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  1. No idea never got into that show
  2. I think you sell half and let it ride and then buy back at dips. But I’m always all or nothing can’t take my own advice.
  3. Story of my life
  4. Dude this is what I want to do but haven’t really figured out pancake swap, though I haven’t put much effort in. You going to swap? I made a couple grand on baby shark and then lost it lol.
  5. Cliff notes?
  6. Damn son!!! Locky is like hey I caught a big one and you’re all hold my beer.
  7. We meet on thursdays
  8. Do it before the delta variant kicks in during the fall and all the work from homers are buying out all the dogs. Took a while for us to find the new dog.
  9. My dog who's 15 had a stroke on monday. Was pretty convinced that I would be putting him down. He couldn't close his eyes, couldn't walk, couldn't hold his head up (drooping to the left) and the vet said in 3-5 days we would know. Five days later and the little dude is looking a lot better. Hopefully he continues to improve. He's a 30 lb dog so 15 years old is awesome but was hoping to get a few more years out of him. When he does die it would be more convenient if I could just find him dead one day instead of having to watch him suffer so much. We shall see. I'm trying to be sensitive to my gf who's crying multiple times a day but it's getting trying. Been a rough week but hopefully we are out of the woods.
  10. Sweet fish locky
  11. Looked like a key chain
  12. In another topic dried peppers were mentioned briefly was wondering if we could expand a bit more on them. I have never use them but use fresh, raw and powdered plenty. What applications would dried shine the most? What types?
  13. New yawk
  14. God I need to move
  15. One out of two ain’t bad
  16. I’d love to disappoint all these women
  17. Jew comments noted @Any Luck Buddy you just made the list! My phone randomly texted you the other day when I was fishing some gobilyguck a couple weeks ago. A map of providence or something. There’s a ghost in the machine.
  18. We went to go see my gfs sister in law who is our vet yesterday and my guy was running around her yard. Hopefully the upswing will continue.
  19. Ya he had some really bad seizures when he was 8. Maybe I shoulda killed him then. He recovered from that hope he does from this too. He doesn’t have n ear infection.
  20. That’s good to hear!
  21. 6 lbs of chicken breast on the smoker all for my dude
  22. what?
  23. It doesn’t miss, stay in Jersey or guyland, BRO!
  24. My brother made and lost a decent amount on it. I told him to sell but did he listen
  25. You just bought it for the articles.