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  1. He’s one of a number of fanatics trying to blame this on global warming/climate change. In an indirect/round about way he’s not wrong given that his climate change policies are what’s causing these to grow out of control.
  2. Was enough to cause the Yankees to postpone their game
  3. albacized


    For us in MA, this is the second round of Canadian wildfire smoke we’ve had in the past several weeks. The first round of smoke came from Nova Scotia. I believe I heard this smoke is Ontario
  4. Don’t think it’s an official term, although no less so than weather channel winter storm names…lol
  5. View of the sun with Canadian wildfire smoke in the air
  6. albacized


    Didn’t see this thread before I started a similar one. This smoke does make for a cool looking sun
  7. So we have smoke from Canadian wild fires filtering down (heard upstate NY was getting it worse)…increase respiratory risks…but the sun looks pretty cool
  8. Donald Trump warned players of that going back a year. Heard some radio talking heads praising Trump with having the foresight to see this merger happening a year ago. But I have no idea whether that was common knowledge or not
  9. Whatever happened to the notion of gamefish status for striped bass? I never fully understood the benefits of the gamefish status thing. But it seemed clear it offered something positive towards the conservation of striped bass
  10. So they just gave a stat that teams who win the first two games end up winning the series 70-something percent of the time…I wonder what the odds are for teams that get smoked in the first two games
  11. It’s worse than being bad…they’re the perfect example of a mediocre team…they beat most of the bad teams (although they’ve had some embarrassing series against poor teams) but can’t beat the good ones
  12. Panthers getting beat up again
  13. To be honest, until this news item, I never knew Cessna even made planes with jets. When I picture a Cessna, I see a single engine prop plane with a high wing design
  14. The way a guest on Fox News explained it, if a pilot is incapacitated and the plane flies beyond the destination per the GPS settings, auto pilot will divert to another preset destination in the GPS (given that I’m not an expert, I probably hatched the interpretation of his explanation- but hopefully it’s in the ballpark to what he explained)
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