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  1. Wow biggest bass ever twenty nine feet. Just least you had action.
  2. Fished out back NoMoCo incoming in the rain. Had several follows and two light hits but no solid hook up. Bunker still dying but the advent of terns small bait is in.
  3. It a Quick Check and CVS
  4. Spin guys were catching blues while casting to reach Portugal. I could smell the blues as I walked into the wind away from picket line and found fish close enough to be effective with the fly. Poppers and streamers caught but the blow ups on the popper were worth the effort. Fish were not all teen size 10lbs to a few to 13lbs. 50lb leader never lost a fly NoMoCo
  5. Wear Home Depot safety glasses always. My bud took a plug to his eye never right even after two surgeries.
  6. NoMoCo out back last half of the outgoing no hits, no runs, no errors not only for me. No bait seen, not even the side swimming goofy bunker.
  7. I know that dance.... shuffle those feet. Now I'm old and it really hurts now when I bump things.
  8. I'm liking this rod.
  9. Minnow shape Hollow Flye.
  10. Bayshore sundown foray with a dropping tide was uneventful. Popper, mid level swimmers and Jiggies did squat. Get back to the car and this was left on ground. Nothing but this mess, plus he's now driving smashed downing these sissy peach drinks....hope he got stopped before killing someone. Pick up some plastic as you leave the beach please.
  11. Tough fight on this chunky striper, hit a Clouser.
  12. Fly rod takes all size fish and makes it a fight. 46lb black drum, 20 inch bluefish, keeper fluke....all lots of fun on the fly. 40lb braid, yeah sporting for fish under 12lbs......not......but for my hard core friends its a must. Your tackle should reflect your targeted fish, big blues and bass require stout gear but school fish require a LMB set-up. I see lots of spin fishermen scaling down for the fun.
  13. Rain wasn't bad, wearing a wading jacket and waders the wind was light. Spin fisherman had four casting very long long way out. Nada for me but cormorants moved in so some smaller bait must be showing up. NoMoCo Bayshore not as many bunker in the water dying a few.
  14. Big boxes for boats or beach buggies are nice but walking means travel extras. No longer have a bag or pac (I do use a sling for long walks or hanging longer) do carry a big box in the spring 9" then smaller box as the bait changes. Top box is a 8" standard box for medium to small flys. Bottom is 10" artist's paint brush box with a bottom of industrial foam from a book binding company. These boxes are usually a wet mess cleaned up for the picture.