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    I like to surf fish, no bait. bait stinks.
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    Surf fishing, Lifting weights
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  1. Steve would take the top one for the bottom if you like?
  2. It looks like it by Pure Fishings site. Patrick Sebile is with Band of Anglers selling new different plugs. Not sure that it’s me just not paying attention or I’m looking in the wrong place but to me Pure Fishing sucks with their transparency and lack of what the heck is going on with their products.
  3. Here are a couple. New, no package.
  4. Think I also may have a couple I can post for your consideration this evening.
  5. Hi Steve. Curious. Is this what you are looking for, is used. 7+ inches, ~1.6 oz
  6. Yes, Since I sold the Hahn, its going to Morningwood who said would take it if splitting.
  7. Great. PM on the way
  8. Great, pm on the way
  9. $17 shipped? $17 shipped?
  10. Used Darter Lot, Trickster and Gibbs and LI FishinVT , 2 darters, $33 Shipped Used Hahn and BT Troller $50 Shipped
  11. Nope
  12. I will take lot 1
  13. This started in November seeing them littered over the beach. Anyone think this is weird them dying like this? I saw like 1 every 6 feet for over a mile of beach. Still crazy amounts of them alive. Been hearing about them being found dead over and over. Anyone ever seen this before?
  14. $30 shipped for the pair
  15. Pappys Pride and or Salty ?