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  1. I'll pick up a couple of tickets on the way to the airport this morning. Since I'll be in Chicago this week I actually want to get paid when I win. IL has had issues paying out. Cabo
  2. Pretty much all true. How things have changed in my 60 years in this place. Cabo
  3. Big story on NPR yesterday afternoon. Not saying he isn't religious but hearing his parents describe what the religion is was not very convincing. Cabo
  4. I'm hoping not. Had my shoulder done at one of the centers on Wasson. Worked out well. Cabo
  5. I'll take the same. Cabo
  6. Which company do you work with? We a clean room subsidiary of our company. Cabo
  7. Get back to them. I have had them say keep the items without being charged. Cabo
  8. My first thought also. Cabo
  9. Good to hear Sharkey. You are an inspiration like it or not. Cabo
  10. Apparently no wife and no kids. Leaving it all to his sister. Cabo
  11. Looks like a wonderful holiday. Cabo
  12. The next play after the announcer mentioned that fact. The Pats got their first one. Quite the evening of sports last night in New England. Been a while since we have had one like that. Cabo
  13. All the best to your FIL. Mine lives there also and wouldn't leave during last years hurricane. Cabo
  14. So where is Swetnick now? Haven't heard much from him or her about the judge lately. Are they preparing a civil suit against Kavanaugh? Cabo