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  1. How’s everyone liking the sweater a year later?
  2. I need tacos!!!!
  3. Damn nice fish Jase. I need to find some better fish they seem to be getting smaller. Legit caught some 10 inches. Should have put a hook in it and sent it back out. But I’m not a poacher like Jase or Wire.
  4. Since it’s water logged? I’d rather better action the distance is great already
  5. How time consuming of a process is resealing a plug? It seems like the guppy’s that I’ve been using of late aren’t sealed that well. After ten fish or so it starts to sink. To be fair I’m fishing rocks so it does get banged around.
  6. Hit a spot today that I used to fish when I first started fishing with lures like 8 years ago. Back then I never caught a damn thing today I managed about 15 on a spook, mag darter and pencil. Progress is good! Nothing decent just a couple inches short of keeper
  7. Definitely different. I never drink hard alcohol because of this, only beer and wine.
  8. He will be back in a minute he just went to go fish for cats
  9. those aren't my pix I just grabbed them off google.
  10. I threw up a little in my mouth. Come on by.
  11. That sounds terrible. there's such diverse places to fish in New England, come on by, vote no on Jersey.
  12. Is it usually busy? It's pretty easy to find solitude here.
  13. Who do you think gave the grill AIDS
  14. 10-15 limits in most states......