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  1. they know who wants a probe
  2. Stone Temple Pilots?
  3. I hear good things, no?
  4. Definitely search on amazon the following "not for cocaine"
  5. you done dmt?
  6. I'll stick to a glass or two of chianti
  7. I dunno shrooms of any amount tend to make me puke man.
  8. Hey, shove it up your ass, if you have time.
  9. yeah he is quite the test subject lol
  10. what do you consider a microdose?
  11. Hamilton's Pharmacopoeia is a cool drug show.
  12. damn dude you ripped his eye out and dragged him through the dirt. Heathen.
  13. Funny, I was too scared to try coke.
  14. much.....
  15. you know that doesn't happen much, yeah?
  16. When I was in college I took some acid and was about to get on an elevator. Right before the elevator comes my buddies and me are discussing how awkward the elevator is when you get on with a weirdo. Of course the door opens and some crazy looking harry potter-esque broad is there and I just bust out laughing to the point where I'm on the ground literally dying and my buddies had to pull me out of the elevator, but not before the girl screams at me that I'm going to die laughing.
  17. I wish I tried DMT. I like the idea behind it, trip your face off and be done in 10 minutes. The whole high for half a day thing is ehh.
  18. I watched some vid on youtube about microdosing shrooms. She was saying usually she microdoses .5 grams and sometimes a gram to a gram and a half. I was thinkin, **** I eat a gram and a half and I'm going to be ZOOTED.
  19. Phew.
  20. happy to help
  21. Suicide is for people that are impatient.
  22. Let's have a peace treaty over yellow rice and bluefish.
  23. it moved.
  24. I'd kill him again if given the chance.