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  1. I think you missed his point - which basically in politics, what the people believe is reality is more important than reality (on a lot of levels...because these all lead to a loss of faith in the system)
  2. Had my second shot (pfizer) Monday evening - had some mild symptoms yesterday that I would term as 'a little under the weather'...some chills and I felt like I had a mild temp, although I never measured it to know for sure. Today I'm back to normal (by my I did opt out of fishing after work and instead, laid down on the couch and watched TV all evening. However, if this was albie season, I may have found a way to make it work :-)
  3. But you shouldn't be - it's pretty straight forward. Once you open up a thread to sell something, it has to be discussed out in that thread for everyone to see....until you and a buyer agree to the deal. Then you can go to PMs to discuss the more personal stuff like payment method, address, etc...and I get it - I've been PM'd in the past when I put stuff up. You don't have to be rude to them...In fact I've even gone on to tell them if they post the same offer in the open thread, I'll accept it...but politely noted that I want to play by the rules
  4. Btw, at some point will also be picking up a 300 grain for my 9 weight - I'm leaning towards picking up the 300 grain version of the same line I just posted about. However, I recall a thread (that I can't find at the moment) offering favorable reviews of the orvis 3D depth charge lines - which, along with the 30 foot sinking head, has a 2 section running line with different levels of buoyancy. Any opinions on that line? I've also tried the sonar cold water sink tip lines from sci angler and they're not bad either.
  5. I just picked up what is the replacement to the in touch line line yesterday - it's still called the coldwater striper series, but has the words 'premier slick cast' on the box. I bought the 250 grain foot sinking head, which has a 54' intermediate running line (for my 7 weight). They supposedly improved the coating for better durability - which is good, because as much as I like the 'in touch' versions of these lines, I did have some problems with the coating peeling or flaking off...particularly near the front end welded loop. My repair jobs seem to hold up ok (whip finish topped with a dab of aquaseal), but I'd rather this not occur so quickly with a $100 line. I'll keep using those lines until they're completely trashed (which may take a while). Thus I probably won't have a performance review of this line for a while
  6. That makes sense - It was only when I was leaving that I saw another vehicle (SUV w/kayak on the roof) pull in behind me...but they looked towards the fence and left (I'm only guessing they read the sign and opted to leave)
  7. So, I park at a spot I've been parking at for years - but this time, there are no other cars there, and there were signs on the fence warning that it was private property and that there were surveillance cameras 'watching'. I opted to stay anyway and fished for a couple of hours. No one bothered me....are we losing this spot? I was surprised that there were no cars, and the fact that the fishing was slow could have something to do with that - but I can't help but to tie in the signage on the fence to the reason behind no other cars being parked there.
  8. You take some nice photos (a few of you guys do) - nice report. What is that buffalo like critter?
  9. The run he gave up last night was only the second run he gave up this year so far...He did that well and it was actually an off game by his standards...he was very good, but just short of his unhittable self
  10. deGrom has a good chance of striking out at least 14 batters again, tomorrow night. While the Sox do have some punch on the top half of their line up, their final 4 hitters are strike outs waiting to happen. Even if deGrom doesn't have his A game with him, he should have about an 85 to 90 percent strike out rate with those four hitters...and if he's on, strike outs will be the only thing in the box score for those 4 guys (which means 12 strike outs between them). Devers is the only hitter in the line up who I feel confident will definitely put his bat on the ball at some point tomorrow night (not saying deGrom is going to strike out everyone besides Devers or that Devers will hit the ball every at bat...but Devers is the only guy who I'm confident won't have a 3 or 4 strike out night)
  11. I can't think of a place anywhere in Hillsborough Co that could be viewed as a surf casting spot...but with that said, there's a lot of habitat for redfish, speckled trout, snook among other species - but you could always pop over to Pinellas Co and surf cast the gulf (although I think surfcasting would be overkill for anything other than shark fishing)
  12. I largely agree with that latter point - however, since you mentioned RI, if you're travelling southbound on 24 coming from Newport heading towards Boston, there's that intersection where, in order to stay on 24, you have to merge onto 195 south for roughly a quarter of a mile before making a left lane exit to continue on 24. You pretty much have to zip over multiple lanes to make that exit. In the fall, a lot of my fishing takes me through that ridiculous intersection
  13. edit***probably should start a separate thread
  14. As mentioned - 9/11 caused authorities to close access to the plant. However, I fished it the last late fall/early winter before access was closed and ran into December 'holdover' albies. They were right in the outflow of the plant and almost looked like salmon stuffed up in their spawning river, as well as in the immediate area just outside the flow (those in the latter category would be willing to hit a lure while the ones right in the outflow seemed to have lock jaw)... When people discovered the albies were there, it became a real 'bleep' show. People were showing up with heavier surf gear and weighted treble hooks, snagging them like they were bunker. The fish were in so thick there, it wasn't uncommon to hook an albie, and at some point during the process of fighting it, have a second one get tail wrapped in your fishing line. It only happened with me once, but I witnessed that happening another half dozen times or so...So you'd end up catching 2 at the same time (if you were willing to count the tail wrapped fish as a 'catch') Edit to add - as indicate, it was very crowded there once the word was out. There was one guy fly fishing with a crease fly and snagged another guy in the eye brow...less than an inch lower and that guy probably loses his eye
  15. My 2 reasons have nothing to do with being concerned with the risk - first, my dad is terminally ill with cancer and was given 3-6 months to live. We were going to visit him several weeks ago. However, after he was briefly readmitted into the hospital, his doctor ordered that any one who has not been vaccinated cannot visit him at this time. By the time we get to see him, 2 months will have past since his diagnosis (my second shot is may 3 and my wife's is may 9). The only fortunate thing with all this is that at least we booked on Southwest and got to keep full credit for our canceled we can just re-book without having any additional costs thrown at us Second, my daughter lives in the UK and I can't afford to have the airlines tell me I can't visit her