the best and pray for his comfort. His name will always be associated with fly fishing and a good man who walked the beaches willing to share his experiences.
  14. Had it for three weeks lost 15lbs!
  15. Bob Popovics is "The Candyman"