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  1. A pod FA were in on Saturday morning between Newport and Jtown, I arrived saw the pod moving just out of casting range Was talking to guy who had c&r an FA, and saw his pic too. Was definitely False Albacore.
  2. Simple, effective and doesn't impact motion. I had done this with some of my freshwater lures back when I was a kid, but had either forgotten about it or didn't consider it for this application. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I just missed an Albie run close to shore yesterday AM, saw some yakers right on them just out of casting range. Guy next to me got one earlier, when I was fishing a dead spot a mile away. I felt like Charlie Brown this weekend.
  4. Zoom Fluke are great for Albies. The last two my son caught (last year) were on Zooms with a 1/2 oz weighted jig head. For some reason they hit both late. One was right next to the kayak as he was taking it out of the water and the other was the same but at a dock. I've caught a number of them on zooms, for me they work best near the end of the day when ripping tins aren't as productive.
  5. White Perch
  6. It is a little out of my range but not too far. It looks like a sweet reel at a good price, but I need more line per turn. I think most round casters are in this same range of 24" per turn. Pretty much why I want to get a long casting LP.
  7. Wow, over a pound of fillet per fish, good stuff! Love macs baked of smoked
  8. Those look tasty. Did you bleed them first of soak the fillets?
  9. My apologies Yankeehusker, there was a lot going on in this thread with different posters, and I certainly didn't want to jump in front of anyone. Regarding the rake, if it is still available and you would like to meet in the Mystic area, let me know your availability and I'll do my best.
  10. Do you get out to Mysic CT? I could meet you there this or next week or after.
  11. I'll take the rake for $10 if the deal with ochunter375 doesn't work out. I'm located in RI.
  12. Very sad news, sorry for the loss.
  13. Surf was definitely us yesterday AM, and slightly bigger and cleaner this AM.
  14. Interesting advice. I saw some of your previous replies to posts when you had those other reels in the 300 size. Plus, I was definitely looking at the wrong reel specs. My Cabo 5k spinner had some stupid rating like 30 lbs of drag but I probably never go over 10 with a 9ft spinning rod. Conventional rods don't have the give of a spinning rod so it seemed that I would need a higher drag rating. I will definitely check out this reel.