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  1. the influence of groups like PETA. they're not banning fishing, just making it impossible to fish.
  2. The seminar has been moved to the first Tuesday in March!!
  3. as noted above, it depends on what you do. in the salt, I almost never use it. But if I fished bridges or tight spots, I would. I use it sometimes in FW. I also used Hobies for ten years before they added reverse and never felt that I was missing anything...
  4. And Abu charged a premium price for that. Plus additional shipping for repairs. Why anyone would buy one of their reels is beyond me....
  5. I look at people not fishing and I think they're crazy...
  6. Nice, hopefully this warm weather will loosen up more ice and give us a few more spots to fish. It was good before ice up.
  7. I'm doubtful that Abu ever tests any of their reels. I'm still bitter after buying a Revo toro when they first came out, looked like a great reel, but it was obviously never field tested. I sent it back for repairs 3 times after barely using it. The last time I got it back, I used it once and it was broken again. I wrote it off to Abu ripping me off with a horrible product and I'll never buy an Abu again. I tell as many people I can how horrible their products are, they really are the worst reel company! If they had made a good reel, I would have bought at least 20 since then! A little testing goes a long way toward customer retention.
  8. Thanks, that was a fun seminar, good crowd of interested anglers!
  9. that's the story for the next generation unfortunately.
  10. North shore MA. cod aren't legal to take anymore, so now it is a cunner fishery. fish are less than a half mile offshore all along the MA, NH, and ME coastline. tons of cod in 50-80' of water.
  11. They're great to eat. I get 12" to16" fish when jigging cod in the kayak...
  12. I have to admit, the first time I went I was very surprised at the number of fishermen that show up at a library on a cold night in February...but I guess that's why it is in February, because we'd be fishing in July! Hogy Lures provided a bunch of items for the raffle tonight.
  13. Speaking series is every Tuesday night in February at the Library in Andover. Free and raffles!
  14. if you want to really experience the salt, you have to go with Riptide, he's got an uncanny ability to find the hot bite.
  15. This one...I just got one recently and it's one of the best in its class. I recommend the 500 size, you don't need a big capacity reel, especially if you decide that you like braid better--try some 5# power pro on it, improves casting distance and feel. For trout and crappies, speed is usually the opposite of catching, and with a lower gear ratio and smaller spool, it is easier to work stuff slowly. Plus the smaller lighter size increases sensitivity. Beware of some of the lower end reels, I've bought some UL reels that had cardboard drags! they really cheap out in construction of small reels and I have bought a bunch that were just junk. With 4# line, anything over a 1000 size is definitely overkill.