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  1. The only consistent good fishing I found in that area back in July, was in the ICW (Nokomis area)...otherwise I only managed 3 snook and a small handful of Spanish Macs out at the inlet in 3 days fishing
  2. Just to add, the further north you go past Clearwater/st Pete, the less snook you'll encounter (non existent in the panhandle)
  3. This weekend, I swung by the spot where I encountered them the week before and didn't see any signs of them...some one mentioned that while they weren't completely gone, the blow we had last tuesday/wednesday drove out the bulk of them
  4. That's a nice fish, btw
  5. A yakker mentioned a shark taking an albie he was attempting to land...Will only mention 'south side' location since it was in a fairly popular albie spot...
  6. Although I initially used them for albies exclusively, I now use them for everything here in the NE...When using them for stripers, I basically work them in 'walk the dog' fashion, as you would hard plastic lures such as Jumping Minnows, etc
  7. Scored one single fish this afternoon, after a number of chores kept me at home for the morning and up until 1 PM (made this one a bit more gratifying)
  8. Scored one on the fly today...extra gratifying given that I had a number of chores at home that kept me around the house until after 1 PM (new fridge today, our dog at an appointment, and I had to mow the lawn)
  9. It's done - two guys delivered and we gave them $20 each
  10. Nice job...they are addictive
  11. How long do you guys have Happ?
  12. Bought a new fridge from Lowes and it's scheduled to be delivered this AM...Is it customary to give them a tip
  13. You cite Clarence Thomas, and I cite that Clarence Thomas is a Supreme Court Judge...Only the left wines about their attempt to ambush the man
  14. This professor now demands that if she is to testify, no questions from lawyers and she gets to answer questions second, after Kavanugh is questioned...