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  1. They introduced it on a Saturday at our local store. They had cake and ice cream to welcome it. Cabo
  2. Red Balls for sure. Cabo
  3. Around here if you walked around the mall you most likely would be looking at empty store fronts. Cabo
  4. Tell them you will be happy to go upstairs and sit at the bar. Probably the only way to get in as they don't take advance reservations, they start taking them at 10 AM of that day only. Cabo
  5. Some excellent stuff made in Enfield, CT and sold locally. Actually brought some down to Jersey a summer ago. All agreed it was excellent. Not cheap but well worth it. Cabo
  6. I went to the local apple store exactly once. I had seen Ipads at Costco and went to the store to compare prices. Obviously Costco was less expensive for the same model. Asked the guy why would I buy it at the store for more money. He answered because then it comes from the store. Obviously I got it at Costco and it works just fine and the Princess loves it. Cabo
  7. Crossing over the bridge into IL I always prayed I wouldn't break down. It is a disgusting place. Cabo
  8. Russia sure hasn't swayed any of my opinions Frank. Have they swayed any of yours? Cabo
  9. Staples does it also. Had my battery changed there while I waited. Cabo
  10. Can't be anything worse than what Lizzie wants to do to them with her axe. Cabo
  11. Maybe the part about killing all the Jews and wiping out Israel might be part of it. Cabo
  12. They already have Juan Williams, guess another lefty might be trying to get a more fair and balanced. Not that I will watch her. Cabo
  13. I very rarely watch movies period. But, the Princess has the crud so Saturday evening I sat with her and watched a couple with her. Taking Chance, I realize this is old from 2009, but it was incredible. Kevin Bacon in the best part I have I have ever seen him play escorts a young Marine KIA home to Wyoming. Heart wrenching film. Hidden Figures, I had actually heard of this one but never had the desire to turn it on. The story is about the black women who helped the US win the space race. Since I was pretty young when this took place I found it disgusting how people were treated even when working for the government. A very good watch. Both based on true stories. Cabo