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  1. NoNoCo the last of the drop then fished the turn for an hour. Mole crab fly was unproductive as well as all the other flys i tried. I caught nothing but on the bright neither did anyone else. Bass were spotted in the surf at low tide, super skittish. Spin fisherman north of me was fishing what could only be mole crabs. I left.
  2. Lunchtime surf fishing the last of the outgoing. Caught two fluke, both shorts, and landed a 30" bass. All caught on a Clouser in spearing colors. NoMoCo surf was the best, clean, clear and with good current. Went back after dinner, steady south wind and rolling surf, mot a touch.
  3. In my never ending quest to tye up a good mole crab with some action.....which is diving for the sand for the real bugs. Started with a #1 hook, lead eyes placed for hook riding up, orange tiger stripe bunny strip, silicone legs on the sides, EP Tarantula brush wound up to the lead eyes. The orange is a color usually are eggs which is normally tied under the eyes. This makes the mole crab swim backwards when stripping or swinging. This fly swims forward, will this improve my catch rate? I have no clue but it's an experiment I'm willing to try.
  4. Nice place to sight fish. I fished there a couple times on foot. It was fun, exciting and had a lot of shots. Believe it or not a Crease Fly was great early AM before the sun got up for sight fishing. What fly was your most productive?
  5. My friend @preacher with a nice fly caught striper. Lots of follows but then no commitment. Switched up the retrieve and we both landed a striper. Wind had died way down, clean water, dropping tide but no visible bait. @Domer had fish the day before on a mole crab fly: three bass one fluke.
  6. This is why I fish, to run into completely nuts bluefish. Never give up attitude, plus sharp teeth that continue to chomp at lightening speed and they're always pissed off.
  7. Always a treat to see your post and can't wait for the next. Adventures in enjoying life, a fisherman's dream each time we approach the water.
  8. Fly guys getting in some good bass fishing. Clouser minnow looked good to this fish, chomp!
  9. Lucky for me the blues showed up. Great fight in the surf on the fly
  10. Was next to you and @Domer for a great late afternoon fly fishing soiree. Nice fluke at the end
  11. Once again I was very fortunate to run into a fellow fly fisherman willing to help out. PSUFly had an extra 11 weight intermediate offered it up at no cost. I know a lot of guys on SOL are always willing to help others no matter what, thank you Matt for generosity.
  12. What an offer, thank you so much. I'll PM you details.
  13. The tarpon line won't work, cold water and the Rio is a freshwater line but worth a shot, how much?
  14. Last chance to help a guy out as this is the last free bump I get. Thanks for looking but doesn't help.......title says it all.
  15. JiQuuck Saturday afternoon trip out back. Been catching fish 26" to 32", not a lot but fish are there. Had two fish on a spearing Clouser after topwater and large Hollows had no luck. First fish was 26" to 29", slammed the Clouser, took off hard to slow down. Second fish, on the same Clouser, took it araced to the surface and put on a shiw. Water had a big hole in it, the fish thrashed on top big tail slapping the water while cartwheeling on top. Then a blistering run into my backing. Had to fight the fish low so boaters didn't stop and mug me. Fish around 25lbs released safely. Stock striper picture since I don't bring my phone with me. Besides they all have stripes.
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