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  1. I generally have no issues carrying fly rods on planes - however, due to my own self imposed level of apprehension, I don't carry any metal tubes with me (I have a couple of plastic tubes I can use when travelling)
  2. Thanks a lot for all the info - will be heading to the Bears Den show in about a week and a half, and will give some of these rods a look over. They don't have to be anything fancy...durability and not lousy to cast. It's my first go around with these kind of rods.
  3. I thought this game had a lot of drama attached to it - enough so to where there's no way this could be considered the worst one ever. Starting with Tom Brady, just I never thought the Patriots would lose a SB in which Brady played an epic game (but then lost that exact kind of game last year), I never thought the Patriots could win a game to where the opponent's defense held Brady in check for most of the game (mostly because I never trusted their defense)...Add to that, the Pats moved the ball with some effectiveness, but would stumble and blow chances to score. The Rams offense was completely held in check, but with the fire power they have, you never knew if they could just break open one big play...
  4. Anyone have experience with these rods? Looking for a 6 or 7 weight 11 or 11 1/2 footer without breaking the bank. As it is, I picked up an 8 weight Deer Creek on clearance a few weeks ago, which I plan on matching with a Nautilus NV-G 9/10. I plan on fishing smaller estuaries for schoolie bass and/or shad, as well as some smallmouth rivers...I would also look at lighter weights, except the trout rivers I fish are too small for even the shortest 2 handed rods. I think LL Bean has their Silver Ghost rods on clearance as well - any input with these would be appreciated as well
  5. It's no worries - I think clousers are often pictured that way. And we know the side the eyes are tied on will represent the bottom of the fly (regarding how it's going to swim).
  6. I think Goff left 2 TDs on the field plus got intercepted because he was late in his decision making...The announcers were highlighting how Brady had to speed up his internal clock, but the pressure on Goff had a much greater effect. And on that note, I think the Rams did rattle Brady a bit in the first half - but the Pats made great adjustments in the second half to where Brady was able to get his feet back under him. The pressure wasn't nearly as relentless. By the time of the TD drive, Brady was starting to look comfortable again.
  7. Awesome, but stressful (to this fan) game. The funny part is despite this being the lowest scoring SB game ever, it's the Patriots largest margin of victory ever in a We'll take them how ever we can get them
  8. Gatwick Airport shut down for the better part of a full day because two drones kept flying around the runways...Authorities calling it intentional (most likely because heavy holiday traffic is just commencing)...That suck
  9. I'm sorry this is happening to you...but in a way, it's good to hear it's not just me (I got the HSBC one, as well as something from Charles Schwab, front point security, apple, etc...and like you, I never clicked on the links, and in fact, I stopped opening the emails altogether...I also periodically get those bitcoin extortion scam emails (I had started an thread about that a while back)...the only thing scary about the latter is the fact that they do have old passwords (stolen from hacked companies - fortunately I've long since stopped using those old passwords)
  10. Particularly interested in responses from anyone in MA who might know the 'ins and outs'...but will take any advise. Long story short, I had a car that finally died on me and subsequently, we have since replaced it. We were planning to give the old car to charity for whatever they offer (just to get rid of it)...but some guy came by and said he saw the car without plates and asked if he could buy it...The main issue is that two of the cylinders lost compression (I'm not sure what the implications mean, except our mechanic said unless we want to foot the bill for a new/rebuild engine, it's time to move on to a new car)...Secondarily, it also needed front brakes, front struts, had an outstanding recall for the airbag...and who knows what else. And fwiw - its a 2009 Matrix with 180+ K miles I'm leery about selling this car to anyone, given the lemon laws we have in this state...someone mentioned we write the bill of sale to include the car is inoperable and that it's being sold as is/for parts....the guy said his brother is a mechanic and can fix it for only the cost of parts...for my part, I'm just looking to remove any liability. So my question is, will writing up this bill of sale with the language mentioned above take us off the hook for any future liability? My gut says stick with our original plan
  11. Nice - did anyone connect with one of those tarpon?
  12. Wishing you a continued speedy recovery...those Sanibel snook are waiting for you
  13. Not sure which brand you're looking at - but just to keep in mind, a 4000/5000 shimano is different (i.e smaller) than most other reels designated with the same model numbers...
  14. I think that's just for clothing and outerwear...still not a bad deal nonetheless
  15. There are select gift cards being offered at a 20% discount at Market Basket for today only...while the majority are not fishing/outdoors related, Cabelas is one of the cards being offered for this discount. And while they do not mention Bass Pro on this list, you can (of course) now use Cabela gift cards at Bass Pro...So while these stores basically never offer such a discount, this is your one chance to (in effect) get a 20% at these stores (on any merchandise). They mentioned 'while supplies last', and to that point, I thought they would be wiped out by the time I got to one of their stores...but I arrived at roughly noon-ish and found plenty left