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  1. Gov Cuomo says he was only following Trump's policy regarding the handling nursing home residents and this virus, and the overwhelming death toll that followed...what policy is he talking about? And what is the true nursing home death count? (rhetorical since investigating this is not going to be allowed)
  2. I wish there was still shore access at the millstone powerplant. (next door to Niantic)..closed off since 9/11. Before that closure, 'holdover' albies in December were part of my catch
  3. I wonder how close we are to herd immunity? Trump even hinted at it during yesterday's covid update. Something to consider if you're willing the calculate the official number by 10, as many experts seem to believe the actual number is
  4. One summer a number of years ago, there was a fair run of them on Mashnee Flats...a number of surprised fluke fishermen were catching these on the drift.
  5. But then again, Joe Biden's wife is on record as saying she thought what Kamala said inferred as much...I haven't heard spin on that one yet - but in the near future, I expect Jill Biden to come out to admit she was mistaking
  6. They've already got this one covered - she never actually said the word...thus it must not be true (that's the new spin going 'round the media circuit tonight)
  7. Also, related to the updated MA restrictions (since the travel restrictions now include RI), they claimed that RI is a high risk state because the rate of positives increased to over 1%. If this is true, it's likely because that state is testing less overall, but still testing at the same rate in certain vulnerable areas But the number of cases hasn't spiked in RI either
  8. From shore, it's fun to point enthusiastically to some random point offshore and watch boats react as if you're pointing out a school of fish
  9. Trump announced today that his nomination acceptance speech will take place at one of two places - the White House, or Gettysburg...I wonder if the left would attempt to cease on the opportunity to go after Gettysburg statues if he chooses the latter (on that day - which will be next thursday
  10. I'm guessing this $100K is per person, not household (???)
  11. I was along the southside yesterday and may have seen one lone school of bones out of range...but not convinced enough to say with certainty...Wheeling terns circling over an area that was moving down current fairly rapidly, but with only occasional splashes to show evidence of actual fish (literally splashes, the kind bonito can make, but not hallmark bonito splashes/greyhounding/leaping). Closer in, it was small fussy bass on tiny bait, to which I could only entice hits by really dialing down the lure size (small, half oz crippled herring...)
  12. Just the mere fact that they were better able to control the death rate makes them more successful, whether that was luck or due to a better system (I vote the latter - given that from the very beginning, FL opted to protect the most vulnerable and manage the rest)...The Gov of NY said he was just following Trump's directives...If true, how come only a small handful of Dem dominated states read the directives the same way? Also, to whom ever said the virus has weakened over time...I don't know if it's true, but it's either not true or if it is true, it's criminal that the country is still shut down
  13. Things may be getting uglier here yet - a lot violent clashes regarding protesters who are upset that the gov't knew this about this...(as if the explosion itself wasn't bad enough)
  14. the Democratic Convention. What could Kasich be looking for from this collaboration? The question is partially serious, but possibly partially rhetorical in nature. In other words, we know they want Trump out...any other political benefits beyond that?
  15. Almost all of my freshwater wading outings are for spring and fall trout...otherwise in the salt, I'm usually either standing on dry land or if I am wading, only doing so to get a few feet away from shore to get better angles...but not wading around a flat or anything...all of my freshwater outings during times when saltwater is happening are just half hearted efforts to burn a couple of hours if I don't have time to drive to the salt