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  1. Does a fire on Monday evening still count as a school night if school is out of session? Cabo
  2. This round seems to be hanging on a bit longer. Fatigue is still here as with some aches and pains. At least I don't have to go back to New Mexico on Tuesday. My boss is going. Cabo
  3. Just had a great string of thunderstorms come through. Dropped 10 degrees in 15 minutes. Nice rain, wind, and hail. Clearing up nicely. Should be a good sleeping night, Smoking a brisket Monday. Cabo
  4. Everyone deserves to suffer at least once. Congratulations. Cabo
  5. Made it to Atlanta a week ago Sunday. Eating lunch got the text flight to Albuquerque was cancelled. Delta said they could get me there on Tuesday. We use Concur who was able to get me on Southwest the next morning through Dallas Love. At least I got there. Cabo
  6. How do you block them? Chrome. Cabo
  7. She has Tourette's also, what a package. Cabo
  8. Moving forward how? Putting the population into poverty and the government coming to rescue? Cabo
  9. Justice Kagan warns parts of East Coast could be 'swallowed by the ocean' in dissent in EPA case Someone should have told Obama before he bought the place on Nantucket. Cabo
  10. He has been reporting on the crap going on here as well. I am assuming this was scheduled prior to the left loosing it. Cabo
  11. I bought an SE last July about $300. All these updates has definitely shortened the battery life. Cabo
  12. Clean the grease off the lens and you'll get better pictures. Cabo
  13. That is what HF is for. Got lots of specialty tools on the cheap I may never use again. Cabo
  14. Does the black wire have more rights than the white or red wires? Cabo
  15. I am going to assume this will be considered part of a compensation package and should be taxed. A few years the company I work for was audited and it was determined that cell phones were not always used for work purposes only. We would pay the monthly fee with our corporate cards, get a new phone every few years with no hassle. Today I get $50 a month and it is taxed. Cabo