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  1. how much you want for one of em?
  2. What I don't get is why you don't bake your own damn bread if you don't like ours!!!!!!!!!!! At least you didn't "want" to start anything.
  3. none of that jew bread for me. bulky roll or a good sub roll not the regular sub roll but that bulkie cross breed roll with sesame seeds
  4. anyone get the F1 car from the last grand tourismo? That thing was unbelievable!!!! You had to do some 500 lap race to get it. I had my friend do it for me. He started at midnight and was still awake when I had to pee at 7am hahaha! LOVE IT! Also the Pikes Peak car was balls!
  5. swiss slaw thous dress aka the rachel not on rye!
  6. so is it worth it to go crabbing for red crabs or nay?
  7. Those games make me dizzy as heck
  8. Sirs I was bullied as a youth but I ended up kicking most of their asses. Remember that! Come on I was in the express lane with two items and she had at least 30 that is not polite!
  9. A 9ft rod with 30lb power pro will cast way further then that 8ft ugly stick. Try and get a used rod in the BST. 10ft would work too but why go above it if you don't have to? What is your price range? A used spheros and decent used surf rod should run you about 160-175ish. How far do u really need to cast?
  10. Whatever you do don't buy shaws medium grain rice. Worst ish ever! Half is mush the other half is hard doesn't cook right grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  11. I had some really good turkey chili last night Buffalo is very healthy as well. Make it with some roasted sweet potatoes or beans. Tonight for me is squid with whole grain pastarrrr
  12. WOW your a winner! I'll take future sociopaths from SOL for 14 Alex!
  13. Yeah w/ crab and chorizo sausage
  14. I was at stop and shop getting deli meats and two stop and shop employees were talking about how great the weed they got was. All in half a tard code like I wouldn't know what they were talking about. Then one of them was talking about how he got busted for selling drugs but he didn't have his money on him so he thought he would get out of it. And that this is second time he got caught dealing drugs. I don't think there is anything wrong with have a good one. Have a nice day whatever. All as good as thank you is what I think. I was brought up to ALWAYS say please, thank you, your welcome, hold doors, help old people when you can etc. You can't say it's the new generation because it's EVERYONE. Nobody has mannors. People these days get so suprised when you help them. The other day I was at the store and this really old woman 85+ was a dollar short so I gave it to her. Thought she was gonna have a hear attack. Once I said to a lady with about 50 grocceries who was in the 10 items or less line that she was in the wrong line. She FLIPPED OUT she screamed at me and was like go ahead and paid for my stuff, thought I was going to get a black eye. PSYCHO!
  15. all i got to say is break out the champagne and emeffin condoms!
  16. yikes
  17. When I was 10 i lit a pretty powerful fire cracker and didn't let go lucky to have all my fingers. ouchie I had sex in a temple at my little brothers bar mitzvah and have had bad luck ever since
  18. make sure you bring a device to get the fish up onto the bridge
  19. anyone know if there is a limit in mass I have a good spot to stock up
  20. 23 grams of fat is low fat? lol
  21. I dunno I find tom paste to make sauce taste bland, I don't like using much. I do like to buy the kind in the tube so you don't feel obligated to use an entire can.
  22. ya an u cant mod the cars in prolouge
  23. disgusting I would love to punch her right in the overies