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  1. Yes, you have first shot at the other colors as far a I am concerned, if anything is left I can take a look. I’m good with anything here, lol.
  2. Yes, that would work fine. Will look them over tomorrow evening Thanks
  3. I will take these two and possibly other colors.
  4. I'm kind of in the wrong thread.....interested in the other two and possibly the other colors. Can you post over there what they are?
  5. OK, Do you have other colors?
  6. How about 100 for the 4 shipped? This and the other thread.
  7. I’ll take these
  8. My condolences, sorry for your loss.
  9. Been using the 20 lb grand last year and this year. No issues and rather satisfied with it. Mostly sand beaches. Plugs from 1/2 oz to 4.5 oz. mostly under 2 oz. It’s held up as well to when I used the 832 and as far as wind knots, hardly ever. So far I am good with it, cut off ~3 feet after every outing like I have with all braids.
  10. I preferred an 11 foot rod for years. As I am getting older, 10’ is my go to. I have a 11’ for big surf. But a real light 10 foot rod for plugging 1/2 oz to 4 oz is what I reach for almost always.
  11. Very sorry to hear, prayers for him and his family.
  12. Darn
  13. I’m locking up. Got off subject.
  14. I thought it needed to be done at that time. And like was mentioned, earlier and more countries. Where do you get everyone didn’t want to close the borders at that time?
  15. Oh the travel ban.....the one he has bragged about hundreds of times. The racist has been trying to put travel bands in place since day one. Get the nurses and doctors protective gear now!!! Now. Take over companies, as many as needed get the nurses and doctors what they need now. Every day he wastes costs lives. American lives. I’m done.