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  1. That is fact, the trump mob killed a cop and maimed others. MAGA = Y'allQaeda
  2. So did Mohamed Atta
  3. She was killed because she was a terrorist, wearing a MAGA hat.
  4. Ok, show me where the 9/11 terrorists had guns. I'll hang up and listen.
  5. How many guns did the 9/11 hijackers carry? Also the MAGA mob killed a cop and maimed others. I know Trumpers are not known to be intelligent but try to pay attention.
  6. Why do they have to be charged first? Is there a legal precedent for that? Just saying we have clear evidence of her participation in the Trump terrorist attack so it should be an easy win.
  7. Seems to me that she should still wear the full shame of the Trump terrorist attack, all should be held accountable. Hopefully the DOJ looks into this, if she has any family left they would presumably foot the bill.
  8. Looking to get a couple older model reels serviced that are no longer done by Shimano, any recommendations within 30ish miles of Boston? Thanks!
  9. The big one in the bucket is ruined, throw it out.
  10. How did you not end up in the emergency room with that thing in your lap?
  11. Will never, ever, ever happen.
  12. That is pretty cool.
  13. Much respect Rippy. I would just flat out be sick of catching stripers after the two months you've head, no justification needed.
  14. This forum has reached rock bottom.
  15. Sounds like South Boston.