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  1. So red didn't die? Wake me up when he's at least in a coma or uses a comma.
  2. post the original photo
  3. best lure ever minus wacky.
  4. Yeah I know a lake you can go catch bass over 3lbs consistently at very easily. I never go there anymore, too easy.
  5. I find freshwater fishing easier.
  6. Will a couple hundred (maybe) sharks have any impact on tens of thousands of seals? I doubt it.
  7. pretty extreme man, napalm monommoy. Don't touch my beach ****er.
  8. Screw it kill the shark and the seals. Make that bitch into one big salty lake.
  9. yeah we only need 10k more sharks to make a dent.
  10. Or....... They will stay and be hungry with nothing else to eat. I wonder how the shark populations effect striped bass populations.
  11. nice looking pupusas, all that's missing is a raw pork chop.
  12. Shocked it took this long. Was at a beach in Barnstable yesterday, nobody in the water.
  13. Get it together calrizian
  14. Sensationalizing weather is the latest and greatest.
  15. Tom's playing both sides, I like it!
  16. if you have to ask big boy, you can't afford it.
  17. Just be careful out there. I had a girl beg me to sleep with her and the next day she implied I raped her. Meanwhile i had nudies texted to me and her telling me how bad she wanted it. Lot of nutsos out there.
  18. How about a mexican lasagne with tortillas instead of pasta? Anyone do it? It's great.
  19. Don't take any chances
  20. Smell my buttocks
  21. This next one goes out to all those dealing with the hurricane.....
  22. No es bueno, es freckles and self loathing.
  23. .....out of your dick
  24. If I wanted to hear from an acehole I'd have red fart out of his dick.