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  1. My Doc asked me if I got the shot and I told him no. End of discussion. He has never asked again. Cabo
  2. Sorry but I have to laugh. NPR had a story about the smoke from the Canadian fires this afternoon and the doctor they had said even an N95 mask wouldn't protect one from the participate matter. And they wanted us to believe they would protect us from from a virus. How things change. Cabo
  3. They better be using their carbon tax for Quebec and Ontario. Cabo
  4. Indian Point has released into the river legally for years. This isn't anything different. Cabo
  5. I'll have to admit we had a blast way back when going to see Ricky Flair, Baby Doll and the rest in Charlotte back in the day. We ended up in Fridays after the show and guess who shows up? Probably ten of the participants. It was a good time. Cabo
  6. Nice to be in that 3 to 4 percent. Cabo
  7. A little early but I'm not surprised. Mask up comrade. Cabo
  8. Our company has actually had employees send back responses to HR that they didn't agree and would like to not be included in the company propaganda pride emails any longer. As far as I know none were fired. I am seeing a lot less of that crap these days though. Cabo
  9. Not sure what ever states have this law but in Mass if there is a fall by a patient, the fall has to be reported to the appropriate state agency. What federal department is Biden's falls reported to? Cabo
  10. I was wondering what was going to go wrong when I heard he was giving the commencement speech this morning. Cabo
  11. TB has been all over this. He sure does have some sources. Cabo
  12. I really like the transitions you were able to make. They look flawless. Cabo
  13. Thanks, I was talking to Lippen about this flooring last evening. Cabo
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