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  1. I know you'll be back and better times await you. My last trip for taropn I hooked zero saw way too many. I can't seem to stick em! But I'm told its a learning thing so the few I caught are very memorable. Way to go! You are my hero through your reports.
  2. I once saw three guys carry their mom and grandma over their heads across the creek. That's hilarious, you must have been in stiches.
  3. Bloodworm flat wing. Light pink curved up topped by two red curved down and a body complex twist trimmed short. Finally, a tungsten bead all on a #4 SS hook.
  4. Someone should have answered this question already! Where's the TH specialists with all there knowledge? Mike or whoever.....??? Do a search on the Forum
  5. Plenty of bunker around way back NoMoCo and a very happy seal. Several times I could see him munching on a each his own.
  6. Spot burn! You're gonna have friends
  7. Travel light carry only what you need unless its an all day affair. Box of flys in one pocket, tippet/leader and light in the other, pliers on my suspenders and a nipper. My stripping basket is under water at times so nothing mounted on it.
  8. Yes to dark nights I would agree. Since TimS came up with the idea of "black foam shrimp" he has nighttime on the mind I assume. I tye an all white shrimp fly that is productive in my black? Yea its cool
  9. TimS has said in the past that all you need is a black foam shrimp. So I added a little black deer hair rostrum, black chenille body and black foam shell tyed on a #2 and #4. Just foam lashed to a hook goes against all that's holy in tying for TimS's Floating Plain Jane Black Shrimp. Gonna throw this very soon as shrimp make up a major part of a striper's diet in the spring.
  10. My nephew's wife comes from Australia a very sweet person. Her Dad fishes and I'd like go someday and try for those kings. Glad you scored on your trip.
  11. Yesterday up quickly.
  12. Drove the Raritan River on the way back home....brown!
  13. We need more nights in the 40s to get the fish more interested in our baits. One bait that bass eat the most especially in the spring...shrimp.
  14. Huge kill today in the Shrewsbury...
  15. This is a step in the right direction.