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  1. I’d be more into god if it was a broad with big tits who was down with anal
  2. I caught a couple on pencils but it was just too rough for them. They were casting better than most lures I have but it was difficult to keep contact. That big ass fast sinking stick shad had the best results. I tried some bottle plugs but they kept getting hung up.
  3. Cool. What about a pikie? I ended up with about 15 or so fish up to 35" but I should have gotten more and possibly larger. Next time.
  4. Dudes what’s a good plug to throw in a stiff wind, rough water and doesn’t run deep like a foot or so under the water?
  5. My biggest concern is that I’d end up 400lbs and I’d never leave the damn house.
  6. That there is a Klingon!
  7. Smokin! yelch
  8. she looks like she's ready to go in an oven
  9. oh hai
  10. cute boy
  11. too skinny
  12. Eh not into Carpenter
  13. you've never had a scouse brow?