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  1. Destiny had me for a little while. I started playing this game Ghost Sniper 3 which is an unbelievably good game but it freezes and errors so much it makes it unplayable. Sucks! Just ran through the free game of the month Elite Sniper 4 which was enjoyable. Got Elite Sniper 3 coming to me. I go in and out of video game addiction. There really is no difference to playing video games and watching TV IMO.
  2. Video games are great ya'll are crazy. It's pretty funny the people that are constantly taking notes on who's a man or who's a loser based a certain criteria of items. They are probably deep down a beta **** who identifies as a watermelon. Ambition you play Tom Clancy Wildlands. What a ****ing rabbit hole that game is.
  3. I tried it once. Took two bites and in the trash it went.
  4. someone should probably ask him
  5. did he bleed or ice it?
  6. Is there ever a time when cock isn't on your mind?
  7. Dog dick poppers?
  8. I meant the ribs not the stems - typo.
  9. Made jalepeno poppers last night, came out pretty damn good. Fried them in olive oil since that was the only oil I had around, shocked I didn't smoke the crap out of it had the oil at like 325-345. Next time I'll leave in a bit more stem/seeds as they were not spicy at all.
  10. **** is your avatar really you? Fredo is that you or is it Frodo?
  11. Xanax is my favorite strain of weed
  12. Cbd helps me sleep I guess. But sometimes I’ll feel groggy in the AM. 1:1 cbd weed helps anxiety. Straight up cbd doesn’t seem that great for me. Thc can sometimes make me paranoid or anxious but if it has cbd in it then I feel ****ing fantastic.
  13. I hate you.............. BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!