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  1. So Frank, just what the heck are you trying to say here? "give businesses the right of citizens" You just may want to clarify. Cabo
  2. “She promised me that when I get old, I could live in her pool house." That is the quote from the mother. Cabo
  3. The Princess and I went to my 40th reunion. It was a good time, but the groups that hung out in high school were still hanging together to this day. Cabo
  4. Congrats to both of you Mike. We will be at 15 the end of the month. Cabo
  5. From the TB blog; There was a physical altercation at a clubhouse where Mikayla lived between 5:17-6:41 PM that involved Mikayla and other kids. Mikayla was at the clubhouse at one point with 2 friends who left, and she was joined by 4 other teenagers. An additional 5th teenager remained outside the clubhouse. The physical altercation occurred between Mikayla and 2 of the teens – one male and one female. After that altercation Mikayla and the 4 teens spent 20 minutes together in the clubhouse. At 7:20 PM the Hopkinton Police were dispatched to her home after her Mom called and reported that Mikayla had been jumped. Mikayla reported that during the altercation she had been pushed and punched in the face. She had a mark of blood on her lip, and the investigation into that assault remains open. At 7:43 HPD left Mikayla’s house and went to the house of one of the girls involved and took a statement. They returned to Mikayla’s apartment and observed damage inside and outside the clubhouse, which they photographed. Between 9:30-9:45 Mikayla’s mother went to bed believing her daughter was still home. Mikayla’s cell phone has an app that tracks her steps. Between 9-10 PM her phone traveled the exact amount of steps (1,360) is the amount of steps between her home and where she was found dead. Her body was found right off of Main Street by a jogger, relatively close to the police station (34 West Main Street). Two of the girls who were in the clubhouse have a location confirmed from 8:30 PM until the next morning. Mikayla died between 9-10 PM. They could not have killed her. Two of the boys who were in the clubhouse were seen getting off the Mass Pike in Charlton at 8:58 PM. Charlton doesn’t have a Mass Pike exit, so she’s probably talking about Sturbridge because they were seen on surveillance video at a Wendy’s in Sturbridge, showing them eating food in their car. The third girl who was outside the clubhouse has witnesses who put her at her house that evening. The DA’s office is waiting on the medical examiner to give them an official cause of death. The teens were not just white, and at least one of them is Latino. The 5 teens being accused of lynching Mikayla have officially been cleared. It’s undeniable and there is video and cell phone evidence backing it up. The fact that the DA’s office has pulled surveillance tape from a Wendy’s in Sturbridge shows you how seriously they’re taking this, and how thorough their investigation has been. It completely debunks the lie that they are attempting to sweep this under the rug. Cabo
  6. Liz Cheney, facing GOP leadership removal, takes swipe at Trump 'cult' Who would ever have thought that Liz followed Frank on SOL. She must get her buzzwords here. Cabo
  7. According to TB the five "kids" being referenced by the agitators all have solid alibis. There is video of two being out of state at the time. But never let a good lynching go to waste in this cesspool state. Thank God we live west of 495. Cabo
  8. Also a package of paper plates a case of Mac & Cheese from Costco. Cabo
  9. In my case I side with management also. Cabo
  10. Fire them. They work for the tax payer. They do not work for the union. Cabo
  11. That section exists but only goes back a few days. The add says Monday at 7:31 pm. Nothing that far back. Cabo
  12. What does Obama think about this? Cabo
  13. That just showed up on my phone. First Bezos and now Gates. Cabo