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  1. squash makes a decent shepards pie as well. Curry goes well with that. As far as squash latkes, I dunno man, my mom did use sweet potatoes for latkes with good results.
  2. Laser show brah.
  3. I meant I did them a few times after that lol.
  4. One time I smoked shrooms and banged a girl, that was soooo weird. I had a bad trip on my 19th birthday, vomiting like crazy, convulsions and at the height of the peak an outerbody experience. Only a complete idiot would try them again after that
  5. just remember, to the left please.
  6. I feel like there's a story here.
  7. Maybe I haven't tripped in a long time but these new powerful edibles seem awful similar to shrooms minus the hallucinations.
  8. They want you to constantly apologize for what a piece of **** you are.
  9. Damn I need to get me a rich broad.
  10. The calendar doesn't include raping any broads. The glove doesn't fit!
  11. Exactly. Like that old saying of, it's not the size that matters, who the **** cares if the woman likes it?
  12. Wrong order.
  13. Last time I went to NYC I went over some bridge where the toll was like 25 or 30 bucks and I was 5 bucks short. Who carries cash? So they had to write me some sort of invoice that took about a half hour to write up and those lovely new yorkers were extremely patient waiting for me to get through.
  14. What if psychedelics helps you get a glimpse into the fourth dimension? Yeah maaaaan
  15. Yeah man I saw one off hardings last year too
  16. Saw a big dorsal fin off sandy Neck about 100 yards from shore yesterday.
  17. they know who wants a probe
  18. Stone Temple Pilots?
  19. I hear good things, no?
  20. Definitely search on amazon the following "not for cocaine"
  21. you done dmt?
  22. I'll stick to a glass or two of chianti
  23. I dunno shrooms of any amount tend to make me puke man.
  24. Hey, shove it up your ass, if you have time.