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  1. These publications believe they're protected because they post the stories in their opinion pages...i.e a supposed safe space for lies. That sounds comforting (not)
  2. Everyone in the media seems to be looking at this as a rebirth of Joe Biden, including what happened in South Carolina and the endorsements he received...but in reality, the polls started trending the way they did after Bernie doubled down on support of socialism and his praise of various dictators. It's more a case of Bernie hurting his own cause vs Biden rising to the occasion
  3. They didn't challenge Warren for her recount of a (now debunked) claim that she was fired from a teaching job because of a pregnancy
  4. I think you're right that there isn't a consensus among the science community as to whether this is eminent (because of what you just cited)...However, those who support that this may be happening cite the fact that its dimmer than it's ever been and in fact, has lost half of it's brightness since even just last October...but they also acknowledge other factors that may be causing that...(one being that the dimming could be due to a cloud of dust obscuring the view)
  5. I think a good start to smearing Bloomberg would be to create an ad that would contrast Bloomberg's so called 'witty/smart' ads vs the actual guy who showed up at the could be 'the marketing team vs the real candidate'
  6. It's located in the Orion costellation - some scientist believe this star is about to go 'supernova', and if it does, it will be as bright (if not brighter) as the moon...should be an interesting phenomena (if it actually occurs)
  7. their computer. So, I was at a Wegman's here in MA and the guy in front of me was buying a bottle of wine - the cashier asked to check his ID (I thought he looked 50, but if that's their policy, better to be safe than sorry)...however, the girl proceeded to punch in the guy's license number into the computer/register...If that was me, I would've told her to keep the wine, she's not going to enter my private info into any computer...Is that what they do now?
  8. I recall having an old G Loomis IMX 10', 2 pc fly rod (I stupidly snapped it in a car door after a couple seasons)..but I think that one was a 7 weight. I also recall seeing the old Orvis Silver Label rods in 10', 2 pc versions
  9. Just looked it up - it runs through tomorrow (actually started yesterday)
  10. I don't think the virus itself is their fault...but I do think their intentional 'non-reporting' (pretty well timed with the phase one deal) is pretty suspicious
  11. This is apparently per Drudge (as reported on Cavuto Live)....why didn't people see this coming?
  12. Deep state definitely exists - these are people or organizations who feel entitled (or impose their will) to guide the path of a party or nation, based on what they feel is right vs what the people as a whole (i.e. voters/citizens) vote some ways, it's like legalized mutiny...However, I don't think it's single entity as much as it is various individuals or organizations who believe (whether that's based on reality is another matter) they can maneuver without consequence...There are (non democracy) countries that govern this way...but since it's out in the open, it's not called deep state (it's called socialism)
  13. I saw some ad from the bloomberg camp that basically had a little cartoon character yelling 'liar' over actual footage of Trump during various speeches...the voice sounded a lot like that unhinged Alec Baldwin/'Trump' SNL character...doesn't appear his money is very well
  14. Don't forget that Trump went into this competing against one of the more 'respected' names (boosted by payoffs and threat of arkancide) in well as living with a past that politicians had the gall to call 'immoral'...He now has a track record of success (although I see dems trying to claim success is not success if it's accompanied by a potty mouth)
  15. Looks like this trade is dead - Minnesota backed out of deal. Rumor is that the Sox brass got cold feet after hearing many fan complaints