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  1. Apparently a fed. Cabo
  2. It was awesome! Cabo
  3. Have you been watching a little to much CNN & MSNBC or listening to NPR? No where do I hear or see conservatives proposing a civil war. Cabo
  4. Protesters, sure some are and some are for another reason. Torch the place. Cabo
  5. Trump is coming for Frank and Max and a few others. Cabo
  6. Sorry for your loss. Cabo
  7. Actually friends in Florida have a 50 they take over for two weeks. First week is the guys and clients. Second week is friends from all over the country. The Numero Uno is a gorgeous boat based in Jupiter. Cabo
  8. Habour Island, the house is gorgeous and has a dock in front so the boat would be right in front. Already booked for next year. Cabo
  9. Our Bahamas fishing trip was cancelled, we have been invited for next years trip! Cabo
  10. It's a busy location. Over a half hour to Hadley and the same for the one in Springfield. Cabo
  11. Where on Rote 2? Must have been before Phillipston. Was in Templeton Saturday. Cabo
  12. This was in Ware Mass. Cabo
  13. Saw this the other day. Hopefully not traveling under and low bridges or such. There is a guy in the passenger seat. Cabo
  14. The Princess and I were our girl's first customers today here in MA. Probably broke the rules as we were both there at the same time. I gave her a $25 tip. Cabo