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  1. Eye glass case......holds plenty but we're missing something....length. I mean my Deceivers can be 8" or so poppers too.
  2. Get in touch with Andrew's Custom Flies.....he's got what you want.
  3. I think you're right. I like a hook that can be driven into the fish for a solid hook up so its presonal I think.
  4. Congrats.....very nice reel.
  5. Way to go, let's see the first fish to inhale one of you flys.
  6. Hope to run into you again just to shake your hand.
  7. I'm with Seadogg on this one.....nice tye! Hey, if you're going to NOLA make em bigger.
  8. Nice looking albie flys paul
  9. The Death March put into perspective.
  10. You may want to post this in the fly fishing board. Guys there are into blanks and building.
  11. Hollow
  12. Loads of 6" kingfish on of funny fish still missing.
  13. I watched it and enjoyed it very much. A excellent SBS with killer results...nice fly jabster
  14. There is so much pouring out of the back it looks like a line at the DMV