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  1. someone give him a medal
  2. so he should rob drug dealers and then go sell it to other drug dealers? Protect and serve!
  3. ah it's on his cooktop. I'd use easy off.
  4. You might want to take it down a notch. Did your goat find some better to toss his salad, why so angry brah?
  5. You cooked chili for three days? Was it rotten by the time it was “done”? Da fu is wrong with you?
  6. My 35 lb kettlebell arrives today. Maybe I’ll try it out tonight.
  7. I highly recommend the jungle gym xt for at home. I think it’s better than the TRX because it is two straps instead of one with a Y. i just did this 30 day trial for an online fitness classes site that’s like Netflix but for fitness. I did some yoga on it last night and it kicked my ass. 30 day trial is free and then it’s 20 a month. The classes are of every genre of exercise you can imagine. I know how to workout but it makes it a bit more brainless and creative. I’ll have to see if it’s more versatile than just YouTube.
  8. You doing Trx in the gym or at home? I used to be real into that thing.
  9. Copper scouring pad
  10. They bleed out of their genitals for a week once a month. That alone is so ****ing weird. If my dick bled like that I’d be in a bad mood too..
  11. Any of you guys do kettlebell workouts?
  12. With opened toed shoes.
  13. Shoulder is bothering the crap out of me. Real disappointing to be taken off course a bit. Did abs and sprints outside yesterday a real smoker. Bought a kettlebell online looks like a good workout.
  14. What concert. And what’s wrong with being an introvert?
  15. I wish I could fit into a size 8.
  16. Garanimal
  17. My favorite authors are Hemingway, HS Thompson, and Bukowski. They all have fantastic books.
  18. This is technically a "self help" book but the stories in it are incredible and extremely motivating.
  19. I don't believe in God and have never and would never kid diddle. How the hell have I made it this long?
  20. It's narcissistic to be an Atheist? You're out of your ****ing mind.
  21. Love this show. Thought the second season was ****ing awesome.
  22. So tired of the term shaming in general but fat shaming seems to be the most hilarious. Instead of saying that person needs to drop a few hundred tons they're big boned. Sick of it. You're a fat ****ing degenerate get over it. I'm fat, I know this, I'm trying to lose weight. Too many excuses are made for people's short comings making it so they don't try to improve themselves.
  23. Mamma's brown gravy recipe?
  24. go on......
  25. So if priests were married they'd be less like to be pedophiles?