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  1. Copious amounts of booze!
  2. What he said because he's been there a bunch!
  3. Here's one made of wig hair on a 7/0 Mustad....made it for bluefish but I'm sure a bass would like it too.
  4. I tyed up some rainbow trout Crease Flys for a guy here a long time ago. The stripers were feeding rainbows so seems easy enough to tye up some slimmer Bucktail Deceiver in the appropriate colors. At least you'll have some flys to start with. Bring a sinking line or shooting head system to give you some options.
  5. I read an article on this very topic. As noted different Lakes demand local knowledge. The article noted the mouths of streams or creeks offered good chance at steelhead in the early fall. Living there, having a friend or hiring a guide will cut down the learning curve. Five hour ride for me forget it, in early fall its albies and anything else the surf has to offer. I always hold out hope some guy comes down here for surf fishing and we trade some info and I head north for a change.
  6. You're a mad man, beautiful fish. Caught in PA or neighboring state? Water so clear! Colors on them striking...nice catches.
  7. I'm liking that for stripers, that articulated one at night killah! These will give you a happy honeymoon on the flats but spend some time with the bride better yet teach her to wife was a real good fisherman never complains about me fish'n. Last of my SF Blend series for late springtime bass and blues...tinker mac.
  8. Steve Farrar (SF)Blend in herring colors for springtime bluefish. Bob Pop Hollow pattern keeps it light to throw and SF is bright. I'm sure stripers would enhale this baby too!
  9. Bob Pop BTD/Hollow Flye tyed with SF Blend on a Mustad bronze 4/0 for springtime bluefish. The SF Blend is tougher than natural materials plus bright and flashy. CA on each tye in finished with UV on head and eyes.
  10. Way to jump in! All going for a real good cause.......thanks for your bid.
  11. Walking the Hook with rod in hand no sign of life other than gulls dropping moon snails on my hood! Lunch is served. Saw a bald eagle flying and it was huge! I've seen them at a distance but this was tree top level.... they're fish eaters so bunker or herring? And blue herons are still around along with hawks? Cleaning gear now.
  12. Bob Pop Hollow Flye tyed with SF Blend on a Mustad 1/0 its about 4.5" long. Belly white, top is mackerel with a pinch of peacock to finish it off. 3D eyes were flat holographic with Fabric Fusion build up.
  13. I have the new Redington Predator 7wgt and the Colton Slipstream x/s 6wgt. Nice and light for all day casting, especially the Colton. The six is ultra lite fun so no circus stunts with big fish. The seven is bay fishing in the spring and any time it's appropriate to fish. The right weight reel makes the outfit so keep that in mind.
  14. My Mom and her beau went to Labrador and Newfoundland in the late 50s. They went fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon and native Brook Trout. I still have the flys they bought at Abercrombie and Finch. Then I saw Lee Wolf on Wide World of Sports. Bought a Shakespeare fly rod and Medalist reel (STILL HAVE IT) had the shop load up line bought a few hare's ear, some bivisibles and McGinty. 1969 Uncle Sam called and while in the service I bought a Model A vise, Reed Tackle bobbins (STILL HAVE) and materials. I had fly patterns from General Motors/Chevrolet that were named after the current models. Found an article by Joe Brooks on the Blonde series of flies for saltwater so that was it.
  15. Nothing at the Hook for me Wednesday and Friday. No bait sceen though the black scooters and friends were diving out front. Scored a couple like new paddle tails for my evil spinning buds. And, the rarest piece of sea glass I've ever! Never in 70 years of walking the beaches on NJ have I found red sea glass. Congrats to Mike for starting us all off on a positive note.