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  1. Agree....didn't watch the show itself and only watched clips aired on the news...but looks like they did a nice job trying to make amends
  2. If it landed 30 yards off a montauk beach, the skishing crowd would be all over it
  3. I didn't let this person cut in front of me, so they got in back of me and tried to take pics of my lic plate...I did report it, just in case any funny business crops up....just venting as my crap two weeks continue
  4. negative
  5. How the hell did I not see all that yesterday?!?!?!? My only guess is that I was still in a rush to get to work, and now had to drive my wife to work (because we're now sharing her car until this gets fixed)
  6. I went out this AM to reassess the damage, and it looks like I missed a detail or two (LOL)...The deer (as evidence by hair left behind) actually hit the front passenger side of my car first, then must of flipped over the hood and took out my driver's side side-mirror
  7. They say the object isn't an asteroid - Sounds like a scene from Independence Day...should probably buy your provisions now before things get really weird
  8. While not specifically for that, I did look for anything it could've been
  9. ...
  10. Seriously? Was the molding broken
  11. That something hit my car...the idea that it was a deer was nowhere in my head until he said that's what it was. And while I did drive the car back home, I initially didn't think I could drive the car like that
  12. Possible - because I never saw fact, my believe that even saw a blur of something could possibly be in my imagination
  13. Driving to work this AM, turned on to a road and began to accelerate to 35 40 mph...All of a sudden, I hear a giant 'bang' on the side of my car and the side view mirror is snapped and hanging by the cable...pulled over and called the police. He says I likely hit a deer...there was no sign of anything when I backtracked a few minutes later. There are no other markings other than where it snapped. I personally thought the offending object fell from above (was driving under some over hanging trees thought it was possible a branch fell, since we just had a wind storm the other day...but once again, no evidence of that) So, would a deer just run off back into the woods after taking a hit? It was a wooded, aqua-duct area to my left and residential homes on my right. Object hit from my left and as far as I can tell, it was a broadside hit and the front bumper was not at all involved. If it was a deer, it literally would have had to jump right into the side of my car/mirror I'm having chit luck this past week :-(
  14. I haven't caught a tommy cod in years...I used to get them all the time while smelt fishing in Nov/Dec of years fast
  15. Boat, conventional fluke outfit...drifting just outside the jetties at Pt Pleasant, NJ