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  1. Almost a nipslip. How she looking? Got a pic from the rear?
  2. Another comedian, you just made the list!
  3. I just ate dinner and could kill all that damn looks good and juicy
  4. Bro you didn’t get the dodad I told you to get. smoked a pork chop on my kamado. Juicy! Also figured out the rack from my wsm fits perfectly on the lower level of my kamado. Juice city yall.
  5. Man I take two steps forward and three back. I got to get my act under control.
  6. I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly, I am!
  7. Go piss up a rope and if time permits chiit in your hat
  8. I get all the wood for free and enjoy building the fire. It’s fun, maybe it isn’t for you or the eclair filled mayor but I like it.
  9. That’s how you know the edibles are working
  10. Life is good! The fingers were marinated in Italian seasoning just an easy healthy dinner. When I took them off I hit them with parm and sriracha so freakin good. That cooker makes food so damn juicy.
  11. Ya the news cashed in for sho. If it sneezes it leads, as they say.
  12. Hybrid or remote work is pretty awesome
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