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  1. Ok If you change your mind, offer stands.
  2. 40 for the top shipped?
  3. Not right now. I will list for 60. If doesn’t sell can come back to this.
  4. I have this 3.8 oz if you are interested. would be 60 shipped. New
  5. Bag is worn some, flaps cut. 150 pick/meet up 165 shipped
  6. Goo Goo Man, used. 2.5 oz. $70 shipped for the pair.
  7. Trickster 2 oz, new And a couple Mag Darters. 6.5” 60 Shipped
  8. 60 shipped for the lot some thrown.
  9. Thanks pm sent
  10. Trickster is new , 35 shipped. would add the two below it, thrown. 75 shipped for the 3.
  11. Thanks pm on the way
  12. 35 shipped. Say used condition.
  13. The 3 below, one is new, other two carried…maybe thrown. out of the 5: I would do any 3 for 45 shipped for 4 60 shipped. for the 5 70 shipped.
  14. North Jersey. I have a few other magdarters if interested or just these two?
  15. 50 Shipped for the 3. Top thrown. Others look new.
  16. 40 shipped for the Minnie’s?
  17. I’ll take the afterhours for the asking.
  18. Is that something you do often? Looking at your SOL name….. Great you are helping them.
  19. I know. It’s ridiculous. What a clown he is. Nice catch ( recognizing the pic). I was being sarcastic.
  20. It’s the jersey reports thread , so as long as the area is unrecognizable it’s fine.
  21. I bought this on an auction here on SOL a while back, (long time). It has the sand in it, so makes noise when you shake it. It catches a few bass every year. I knew who made it and forgot (getting to old). D-mag?
  22. I think you told me that 3 or 4 years ago. Was from the lot we split.
  23. Tricksters 1.85 and 2 oz unrigged.