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  4. I've got a Penn Captiva Combo (902MH Rod & CV6000 reel - I know, not the most popular setup) and I'm likely to fish the ditch a little more as well as some inlets with current. Assuming I'm fishing squid or chunked bait, what's the best weight to use? I'm now fishing 17# mono to a swivel, then a 3-4' drop with a weight on lighter mono (should it snap, saving the rest of the rig) - and another 3 or 4' section of leader w/ hook and bait. I fished a river like jetty earlier this week and 4 oz. wasn't enough to hold bottom. I just don't want to put TOO much on and be unable to feel the hits, or, end up likely to lose rigs on my rob & reel. Any suggestions on what's a good size weight to carry?
  5. Excellent story told in a way that any angler (and, anyone, for that matter) can appreciate. Those storms were a PITA on land. Can't even begin to imagine them offshore.
  6. I've got an 8 weight rod that I think would be great for schoolies in rivers and low wave areas if wading. My fly box has a small variety of clousers and streamers, and a few years back I tried (but never caught) with some gummy eels. Assuming you're going for some striper action - what types of flies do you fish with?
  7. I was trying to fight my way down last night, but it wasn't to be. We've only got one car and the wife had plans early this AM - so I didn't want to screw her over. I don't mind the rain. In some cases, I actually prefer it.
  8. That is way too cool! I took my 3 year old out earlier this year (I think he's got the same pole, too) and he caught 7 sunfish on crawlers. I was hoping he'd haul a LMB, but it wasn't to be. The LMBs certainly loved my senkos, though!
  9. I don't know what / where 'BSP' is - but this all sounds fishy... Pun intended. Hopefully justice, whatever the means, is served. And, all are well and healthy this morning. Sounds a little cryptic from what Bob's describing above.
  10. Very well done, Smitty - you've had a more productive year than I have already. Saved yourself some coin, too, I hope?
  11. Bomber Popper or Storm Shads are my personal favorites. Too lazy to go take a picture of either of 'em though.
  12. A disappointing day out there yesterday, but perhaps that was to be expected. Summer fishing during the day isn't ever super productive, is it? We started a little before 7AM at the ditch and fished 6 or 7 spots from there on out to about Harwich. Somewhere in between, my brother in law caught one (decent size) fluke off some rocks on fresh pogies from Buzzard's Bait. Considering we fished until past 6PM though, it wasn't a very good day - aside from simply being out there.
  13. Awesome job, and thanks for posting. Should be a good reminder to any lurkers out there.
  14. Thanks for all of the replies! I thought my thread was dead in the water a few hours ago. I'm not sure what time we'll get over the canal, but my plan was to... Head over the bridge, and check in on a few west-facing spots moving south towards woods hole. Then, move on east and fish a few more spots facing southward before ending up in chatham, facing and fishing open ocean to the east. Since we're making a day of it and not caring much about what we catch, I've got a variety of kastmasters and casting spoon, storm wildeyes, some soft jerkbaits and a few bombers. If the bite for bass and blues aren't on - any idea where I could go to simply catch a fish of any kind? sea robbins, dogfish, etc. Rather catch something with fins than a skunk!
  15. Does look like a cod jig... What's the size of this thing? Tough to gauge scale from the photo.