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  1. Hmmm. Thinking it’s about time you reached out for help with your snapper fishing. Have you inquired about snapper fishing guides? Maybe you know a Snapper Popper Pro Staffer?
  2. Besides people catching with bugs another good thing happens.
  3. Good point…..I can clarify. Well for those that make a large amount of casts I find the Evolution is extremely easy on the shoulder. Went into the season with a rotator cuff tear and with a substantial amount of casts the shoulder is no worse for the wear…. So far. And have banged the rod around a lot over a few years. Certainly not fragile. I have not really had any rod blow up on me while “high sticking” a fish…….maybe some day…..
  4. Beat the daylight out of my Evolution and have fished and liked the Frontiers and Genesis. I prefer the ODM line vs Lami. I have a slingshot that’s like a broomstick. Best thing would be for you to try the rods. Everyone has their own opinions and many are 100% opposite.
  5. Ditto. Glad that Tim banned him for good.
  6. Yes, that works
  7. 8 and 10 for 170 shipped?
  8. PP sent, thanks All is good, first step to recovery is recognizing there is a problem, and I have known that for years.
  9. 18 and 19
  10. I have the 10’ Evolution and fish it all the time now and fished the vapor trail for a few years, 1-3 oz. I would give the Evolution another 1/2 -1 oz easy over the VT. Both crazy light. Evolution more power in hook setting.
  11. Pm sent thanks
  12. Not sure on top one, second is a Blond Terror, then two Saltys. $55 Shipped
  13. Not a ton of experience with them. Their surfster casts very good for a metal lip and the MagNeat does help in the line/hook tangle. Doesn’t eliminate it, but so far has certainly reduced tangles.
  14. Three white lines on rod 30”, 40” and 50” I use white nail polish to make the “rings” on the rod.