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  1. No! I was originally adamfishes but then I lost my password and reregistered as Reed422. Then I wanted to change it back to adamfishes which started the change it back movement.
  2. WT F I Do?
  3. vomit
  4. I know, I regret not getting into it sooner. It's so addicting. My girl is asking me why I'm not playing rd2 since she bought it for me. I said to her I told you not to buy this game for me. I'd rather you give me $50. RD2 is great don't get me wrong, just so many amazing games for peanuts.
  5. It really is too bad we didn't split off into two countries after the civil war.
  6. How can anyone say one way or another that video doesn't tell the full story. The guy could have just walked away.
  7. Directly injected from the source!
  8. She just had dental work done yesterday I'm thinking my chances are pretty low.
  9. How can I spin this to my girl into some pitty bloagies.
  10. mgh. Yeah he is my pcp as well and I've wanted to get rid of him since day 1 but am lazy.
  11. No he isn't reassuring, he's flat out saying don't get the test done. I was like what the f does the PCP know about that **** - nothing. Yes MRI with dye.
  12. The latest is that the third opinion doc looked at the scan and said he doesn't like something on it and wants my brother to get re-scanned. He sent this info to his primary care doc who told him he was being nuts and that he doesn't have a tumor. I thought that was a bit messed up of the PC to say. Getting two conflicting opinions and wanting a third seems normal to me. Hopefully the third gives him a clear bill of health.
  13. Strip steak would probably make a good burger, that pulled pork loin on the other hand ehh. Mike why are you eating canned peas in that delicious looking italian dish you have thurr. Frozen are way better.
  14. Damn best wishes
  15. Fish heads and kim chi is not a good combo apparently lol