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  1. Harsh. Slappy may be a lowly bait shop boy but don't bait shop boys tell the truth?
  2. What's your take on future seasons, is the stock improving enough for seasons expanding in future years? Fishing in the kayak and only getting them on artificial I think my c&r mortality is exceptionally low. In 60' they don't get barotrauma and swim off strong. I know most anglers pull the out of significantly deeper water and the overall mortality is probably pretty significant.
  3. It's sad, we're still at a very low percentage of built stocks. But it's also amazing how many cod there are it's easy to find them in the summer. it's also noticeable that I don't find them in spots that I used to. No new Englander should ever have to buy a cod!
  4. The waders of death are a long ago busted myth. Paired with a good dry top, you can basically create a dry suit. I much prefer real kayak clothes, dry gear made for kayaking is much more comfortable
  5. Drysuit.
  6. Totally agree. They set up a season that they knew would have low take. I'm interested to see what the estimate of the recreational catch for this season was. Last September's season was good, but there were too many unfishable days so I only got out a few times. Weather makes these short seasons difficult.
  7. most of the ones I catch would be more suited to chunk bait, some of those river eels are big and few are bait sized. like you mine are always fishing for catfish
  8. Am I the only one disappointed with the MA April cod season? As a kayaker it's not a great time of year to get out looking for fish. The water is cold and the weather was bad most days. I found many fewer fish inshore compared to the September season. I can't imagine that many fish were taken during the April season. many boaters haven't even put the boat in the water. I took a couple trips where I only found a few small fish. Fortunately on my last trip I found a good school and had some fun. of course the season ended so I can't get back on them. I feel like the take from this season will be overstated, I would prefer a later fall season after the stripers leave.
  9. So how many shark attacks have there been? If there have been a bunch then this seems like a rational response. if there have been none, this is either a tremendous waste of government resources or it isn't aimed at protecting people from sharks but excluding people from activities.
  10. I had a seal following me in the kayak in June. It ate one over slot fish then followed me around until I hooked another and stole that one too. It was in the dark and occasionally I could hear it breathe or splash near me, but it was a really dark night and I couldn't see it. Spooky. Got a pretty good sleigh ride too...
  11. Hot shot style salmon/steelhead rods are great for throwing medium size plastics. They have extra fast action and are not typical of the noodle style steelhead rods that most people think of. They are great for throwing an array of baits, down to unweighted plastics and have plenty of power in the butt for quality fish.
  12. We can talk about stuff like this...
  13. That's a really nice winter over fish. There are always a few good ones that hang around every season.
  14. I read a little more about them. I always think of them as a freshwater fish, but the freshwater version may be a result of 1-populations that can move between salt and fresh 2-stocked fish that were put in freshwater 3--fish that stocked themselves by following man made waterways like canals. In the 1950s white perch were stocked in some new England ponds, but there was probably a viable brackish fishery that pre-existed the stocking. It sounds like whites were primarily a brackish water fish spawning in the rivers. It is possible that commercial fishing has had a negative impact if they could be netted alongside other species like herring.
  15. White Perch are morone Americana. sounds familiar for a reason. they are common along the whole east coast and are a naturally occurring population. I catch them all winter long because they are fun to catch, pretty much any river or pond with a herring run will have them and many ponds that don't have a herring run have a good population. I've never fished them in brackish water and never caught them directly around the salt (and I do fish in spots where I would). I catch them on crappie gear, best time is in the fall when they are on the drop back herring fry, I've seen blitzes in the river that lasted an hour--all whitey.