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  1. Can pick anything up with a sand / blood worm day or night if there's fish around. Great for fishing for anything with the kids.
  2. Are they startling to move yet? Way things are warming up in the ponds If they're not,,, should be soon? I have got to get me some!!! LOL
  3. Having had more than one of each,, given same condition for each vehicle,,, I'd take the XJ. The older XJ's had way fewer electrical do-dads and for me electrical and salt water spells trouble. All 3 of my Grands were decommissioned due to wild ($$$$$) electrical issues. XJ's are beautifully spartan. If I could buy a brand new XJ I'd do it in a New York minute. Now if you're liking good stereo, heated seats, creature comforts, and $200. keys,, the Grand Cherokee may be for you. But I'd take the V8 over the V6 too. Plus,, XJ's make better toys. LOL But watch for rust everywhere you can't see. Presently have a Commander. Sumptin different this time around.
  4. pictures! LOL good luck with it. Don't be scared of high mile now days. Everything is different these days. 250-350K miles are far from unheard of. (remembering when 85K was a car ready for junking). EDIT- As per Seafoam,, 1/2 can in the crankcase 3-500 mile before oil change and the other in the 1/2 tank of gas works pretty well without over doing from my experience. (just sayin)
  5. No ethanol? I don't believe it's an option in R.I. unless you decide to burn aviation fuel. Think you'll love the Hemi. The Hemi rigs are a little more beefier than the others too. Gas crunch and yuppiedom embracing "small is better" crap. Got the Commander dropped in favor of the Patriot.
  6. I've a '06 Commander with the small V-8 and love it. Plugs & stalling,, definitely. Also the ignition would shut off if bumped with the knee, thus the reason for the recall. New switch needs to be pushed in to turn. Just installed a 2 1/2 lift for the beach as where I go it can get rutty at times. It's very definitely a Chrysler product and not an old AMC / Jeep rig. Having just installed the lift, beach has been limited but from what I've seen it's as good as my old Cherokees of 1990 - 2002 vintage. space is a little better in the front for bigger folks. I like it. HOWEVER,,, It's not nearly as backyard / shade-tree mechanic friendly as old. Only made them for like 6 or so years therefore aftermarket anything is hard to find IF available. AND it loves to drink! But I hear a lot of that is the tune. Some folks know folks that love to dicker with the automotive computers and I hear tell that These have a truck tune in the computer system. If you can find someone to put a Challenger tune in it they supposedly do way better in the HP? Torque & gas dept at a little higher RPM. That part I don't know about first hand, but want to find out.. Mine is more of a toy and not really counted on as a family-mobile. That Hemi would be like a Patriot on steroids. Folk that have them love them. there is a Jeep Commander forum site you should be able to fins in a simple search. I'm not sure I posting other informative sites are allowed here so I'll refrain.
  7. What they said. Dinks don't count. Time to think cod from the beach. (Don't hurt to think does it?)
  8. When they get that big they don't generally recover so good after a battle. Like a old man,, they just don't bounce back like a youngun. I remember (and miss) the old "sow bellies" of the 60's & 70's. Don't see them much anymore. Seems no matter how big they get they still have the "racer / torpedo" profile in comparison... least from what I've come across the last 20+ yrs. or so. IMO,, It's certainly "Braggin Sized" for this day & age. I commend him for passing it off to a "kitchen". Many are Retirement homes or VA's where the folks just can't get out anymore. Brings them back some good memories and well deserved. I've worked in such places. Kudos to the man,, well done.
  9. He IS using both arms. Wonder if it was a surf fish.. or boat?
  10. Hark! I believe I hear "the fat lady singing". Not the best fish catchin year,, but nice anyways. ... Think I'll re-string my tilts this weekend.
  11. Why does a truck need a 10 speed tranny?
  12. Ted,, Times certainly have changed. Lot more folks on the road / beach now days and I swear thetre's not a lick of common sense in most. Modern (safety) diapers are well called for indeed. Brian,, The Wife's GMC has all the bells and whistles. Rear camera is a nice size in the dash and all. BUT... IF that camera ever goes out there is no turning to see what's there. All blind looking rearward. Plenty of mirror. Trailer experience got me used to driving with them. However, the wife,,, not so much. She's lost with out the camera (actually I'm not all that comfortable with her when she backs camera or no cameras. Scares the By-Jesus outta me!).
  13. Very high quality, very fine particle air filter I believe would be wise at the least. Maybe even a Off-Road After market like the oversized double? Folks that work their rigs out west in the sand storms would know. Maybe google "Ford Truck - Forums" and see what pops up. Perhaps this will point you in a helpful direction? https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/forum279/
  14. Looked at them when I was looking for new. Kind of short on ground clearance,, but a 2" budget lift is cheap enough. Then some tire for the 18" rims.... 2.4L straight 4 cyl. @ 180 hp... (Wish it had the V-6 and less complicated / beefier tranny myself) Had Jeep dealer issues before about the warrantee after suspension modifications. Figured I'd be better served going used with a sacrificial lamb,, and have it my way. Look it over real good. REALLY good. Tons of electrical wizardry on these newer pieces and you know salt water and electrical connections don't play that well together. They're on the "economical" end of the price spectrum for a reason. Look closely. I feel Chrysler has riddled them as dealer ($$$) income generators. Jeeps are not the farm / woods / work Utility vehicle of old school anymore. That went out with their plastic bumpers on Wranglers IMHO. Love (older) Jeeps,, but have you looked at Toyota lately? Just my opinion. On the beach,, I want as much dependability as I can muster. Hate walking.
  15. They were here for only a short time (hold-overs) after the state stopped seeding. Best of my knowledge one can only get them with glass and dip net. While we used to run up to 6 dredges in the RI ponds. No more. There are a few sacred spots where one may get a meal or two a year,, but they are scarce and very carefully kept secret. I've one spot I'll hit once a year in early October after a good rain. Generally it's good for a couple pounds at best... and takes most of the day looking.