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  1. I had a seal following me in the kayak in June. It ate one over slot fish then followed me around until I hooked another and stole that one too. It was in the dark and occasionally I could hear it breathe or splash near me, but it was a really dark night and I couldn't see it. Spooky. Got a pretty good sleigh ride too...
  2. Hot shot style salmon/steelhead rods are great for throwing medium size plastics. They have extra fast action and are not typical of the noodle style steelhead rods that most people think of. They are great for throwing an array of baits, down to unweighted plastics and have plenty of power in the butt for quality fish.
  3. We can talk about stuff like this...
  4. That's a really nice winter over fish. There are always a few good ones that hang around every season.
  5. I read a little more about them. I always think of them as a freshwater fish, but the freshwater version may be a result of 1-populations that can move between salt and fresh 2-stocked fish that were put in freshwater 3--fish that stocked themselves by following man made waterways like canals. In the 1950s white perch were stocked in some new England ponds, but there was probably a viable brackish fishery that pre-existed the stocking. It sounds like whites were primarily a brackish water fish spawning in the rivers. It is possible that commercial fishing has had a negative impact if they could be netted alongside other species like herring.
  6. White Perch are morone Americana. sounds familiar for a reason. they are common along the whole east coast and are a naturally occurring population. I catch them all winter long because they are fun to catch, pretty much any river or pond with a herring run will have them and many ponds that don't have a herring run have a good population. I've never fished them in brackish water and never caught them directly around the salt (and I do fish in spots where I would). I catch them on crappie gear, best time is in the fall when they are on the drop back herring fry, I've seen blitzes in the river that lasted an hour--all whitey.
  7. If you have proof that the poaching kill is larger than the recreational kill then you must get it to the regulators immediately so they can account for it in the regulations.
  8. Check your bass closer. I have caught so many that have been caught before. I've removed hooks from a half dozen stripers as well as caught fish with significant hook injuries. some were bad enough that I assumed bass would die--I had one with an entire gill raker ripped out and a couple others where the gill raker was still attached at one end but didn't look like it worked any more. And everyone says that if you touch their gills they instantly die! we should start a thread of pics of fish that have been caught before, it would be interesting to see. My impression of stripers is that they are one of the toughest fish around. The bigger fish may require more revival time after capture, but they are exceptionally hearty.
  9. I would be ok if they changed the regulations so you could only keep a world record fish...
  10. The rebuilding charts say it all. In any venture you need measurable and specific goals that define success and failure, a chart like that is perfect for setting and measuring expectations. There should be prescribed consequences for success and failure.
  11. That is correct. Recreationals kill the vast majority of stripers.
  12. I grew up on the piers of So Cal doing this. It was a great way to present baits, you could fish a live bait up top or allow a dead bait to drift all the way down the line to the sinker. Caught many different species this way.
  13. Last year it was 100% C&R. I think they already thought hard about the tournament. Interesting to see that so many people didn't know the striper cup changed or that they always had a C&R division. New England Kayak Fishing did it's 15th tournament last year, every one has been catch photo and release. Talk about leading the way! There's just no need for kill tournaments with measuring devices and smart phones.
  14. Stand in the fire captures his energy much more than his studio albums. Saw him in concert 1 time and I think he was sober.
  15. I had Warren Zevon's Stand in the Fire CD in my fishing car for 3 seasons in a row, listened to it almost every trip, those were 3 epic seasons so I couldn't change the CD.