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  1. Bluefishonline
  2. Ughhh I haven’t got much done today other than losing money in the stock market so that’s how I’ve celebrated
  3. yesplease!
  4. nice work too bad the fish doesn't count
  5. looks like doge is going on sale
  6. BTXB in chiitmart is all over the place too. Shoulda listened to you about AMP. What price you buying back in at?
  7. Feel better jimbo. That pic really needed a caption
  8. I was going to buy a bunch of NU a few weeks ago and held off. I have some, up 80 bucks meh.
  9. Ayo! I'm a new beer snob, so what MUST I try. So far my favorite is founders bfast stout.
  10. saltlife sunglasses are better than costas......
  11. i'll put it next to my saltlife sticker
  12. I just got a bubba blade set for a bday gift. I always looked at it as an infomercial knife but damn if that thing didn't do a fantastic job filleting a fish. It came with a bunch of other size blades couple big ones will be good for slicing.
  13. I had some shiba and sold it for other stuff not enough to have made big money but eh. I bought in again today.
  14. you think it's too late to dump some money into Siba?
  15. Yeah, my girl tells me things from the news like ten dead in Ohio from a car accident or school shooting in Colorado 20 dead and I'm just like why do I need to know this?
  16. I know ugh
  17. I was up 9 grand on footballs and then buh bai
  18. I’m up 800 on amp today
  19. If my better half was Megan fox I wouldn’t care
  20. This is why you don't watch the news. I love being uninformed.
  21. already got 25k in a gofundme.
  22. damn that looks killer. btw with flat iron don't marinate and it needs to be sliced across the grain. It's amazing.
  23. I wouldn't marinate that thing. salt and pepper or a good rub.
  24. you ever get a flat iron?