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  1. I heard this dude on Rogan he is a beast
  3. Here's Kelly Clarkson
  4. better yet, who's highpitch?
  5. Rule #1 never listen to Terry.
  6. I see you found yourself a new bitch.
  7. Why is Billybob so triggered? Maybe there's something else going on in his life that's making him angry. We our here to help, lay it on us.
  8. Almost like a triggered snowflake.
  9. The alternative is that it was a party where they dressed up as nazis for a goof. Not sure how that is funny.
  10. 100% agree
  11. It's a bit much that he would need to resign from the board of trustees. This whole idea that nobody can apologize for anything or defend themselves is ridiculous.
  12. Like when you're waiting for your pu pu platter and you can't figure out which one of them is your waiter to get another beer.
  13. Has anyone seen my hubcaps?
  14. Yeah they look identical, I bet their cycles align too.
  15. pretty weird. I'll pay up to 30 bucks for a lure (maybe 40 a couple times eek) and I feel that's crazy expensive.
  16. my first cast I'd snap them off. w t f
  17. Just kids goofing around dressing up like nazis? That's weak. Where did they buy these snazzy outfits? It's weird AF, no way around that.
  18. weird
  19. How the heck is dressing up as a nazi for a party the same as playing a character in a movie, yall are nuts.
  20. I’d love a video of eebs on a treadmill desk.
  21. Move your fat ass every once in a while. What Jase said.
  22. Cool. Too bad there aren’t more game based places around. Used to be a lot more pool halls, bowling alleys, skate rinks and arcades.
  23. See, you're a good doctor (alleg), and that's why you never had to eat the cock-meat sandwich.
  24. Why the hell woudl you use bacon for slime darts?