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  1. He buys viagra for tiny peckers?
  2. This is the funniest thing you've ever written on here. You probably wouldn't spit it out hahaha!
  3. The great depression was a tough time for you I'm sure.
  4. Did someone say gafilte? I'm hungry!
  5. I've been using a very tight belt on the rocks of late.
  6. Pretty funny that all the cast members for the most part owe their careers to her and they stab her in the back like that.
  7. I saw a few reports that now ABC regrets it. I'm sure that bitch Sara Gilbert and Wanda Sykes went wah wah wah and the ABC execs folded .
  8. funniest **** ive seen in a while.
  9. and I like sunsets. We all have our crosses to bare(bear?)
  10. ROB, YOU HAVE A SMALL DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. How bad? Was just listening to a podcast about stem cell therapy in Panama for that type of arthritis. Go drop 100k on that and feel like you're 20 again.
  12. he doesn't like anything, we get it.
  13. yeah, why would they want tons of retail stores, that goes against their model.
  14. I got one stuck in my throat, I had a stiff neck for hours. Ahhh thank you.
  15. Apparently she has real serious mental illness and she could have gotten a pass. I hope the show without her bombs.
  16. There's a Indian pizza place that just opened up near me, shockingly good.
  17. Just listened to her on Rogan talk about her tweet that got her fired. It's pretty upsetting how quick people are to ostracize others without hearing one word out of their mouth. It's the ****ing hardcore liberals that preach tolerance and acceptance. How about forgiveness? The love to have something to be against.
  18. Damn man I kinda want some of those weenies in my mouth. Maybe I'll have that for dinner tonight.
  19. Seaweed > fiber drinks
  20. Oh gotcha, in that case it sounds fine.
  21. I would crush that! Looks flakey. Is it flakey or more bread-like? Either way I'm getin hungry.
  22. I got kitchen appliances a few years ago from them and it was so difficult that I cancelled the order and went with Depot.
  23. There are still a good number of bass close to the NH border. I think I want to get better at fishing at night. Yesterday I fished during the day and kept catching little junk. Right when the lights turned out got a small keeper. Nothing to write home about but better than total dinks.
  24. Dude how bad are your farts? You need more fiber in your diet so you can take bigger dumps. I was low on fiber this weekend and my system was all messed up. Last night had a huge bowl of seaweed and this morning it looked like two anacondas wresting to get the last McNugget.