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  1. googin aint easy but it sure is fun
  2. don't laugh unless you plan on buying me a new rod
  3. Dude fresh water fish don't count!
  4. I'll throw myself under the bus why not. When I bought my new kayak last year the lady of the store explained to me how the rudder works. The left side u pull on that it makes you go left the right side you pull on that and it makes you go right. So I take the yak out for the first time I get out and start foolin with the rudder. I try to turn right and i keep goin straight I'm like what the heck this thing must be broken. I grab the left side and I start turnin left. Then I tried the right one again to go right sh*t im going in circles. Turns out the left side rudder control makes you go left and right. The right side makes the rudder go up and down. I'm glad nobody was around
  5. Canon PowerShot S400 $100. This includes battery, charger and memory card I'm not sure how much memory it has i think 30mb. I am open to trades. Thanks! Adam
  6. Thanks for the offer but I'm going to let it ride. If I don't get 75 I'll just keep it as a spare.
  7. I living in Mass
  8. it's not all bad. I did get a sweeeeet rainshadow 8fter off ebay for 50 bux last year you can't beat that! Too bad my friend ran it over with a car
  9. How bad does the kayak smell after you take it out?
  10. ugh ebay sucks. I got a bunch of no name lures for cheap and I emailed the person 3 times about shipping methods before I sent my payment. No response at all until they file a dispute against me! I have never tried to not pay for anything on ebay I have a perfect record. So I was like fine we can ship anyway you want what email address should I use for the pay pal and they didn't even know! They are like I already sent you two invoices. Well yeah I deleted them because I'm not paying for anything if you won't even respond to my emails. BST from reputable members only for me now
  11. how come I pm'd you before you even listed this because of an old listing and asked you if it was for sale you did not respond?
  12. I'm sorry I didn't read correctly you said money order only. I can only do pay pal.
  13. hmmm maybe I should opt for a surf and jetty.
  14. what other lamiglas balances better and is less tip heavy then the arra?
  15. Sun Glasses for me
  16. At least you figured it out I had a person try to convince me that was the right way to fish them I was like how are you going to hook them dude!
  17. Got skunked from the shore twice. Once last night and once on friday. Supposedly people say they are catching fish I've yet to see it. I'm sure the kayakers are doing well
  18. Oh I just remembered another one. I wasn't paying attention and I had my drag on the tightest setting. I got a bite and started fighting a fish that felt like it was about to break my rod in half. I'm surprised it didn't. Hooked pulled and fish goes into the pile of fish that got away Oh and I was sitting down on the beach fighting it!!!!
  19. haha nice i think we have all almost hit ourselves in the face with a lure when learning to fish at night. keep it coming the dumber the better!
  20. What kind of line is on there? How old is the line?