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  1. I'm glad you enjoy testing new line because at a hundred dollars a line I will not be testing, I'll be fishing. Thank you so much for your information on lines NE fly rodders will use.
  2. We spend no time traveling the island for sightseeing or anything else out to dinner a couple of times and that's it. The other time is fishing I don't have to worry about crowds cuz we fish very early in the morning come back have breakfast get ready for some site casting come back have some lunch take a nap and then go out fishing. Every time I've gone I had a good time I don't care what it cost I spend the week out there with my friends.
  3. Way to go big guy! Favorite springtime fish big blues on the fly!
  4. Will be there 6/19 good luck.
  5. He really has a high machine shop and the reels were part of his business. Haven't seen or heard from Scott for years. Google
  6. I remember a guy asking me to build him a rod for flounder and cod.....told him forget it. Trout and stripers ???? the trout big and stripers very little? In my opinion its two outfits.
  7. Last four days have been very good fishing for quality stripers, one was over 25lbs and more were in that range. A couple fish in the 22" to 24" they were the exception. Hollow flys caught one nice fish but a large white Clouser was the one they couldn't resist. Saw smaller bait today, osprey was on bunker the last few days but no birds near me today.
  8. Fished the Bayshore area and caught the low tide just finishing up, should have fished with @jerseystriper but missed out.
  9. That was exciting! When I was there for tarpon I found hooking up a problem looks like you don't hahaha
  10. Quick afternoon trip with incoming water. Not as many guys as yesterday so it was all good. Hooked up and lost the first fish after a brief pull. Second fish hit the same fly a white, lavender and grey Bob Pop Hollow Flye. I little over 28" but chunky, bunker still around as the ospreys point the way. Finished off fishing a bunny strip weighted worm fly since a guy yesterday was doing well on worms. I did not. Small bait is now showing up, spearing it looks like. Happy Easter, Passover and Ramadan....
  11. My photos are all from years ago unless its an action photo. My reports are for friends that know me the rest end up somewhere else. Before the internet we only told friends so if someone ended up fishing our spot it was usually a fisherman had worked to find the spot. "Lord please give me the patience not to go postal...Amen"
  12. Here's what I came out of the water to see. A young nan stacking bass and putting in black bags. I asked why so many he mumbled something in Spanish then just stared as I told him this is not right. I explained the Conservation Officer could fine him. One other fisherman called the officer on duty and gave him the particulars. I hate these people that just give the rest of us the finger.
  13. .Rainy Day project the super fancy Clouser Minnow. #1 Gami, medium lead eyes and tied Bonefish style (all materials stacked on top). Squimpish hair white, then olive with Polar flash mixed in between. Added olive grizzly hackle down the sides the topped with peacock herl about 4.5 inches.
  14. Nice fly with the squimpish ...just picked some up at the Fly Fishing expo last week, can't wait to tie a hollow  fly with it. 

    1. saltyh2ofly


      You're going to enjoy tying flys with this material.

  15. Squimpish hair bunker about 9" BTD/Hollow on 5/0 Gami some flash not much.