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  1. My girl and her family use the same phrases with the same inflection and most I find obnoxious.
  2. SUP

    This just got weird, I like it.
  3. SUP

    Have you yakked it much? What kind of yak? I've been down it many times.
  4. SUP

    I'm not going out front looking for blues. Though that's a good question I would plan on using a 9" doc. Eh I have a net.
  5. Those aren't all mine. Those are what he had in stock. I paid full price I didn't haggle, I'm not a total dick. I got 2 canal style and 4 regular.
  6. My dad had a 74 white with a black top and red leather interior. It was loud AF and pretty fast.
  7. Here's a chubby feller from last spring Second one shows the canal style. That's like half a canal style some pencils not his are totally flat in the front. The other two pix are the ones he sent me.
  8. Red reminds me of that lady from something about mary.
  9. has a flat bottom in the front some flatter than others.
  10. Cool I'd rather give a guy like him money than some of the other bigger companies, plus his lures work great.
  11. People in the service industry say, "you're fine." I don't like that
  12. SUP

    You got a yak? Lets go.
  13. SUP

    They make a 12'8" version don't see a capacity on it but I'm sure he could tag along.
  14. SUP

    30lbs. I understand your point but by that math all SUP wouldn't work.
  15. SUP

    It's 38" wide