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  1. I never knew how to tell them apart until I just did a little googling. Here are the differences: Bonito are usually half to two-thirds the size of False Albacores Bonito have straight horizontal markings on their sides while False Albacores have dark jagged markings. Bonito apparently taste a lot better than False Albacores. I want to catch both on my 9wt.
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good spey/two handed casting instructor in the NYC/NJ region?
  3. Been a long time since I’ve posted...Sadly, I just lost my dad to COVID and want to build a togging rod on his behalf. Apologies if my writing is all over the place but I’m just thinking of all the memories of going fishing with my pops. The man loved being on the water and despite being in his 70s, he was still going out to the bay 2 days a week. I remember we used to get up at 4am to drive 45 min to catch a tide. I honestly don’t remember how many fish we caught or got skunked but I remember our routine of stopping at the 7-11 for coffee and then the bait shop. We’d be back before noon to do the weekend lawn work. Before his passing, he was getting very interested in togging and I was thinking about booking a trip with him in Delaware or NJ...not being able to make this one last trip hurts. He was into fishing gear but when it came to fishing, he kept it simple and would often just drop bait. Sorry for the wall of text...just to keep it simple like dad: What’s a blank for togging in DE or NJ?
  4. I came down to Maryland to be with family but I've been in the NYC region for the last 4 years. So far I'm looking at the XC33, AVX and I'm now looking at the Century Pro Togger
  5. Thanks tbush - looking into the 733.
  6. In all honesty my favorite fish to eat is tuna. I hear trout are awesome but I've never had it. Any other recommendations?
  7. I understand the affects of structure on fishing, but winds? I know it can be a pain in the ass to cast into a headwind but how does it affect the fish? The tides can be affected I suppose, but tides are always influenced by things like the moon. Can anyone educate me on the wind effects?
  8. Looking to place 8 guides and a tip top on a 10' rod. I've tried the NGC guideline from Rodbuilder and it did not allow for 8 guides to be placed on the rod. The running guides were too close to one another, and the collecting guide was way too far up the rod, leading to line slap. Can anyone help out? Some details: Reel stem is ~27.5" from butt. 8 guides + 1 top Spinning
  9. Hey F1, my casting practice is very much like my actual casting ability - hit or miss. I can hit 100' with my 9wt but my 5wt is inconsistent. My 5wt is where I do most of my casting practice and has helped my saltwater casting tremendously. The 120 ft casts I've mentioned were done with standard WF floating lines like the Scientific Angler MED or Barrio GT140. Both are available off any tackle store shelf and meet AFFTA and AFMTA standards, unlike some other lines i.e. Rio Outbounds Hi Peter, The Best of the West (California, USA) and most of the European distance competitions used Sage TCR, Sage TCX or Loomis Native Run GLX rods. All of these are standard 5wt rods that can be purchased from any tackle shop. The lines they used are again Scientific Angler Mastery Expert Distance or Barrio GT140, nothing special. Distances of 120+' with a standard 5wt and line is possible but very difficult. No one has hit 180 ft with a standard WF floating line and rod.
  10. I agree with F1, casting heavier weight rods is easier - hitting 120ft and further with a 5wt is rare territory.
  11. Because all I own are 5 and 9wt rods I'd love for you to do a 5wt comparison as that is the rod I use most -- beggars like myself can't be choosers. I'm still very anxious to see the 8wt comparison!
  12. Hi Peter, Will all of your casts be done with 8wt rods?
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  16. My goodness this is a total shock
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