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  1. 1 hour ago, surfdaddy said:

    I would be interested in what you have. 

    The 3 below, one is new, other two carried…maybe thrown.

    out of the 5: 
    I would do any 3 for 45 shipped

    for 4 60 shipped. 
    for the 5 70 shipped. 


  2. 5 hours ago, surfdaddy said:

    Interested in the 2 mag darters if you're willing to split. Also what's your location? I'm on Long Island. Figure if you're local we could save on the shipping. 

    North Jersey. 
    I have a few other magdarters if interested or just these two?

  3. 34 mins ago, Snaps said:

    Last time i fished the beach  was 2010/2011 This season  decided to get back to it, some of the things I realized I  missed most  was meeting folks and enjoying being outside.

     This morning a father and son approached me asking me about gear etc, they are new to it. 

    LOL Showing them about casting loading the rod etc ,not paying attention to my braid wrapped around the rotor, and snap, new plug goes to the outer limits. 

    Is that something you do often? Looking at your SOL name…..

    Great you are helping them.

  4. 14 mins ago, Bomberman86 said:

    Hmmm...This picture looks ALOT(and by alot, I mean identical) like a picture from 2012....look it up. It's Ben Smith's record catch in Delaware. Any explanation for this? 

    It’s the jersey reports thread , so as long as the area is unrecognizable it’s fine.