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  1. Hey Sea, I have 06 gmc ex/cab with a lance 915 on back , same tires and ive been running 25lbs in rear and 18lbs in problem s so far on IBSP,.they may look a little low/flat but ride well and ok going to air-up station. good luck . Pete
  2. sorry I couldnt resist gonna try ibsp after storm
  3. hey our last gov got into an accident as well,but he was only rear ended lol
  4. I remember back in the late 60s or early 70s, the state stocked some steelhead below the dam .never caught on.Last time I fished it was in a canoe sneaking in from the college side.lots of big carp inthe shallow upper areas in summer and below the dam, herring in the spring, between the blocks...long time ago
  5. its to early to put the truck away, isnt it? where are all the 20#ers we should be seeing, too many rats going to try ibsp mon working this weekend , tight lines to all
  6. Hello all !!,Ive been driving a s-10 on IBSP for the last 10 years and im hoping ... this year to upgrade to a full size p/u and camper ...any suggestions or ideas on type of truck/camper and driving suggestions(i dont think ill still be chasing up and down the beach as much) air pressure etc. thanx