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    I like to surf fish, no bait. bait stinks.
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    Surf fishing, Lifting weights
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  1. I’m not familiar with that Thule racket set. I bolted the Racarod directly on my crossbars. So The Racarod was level the one side against the cross bar, the other was in the air. I inserted the shims so the side that was in the air was now supported by the shims (the shims are only under the side that was in the air). Then tightened the bolt/nut and made sure the shims were solidly in place. Being a hack, it worked out great (I got lucky).
  2. Hi I forget where I purchased the Shim stock. I googled metal slotted shim and this stuff popped up and its what I used. Grainger sells it, Amazon has some. Hope this helps (I'm a hack, but it worked, took the pics today) The part with the rod seats needed two different shims, the rod hold down part just needed one shim.
  3. Sold, thanks
  4. CCW (2) FJ Swimmers and Mini Darter. FJs maybe carried, the darter fished and has some wear. Paypal, $40 shipped
  5. Ok Pm on way
  6. Sorry, no way I’m shipping. Great price on rod, just want to get to someone local.
  7. Going to reopen Need to meet on the Wayne/Fairfield area.
  8. Will PM No, not that direction
  9. I have a Loomis IMX 1024-2S SUR that I have not used in 3+ years. I changed the front grip and have glued the 2 halves together (slight bit of epoxy so they never twist again ). Great shape, awesome light rod. $120, not shipping. I would not throw to much more than 2 oz with it. Meet up in Wayne/Fairfield NJ area, see it before purchase. Great light rod, I just have no need for it now.
  10. OK, PM o way OK, PM on way
  11. CCWs Mini Darter and two paddlers. Carried, excellent condition. $42 Shipped PayPal
  12. PM on way. Thanks
  13. CCW, two Paddlers and an FJ Swimmer $35 shipped PayPal, carried, not fished.
  14. I will take the afterhour pencils (2) and 3 Blue over white 1 oz gibbs bottles (if available)
  15. New, but no packaging or paper work. Black. This is the one without the heart rate. $35 shipped