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  1. Any of you guys do kettlebell workouts?
  2. With opened toed shoes.
  3. Shoulder is bothering the crap out of me. Real disappointing to be taken off course a bit. Did abs and sprints outside yesterday a real smoker. Bought a kettlebell online looks like a good workout.
  4. What concert. And what’s wrong with being an introvert?
  5. I wish I could fit into a size 8.
  6. Garanimal
  7. My favorite authors are Hemingway, HS Thompson, and Bukowski. They all have fantastic books.
  8. This is technically a "self help" book but the stories in it are incredible and extremely motivating.
  9. I don't believe in God and have never and would never kid diddle. How the hell have I made it this long?
  10. It's narcissistic to be an Atheist? You're out of your ****ing mind.
  11. Love this show. Thought the second season was ****ing awesome.
  12. So tired of the term shaming in general but fat shaming seems to be the most hilarious. Instead of saying that person needs to drop a few hundred tons they're big boned. Sick of it. You're a fat ****ing degenerate get over it. I'm fat, I know this, I'm trying to lose weight. Too many excuses are made for people's short comings making it so they don't try to improve themselves.
  13. Mamma's brown gravy recipe?
  14. go on......
  15. So if priests were married they'd be less like to be pedophiles?
  16. sure and salisbury steak
  17. Sesame or orange beef at chinese places is basically chicken fried steak with sugar sauce.
  18. All three are a racket!
  19. And the best is people that make excuses for them. My favorite is that there are kid touchers everywhere not just the church. Great argument. However, there has never been such a concentrated amount of deranged lunatics as the church. Not being a kid touching piece of **** should be a requirement. It's all rigged, nothing will change.
  20. They definitely didn't let that happen again with Germany after WWII was over.
  21. Can you imagine the conversations these pieces of chit have with each other about the kids they bang? In PA they labeled the kids with certain types of cross necklaces on which were more susceptible to sucking their dicks. To me this is worse than murder.
  22. God I wish i had some spaghetti os right around now. I had a salad for lunch, yay....
  23. Dude i read a priest went to an 11 year old girl in the hospital to pray with her and her family and when the parents weren't around he raped her in her hospital bed. I'm not sure if this is the same one that made a kid get an abortion. Imagine how good it would feel to punch one of these pieces of chit in the face?
  24. One big kid toucher ring
  25. He's been here longer than a week