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  1. hello all, does anyone know if the state is considering the launching of yaks ocean side @ IBSP? I saw this mentioned few months ago. thanks pete
  2. very nice is that the catt?
  3. hello all, the montauk thread got me thinking.....never been there...any recomendations on campsites? i saw hither hills state park on web.i have a pick-up camper set up 4wd loks like alot of permits ....any advice apprieciated pete
  4. thanks all, I tried going from front ,but i need to stand on the hood ... ill just say they dont make gmc s like they used to! im in the process of making a roller system (2 pipes) and some blocks ill l post pics if it works Pete
  5. Hello all!tried loading hobie outback on camper roof luck needed help from wifey, camper is about 10 ft hi. tried leaning yak against roof rack and pulling it up just not strong enuf 52 years of abuse lol when i managed to get wifey to help with a little push i was able to pull it the rest of the way onto the rack and slide it into position. i was wondering if anyone has tried some type of pulley system to assist in loading single handed thanks in advance Pete
  6. Im in, very nice of you!
  7. first year i used a tarp ,then spent $200 on adco cover . i think its much better, easy access and breathable . i would recommend one or something like it. Pete
  8. i found some aluminum angle online @around $2/ft not bad, gonna give it a shot thanks for the ideas , Pete
  9. NICE!! where can i purchase aluminun angle in central (jackson) nj area? ive tried home depot and lowes thanks Pete
  10. thanks everyone for all the ideas and info ! ill let you know how i make out and when im coming up fish on ! Pete
  11. Hello all, hoping to make it up to the cape for the 1st time this summer(before i get any ideas or suggestions on places to stay that have access to fishing nearby. ive been on the web and i just cant get a good feel from mapqest desciptions. thanks Pete