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  1. Nice 1. that's the news right there fellas. Decentt weak fish bite going on in the back. they've been keyed in on the peanut bunker. good fun while this blow is going on. schoolie stripes at sun up or sundown. bigger weakies sundown for me. BTW, better success lately on the falling tide , close to dead low. Was I the only English speaker out there? tight lines.
  2. I like the NJ area myself too. its close , its a challenge, and the variety of fish is nice. Fished Delaware , OCMD, NC, and FL the past 2 years, and caught more in NJ by far. Florida is a mecca, and they are spoiled. I definitely out fished folks down there, I figured it was cutting my teeth on harder fishing up here. we have to capitalize on every strike or we get the skunk most days. Idk, perhaps it was just the group I was with. Second would be OCMD / Assateague Island, for me, probably because I know a few spots there and enjoy the bay and beach there.
  3. Fished Raritan Bay Shore yesterday, 15 knot winds out of the NE sucked. Tons of eel grass, stained to muddy water. Used swim shads white, green, hopkins, poppers, sp minnows, 1/2 , 1/4, 2 oz buck-tails, and most of the bag. the 5" mullet were in thick to the rocks, busting occasionally from snapper blues, weakfish below. Connected on the weakies and blues with fresh mullet. The bait had to be tail hooked, or you wouldn't get tight. Lots of half eaten mullet was frustraing at times. The fish are really keyed in on the bait. Weakies 14-15" , blues were smaller this time 1- 2lb. All fish released with a stern look and a good talking too. No fluke were caught this time. No stripes were caught or seen caught, fished 1 hour after sun up until we couldn't take the honking wind anymore around 2 pm. water was cleaning up with the ebb tide and fishing improved with the cleaner water. We moved to a less windy location for sanity, and fished a channel behind some bushes, nailed a few more snappers and high tailed it to the bar stool to lick our wounds and reflect on the outing.
  4. Fished out Back 9/17, 9/20. Last of outgoing afternoon, both days. same story. peanuts , peanuts, peanuts. Caught , blues, fluke, 1 croaker. Fished metals like last week, none touched it. the fish are very keyed on the bunker, you need to snag and drop the bunker to get hits. or buy/use the dead ones , hooked in the tail smaller hooks for the snappers was the ticket. best fish was 1 keeper fluke 19" , 09/17. keeper was on live snagged bunker dropped at edge of the bait pod. All fish released, with absolutely no sand on their precious little fins, kind reassuring words and a prayer were spoken. mullet were in the wash, and on rocks. Stripers were talked about early , sun up bite was the rumor.......wind kicked up, I hit the pub for a cold one. cheers, tight lines fellas.
  5. Yeh, I didn't do any shad fishing this year, the conditions and time off didn't align unfortunately. looks like they got tons of shad in the nets, so a good sign for the mighty Del. R. thought you guys would enjoy that one.
  6. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission gather on the banks of the Phillispburg side of the Delaware River to gauge the species' health of American Shad on Sept. 9, 2019.
  7. Wow, very sad. Being and older jetty rat myself. I will definitively be more careful this fall after reading that.
  8. The Lehigh R. hold tons of small mouth bass, large mouth bass, pickerel, catfish, use larger shiners in late summer, they are very aggressive. If you are in Bethlehem , there are spots from the canal side you can crawl down too the river across from the steel stacks. look for some moving water with drop offs, any creek crossings and drainage holes will hold fish. down river from the water treatment plant is decent. the boating area farther downstream holds fish, but gets hit pretty hard. look for weed beds, and sunken logs. if you get bit, there is more than one bass there. keep hitting the spot. the bite is an early one, before 10 am for best results. hope this helps a little.
  9. Waited for the last high tide of the day to hit the beautiful backside of the MoCo fishing grounds. light offshore breeze, water was clean and clear. I wasn't disappointed, blues, weak fish, small fluke. the deadly dick was the hot hand I thought. Tossed: buck tales 1 , 2 oz., dark/green, white swim shads, nada. I had some swim shads left over from last year, and wouldn't mind a few tails chomped. But the snapper blues wanted bait or clean metal. The bait guys did ok. The ones using peanuts did better than spearing I thought. Like most here, I was fishing for the bigger prey that hadn't shown just yet. The highlight was at the last light of the day, the snapper bite was calming down, and the day shift was leaving and the seeder element of the night time fish-o-buckets was approaching. By then, I tossed just about everything in my bag. To my surprise the 2 weak fish in the 16" size hit a white gotcha plug. I tried fast retrieve and slow. But the very slow retrieve, a few little jerks here and there caught. Some folks around me didn't even know what kind of fish I caught, kept telling me it was a blue fish. I took the time, and showed them the difference. I had to leart dem kids. It Was really nice to catch those, I have not seen weak fish around in a few years, and they were good size.
  10. Nice job sir. Nothing better than fresh fish.
  11. 30# big game mono, with #50 leader. 12' penn prevail rod , penn reel. used it from NJ to Florida. over 8 oz. of weight and I start to question my sanity. good luck, tight lines.
  12. Incoming was better than outgoing for me.
  13. Thursday......Stripes still around..... stay clear of the boat traffic times of day.....2" white gulps caught small flounder out back. incoming into slack tide. look for clean water. tight lines ....
  14. Cleaned up the post for ya. Did hit pm high and pm low yesterday, at several locations out back, no good lots of bait swimming shad splashing at sunset, thought it was gonna bust open again before the rain. a few blues were seen taken on squid . No other stripes seen. Usually have more fluke/flounder this time of year, even shorts are absent. Slow pick
  15. 7 Short stripers , to 25” , out going tide last evening on 3 oz buck tails with 4 in white grub curly tails , good action near rocks , this am skunked. Tossed buck tails, metal, nada. Gonna hit it incoming this evening. Water clearing up nicely in bay.