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  1. My initial reaction is to keep it. But I think either way you would have second thoughts afterwards.
  2. Looks awesome. Nice GC !
  3. Mike is the best !
  4. I'm there to help Ben Hall in his booth with George Doucette.
  5. I just googled - capt. mel true fishnet charters who runs this show. on his website there is a link to the tried and true fishing expo with all information.
  6. He's back again with all his buds who have also left us.
  7. I'm helping a friend over the weekend with a booth there. Never been there before. I'll see if I can get some info for you and post.
  8. I always looked forward to seeing Mike and family at M&Ds, when I was down that way. Hopefully the new owner will pay close attention to Mike and what he can teach him and he can't fail ! I wish him luck and look forward to stopping in !
  9. Manned the MSBA show booth with him, great guy lots of laughs. RIP Sir.
  10. Being in Bridgewater basically puts you in a Central location to all fishing in the areas you mention. (roughly one hour drive from all ) IMO - with a 22 footer I would trailer and ramp launch wherever the bite is or whatever fish you wish to target through the summer ! And it would be cheaper !
  11. My thoughts exactly JoeG. Let them take em !!
  12. Totally agree, that's why I say use a "good" cleaner but they all do damage even used as instructed. But if you don't do a periodic "maintenance dose" you run the risk of getting a major hair induced clog further down the line. My wife continues to toss hair in the toilet, ignoring my warnings I have given her over the years. Last warning was if we get a major clog, YOU call a plumber and YOU PAY for the repairs. Seemed to slow the amount of hair into the toilet. I'm used to pulling hair from the shower drain forever
  13. Always a good practice to use a good drain cleaner periodically to dissolve what got by down the line. This is why we remove the burrs from inside the lines doing installs.
  14. Bought an avalanche with wildpeaks. When I sold it and bought a Jeep I put wildpeaks on it, I liked them so much , same positive comments as others.