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  1. I have to go with three, because all three have treated me and family very well. Saltwater Edge and Sam's B&T in southern RI, Ocean State Tackle in norther RI. Great shops, generous, kind and knowledgeable owners, excellent service.
  2. Totally agree! My last Albie from a boat, was caught while the other guy (a nonbeliever) was trying to tie on an Albie Snax.
  3. The hat says it all. Thank you
  4. It washed up on Beavertail this morning. It looked like a small Tog, could have been Bunker
  5. Sorry if this offends, might have too much time on my hands. We all learn of our limitations in different ways, this bird learned the hard way. If I had to meme this photo, I would probably say; - Personal Best - Good Day Turned Bad - Me When the China Buffet Opens Again Anyone else?
  6. Not sure about that, still a lot of people at BT after 8 PM
  7. No, just trying to derail the Koolaid drinking spew of division and despair and find out more about the squid fishing scene. My bad.
  8. So, the topic of this thread is Squid right????
  9. Sounds like operator error. I'm kidding of coarse, the last time this happened to me the fish were feeding on grass shrimp right in front of me. Nothing I threw could sway them from the real thing. Amazing creatures. sometimes you're killing them on an atom popper that doesn't even look like a fish. Other times they want no part of anything in your tackle box.
  10. Anyone seeing any Mackerel? Last year around this time there were decent size macks in.
  11. One beautiful day with decent fish breaking, my first catch is a bluefish. In my haste to get my lure back in the water, I got to share an Atom popper with a lively, beefy bluefish. My left hand had the rear trebs buried, the fish had the front trebs buried. Ended up snipping hooks and pushing it back through my palm. It came up under a callous and had to cut it through. It sucked for a week Tried a Johnny Quest move while spearfishing at Guantanamo Bay Cuba in 2010. Saw a green sea turtle and grabbed onto it for a ride. It quickly shook me loose, turned around and tried to bite me twice. Had to block it with my flippers. Lessons learned; Johnny Quest was a cartoon, sea turtles aren’t cute, I am and idiot.
  12. Nice pics, thanks for posting. Also, nice hook modification on that YoZuri (I think its a YoZuri.)
  13. My favorite knot, I usually go up 9 and down 9 then smooth it out before cinching it down.
  14. So, I don't want to know where you got them, I would like to know what type of area/landscape I could find some. They look great, how do you prep them?
  15. Hey Flatwing, very nice work, those look great!