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    hi, i am the new fisherman. it's nice to meet you guys
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  1. I will go 30 lb pp
  2. Ski rack!
  3. Please dont hijack another members thread. It's not allowed and explained in the rules. Thanks
  4. Hi, Can you sent me the photo for the VSX150 Silver? And how much is it?

  5. Any picture and what is the price? I am interesting too!
  6. I would like to offer $550 shipped + PayPal.
  7. Forget to thanks Stripersonline!!
  8. Check your PayPal please!
  9. Great! I will take $675 without line shipped. Please message me your PayPal information.
  10. It looks great! How much are you asking? Could you give me some close look at the scratches? Does it come with box or other accessories?
  11. I am looking for VS150 now. But thank you!
  12. Looking to buy a VS150, a VSX 150, or a ZX22. Color does not matter.
  13. Hi, Can you do Zeebaas ZX22 $675 Paypal + shipped minus the braid?

  14. Can I offer you $550 with PayPal and shipping? If so, Please sent me the message! Thank you!