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  1. Thanks a lot - I feel better today (never felt terribly sick in the first place). I had been battling allergies for a few weeks and didn't think anything of it until some chills joined the mix yesterday and opted to try one of those home kits the gov sent (came up positive). Called my PC to ask if I needed to go in or anything. They just trusted the result of the test and sent in the prescription. Since I tested positive, I had to change my pharmacy to one that had a drive through. In hindsight, there were probably clues to something being up over the weekend when I was feeling particularly dehydrated and started drinking a lot of water (I'm not much of a water drinker). And on Sunday, I had driven to a fishing location where I had options to fish not too far from where I parked or take a long walk (half hour plus) to an area that's historically very productive this time of year....there was no way I was walking out there this time. Also causing me to reschedule my trip to FL next week...I have to self isolate for 5 days since the start of my symptoms (which will 'free me' from isolation on Friday). But I have go back to masking inside public places and not travel for the next 10 days after that. The big issue is that my wife is away with two sisters on a European trip (returning home a week from tomorrow) and I'm supposed to be tending to our dog (aging and declining health), and the house is running out of food :-( I'll have to see if one of my local relative in laws will do a grocery run, or maybe order a drop off
  2. This stuff did leave some nasty taste in my mouth...and it's something that develops over the course of a few hours. Fortunately cleared enough for me to enjoy breakfast...but I'll have to take the morning does soon enough (yikes)
  3. Not sure why these two teams keep swapping crazy blow out runs like this - tonight it's Boston's turn...leading this game 25 to 4 at the moment (still early though)
  4. Thanks a lot - will be taking my first dose shortly...but want to get in a bowl of ice cream in case it alters my
  5. So I tested positive for covid and seem to have a mild case (feels like a head cold with some minor chills and muscle aches) fact, the booster shot I had threw more of it's wrath on me than this. But regardless, because I have a couple of risk factors, my doctor put me on a regiment of a paxlovid pack. I see the side effects mentioned, and I have to stop taking my statin for cholesterol while I'm taking this. But also mentioned since it's new, not all effects may yet be known...has anyone here had a negative reaction to this stuff...The plus's free:-)
  6. There seems to have been a bit of a turn around this week - I think they only lost one game this week (the Nathan Eovaldi debacle)...Hopefully part of a long term trend. Not feeling an AL East title this year, but if they keep playing like this, a wild card spot could be had
  7. Mostly herring, with a few examples of mummichogs, silversides, and some other tiny bait. As an aside, I had been doing pretty well with stripers up in the freshwater stretches of a river with a herring run, and despite the herring that was prevalent, I was having good luck with size 8 and 10 X raps. I initially couldn't figure out why these fish were hitting my smaller offering with so many herring around. But then later, on my last outing, I foul hooked a couple of dace that were pretty much dead on for the size and color of the x raps I was the light bulb came
  8. Just to add to this, the water temps in estuaries will be even a bit warmer during outgoing tides
  9. Can't help you with NJ suggestions...but if you're ever up in MA, try Blue Ribbon BBQ
  10. My hopes is that after republicans win the house and the senate, we impeach #46 as well as his vice president. If dems can make up BS and impeach Trump, impeaching Biden should be a walk in the park
  11. It's what happens when Dems are getting their clocks cleaned...Happens on the right too, but to a much lesser/severe level. They want to 'clean the slate' and declare themselves the 'adults in the room'...We'll clean the slate when the dems are escorted from power
  12. I hope the left wasn't expecting Elon to fold up like a tent when they start playing their
  13. We go to the UK every now and then to visit our daughter (in fact, my wife is there right now with two of her sisters visiting). My wife is a fish and chips fanatic...the fish and chips shops we visit over there offer a pretty big menu, in regards to what species of fish you prefer in your fish and chips. Very surprising to see, especially the first time. There was at least 20 species to chose from (including some from here in the states, such as red snapper and grouper)...However, my plain jane wife chose what she always chooses (here at home and in the UK)...haddock. I'm not sure if haddock is prevalent over there or if that's one of the fish imported from this side of the Atlantic
  14. After all that, now the games lead off hitter just hit one out to start tonight's game
  15. None of the ones I get up in the freshwater stretch of that river ever have lice. But I couldn't tell you if the fish are holdovers or if sea lice just don't last the trip into freshwater