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    I like to surf fish, no bait. bait stinks.
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    Surf fishing, Lifting weights
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  1. Price drop,will ship for $30
  2. PM Sent, thanks
  3. $22 Shipped Pay Pal, some used,some not. Swarter, Bomber, Red Fin
  4. $37 $30 Shipped Paypal New, 4 jars Straight Split Short Tails 2” 1/2" x 1/2” in Size.
  5. Am I missing something? Who was he supposed to get the dossier to? it was late last night, but I think I saw trump complaining that he handed over to the FBI?
  6. I would like to see a 36" limit, 1 bass per person on the complete coast. Protect the prespawn bass with all C and R in the Raritan and Delaware Bay (I don't know enough about the Chesapeake). All bait fishing must be with circle hooks. Snag, reel in, attach to circle hook and then fish. No commercial fishing. To many bass have been killed the last few years, not a lot of bass around, especially larger ones. Whatever is left is hunted down and slaughtered. Oh, and Tom Fote removed from the ASMFC some how
  7. Thanks guys!! Insurance , will do..
  8. Are ferrule wraps necessary? Found a thread from 2012, consensus was YES! Anything change? Would the main reason be to protect that area from damage or is that an area that requires reinforcement?
  9. PM on way
  10. Used Darby Creek, very good condition, pointer or two. $25 Shipped.
  11. PM on way Close...
  12. Few books and the 4 DVD set. $30 shipped
  13. I will take Lot #6
  14. I had a few typos above. It’s Tom Fote. I want to make sure he gets full credit for the harm he has done to The Striped Bass population. That he has purposely ignored the data and fought for keeping the Striped Bass allowable kill rate as high as possible for the for hire industry (charter and party boats).