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  1. If it is Pneumonia, that gets a lot of elderly people. Cabo
  2. Frank, whose stooge are you? Cabo
  3. Saw that last evening. Was entertaining. Cabo
  4. I certainly can not be classified as young any more but I do like the Harry's razor. Actually got it and extra blades at the Walmart In Ware, MA. If you know anything about western/central MA, that is definitely where all the millennial's hang. Cabo
  5. Other name is Tom, I worked with him down at the Creek. Cabo
  6. Just wanted to bang Julie London like all the adolescent boys did, including me. Cabo
  7. So sorry Mokes. Cabo
  8. I have had way to many asking if I want to review my health insurance. Same call a bunch of different numbers. Cabo
  9. Hoping for the best Weed. Cabo
  10. Actually mine in AZ was pretty much stone. Water conservation. Cabo
  11. Obviously legal weed isn't available in your state. In MA a state authorized lab has to test, no herbicides, no pesticides or other impurities are acceptable. Think the stuff from Mexico will fly? Cabo
  12. Was that really Chuck or did they pill a body out of a morgue? He had more mud on his face than a Kardashian. Surprised it didn't crack. Cabo
  13. With all the crap today about all the lies he was going to tell this evening, I would assume what he spoke was publicly available information. Cabo
  14. I was an Oyster Creek employee for a while. Three "randoms" on week after none for two years. Made one think, not that I had anything to worry about. Cabo