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  1. Afternoon session in NoMoCo tough conditions between the steady north wind, rolling shore break surf and no contact with the fly at times. Big 6" Clousers and Jiggies heavy weighted sandeel pattern on a 7wgt. Landed 3, my friend had two and a spin fisherman had one. All were school fish that were fat and sassy.
  2. As fly tyers fine new materials new techniques follow. I'm using Solarez now, no more epoxy because.......I love instant gratification!
  3. Sandeels are the bait dujour as of late, BIG sandeels! Lately yellow has been showing most of the attention. All flys are 6 to 7 inches....the two Half n Halfs use long thin saddles and the streamer is all bucktail.
  4. Totally agree slip' my point is what it takes to set a big hook. I know what it takes but as a "how to/helpful hint" a fly swimming correctly is a car cry from sinking a 8/0 in a striper no matter how sharp the hook is. That's another point...gotta be sharp!! A big fly demands an appropriate size hook for sure.
  5. It's striper season....YOU GO! Go make your own luck. Clearing winds are good for fishing......
  6. We caught about a dozen football shaped Stripers on sandeel flys. My bud had one that was 27" thick and was the fish of the day. East wind was a tough cast but the fish were there. Hoping for bigger fish? Start praying, buy a lucky rabbit's foot or burn an old dried bunker wearing a seagull feather in your hat cause all of em won't make bigger fish show. When dinks and school dominate the catch big bass are a pipe dream. Oh there'll be the odd big fish here and there, also a nice pod of good size fish may show but realistically......scale down make it fun. If you bang a good fish patience, skill and a little luck will land that. I hoping for big fish (one Jan we were catching 20lb fish a blitz) too but the fly makes all bass fighters.
  7. Info I received from a guy that fishes Robert Moses in Long Island, NY....last Friday they were catching quality fish. So we may get lucky. Had another fun afternoon two nice bass (camera failure....look at MC55's photo of a fat football bass that's what they looked like) shad were banging the fly and putting on an aerial display. Here's a foto of Doomer with a schoolie...they fight hard. I will not be fishing tomorrow as cold, or should I say subzero windy freezing weather ain't my cup of tea. So I'll be chowing down on some Turkey, veggies and homemade pie! HAPPY THANKSGIVING and tight lines to all heading out on their traditional fishing safe.
  8. Today nice bass on a Sandeel Jiggy.
  9. NOMOCO Birds working all around just offshore and a partyboat close by as well. Fished 2 till dark had four bass and two shad all on Jiggy Fleye sandeel colors. Two fat schoolies and two better fish 10# and 18#.
  10. Went on Saturday and it eas a nice show. Spoke with Bob Pop, Jason Taylor, Jonny King and looked in on several fine tyers...Pat Cohen fantastic deer hair spinner! Solarez was VERY WHERE! There were some fly shops there Keogh had one saddle perfect for me! Tight Lines is always helpful turning me on to some new thread. All in all I had very nice afternoon.
  11. Crabs are in the dark green and tan purple blotchy looking brown. A bright color crab? Mmmmmm could be a killer. I was on the Brewster Flats this year it was good sandeel patterns. They were 4 to 6 inches long greenish. Good luck.
  12. Here's what's happening while we fight for the bass (and our own interests).... There are others destroying stripers.
  13. They cast easily if built correctly, I cast that size fly with a 7wgt on a good day. Mostly I use an 8wgt which handles larger flys if needed. You'll be fine.
  14. Hit the surf around 3:45pm for a quick shot at anything swimming. Great looking water, honk'n NW wind with a good current. Managed one school fish that was fat. Tough little fighter in the surf. Again the Jiggy scores!
  15. Peter Gray