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    I like to surf fish, no bait. bait stinks.
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    Surf fishing, Lifting weights
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  1. 50 Shipped for the 4 darters. PayPal FF
  2. I have been fishing the 10’ Evolution for 4 years. I notice zero difference and throw 1/2 oz-4. Him throwing that out there that ODM rods action changes noticeably over the years is irresponsible.
  3. It’s a direct criticism on his ODM competitor. Pretty serious statement he made. I can tell you that the ODM will not be the same rod down the road a bit. The materials will fatigue and the rod will continue to get sloppier. I have not noticed this with ODM rods and had never heard it from anyone. See if someone can post that they experienced it. Wish his Sling Shot would get sloppier as time passed…..
  4. I have fished the Evolution for 4 years now and can’t tell the difference. Would like to hear someone who has experienced these rod’s performance change over the years.
  5. I don't think enough said, you basically threw the hammer down on ODM. Pretty serious statement coming from a direct competitor.
  6. 2020 Outback, great on sand out on LI. Soft, ruts, no issues.
  7. Probably one of the top 10 songs I have listened to the most in me life. Great rendition.
  8. My experience with Saltwaters is they have always done there best for a customer. If waiting for a part from Pure Fishing, that’s a different story, they suck.
  9. Me also. Most have zero respect for others. Reckless and $hit for brains.
  10. Camera. Same size. I like these on sides of rock piles. They hold great in the current.
  11. Please stop going off topic in the reports forum. The responsible people are: Commercial boats Charter boats Party boats The for hire group! Tom Fote Boat fisherman Poachers JCAA Irresponsible bycatch Recreational Fishing Alliance And about another 10-20 groups that are a lot more responsible for this Striper mess than the guys and gals and the guy with the woman’s undies who post on subject in the reports form. No pics, no fishing in summer???? Come on. Post your opinions somewhere else, not the reports thread.
  12. Caught a few “crazier” fish in Jersey. This was certainly a surprise at Jones Beach August 2018.
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