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  1. They pay us to view it?
  2. Damn dude! Stay safe out there bro s*ly
  3. No he doesn’t drink cold brew
  4. It will be interesting to see the covid numbers after all these “protests”. How can it be legal to protest on a highway? I live on the edge of Boston, lots of sirens still going at midnight. Have we we discussed how the cop that killed Floyd knew him since they both worked at the same night club. Perhaps it was premeditated.
  5. Tomorrow is the Mass invasion of RI enjoy
  6. He gone be leaking
  7. Stop the truck!!!
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia or China had a hand In this. You know they’re sitting overs there licking their lips at the chaos. These rioters are pieces of chit.
  9. At least with a mask they don’t smell as bad
  10. There goes flattening the curve
  11. Can they wait until after covid to protest and loot not cool
  12. Flame throwers!!!
  13. Why am I turned on by that pic?
  14. They bring milk to these protests. I’m going fishing tomorrow, not going through the hood to get to the highway or methadone mile!! End of times is coming
  15. What I don’t get is the cops got arrested that’s not enough?