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  1. Pretty sure you need this driver's license for the superbad bike
  2. Beach replenishment is deadly for some spots. There was a bite that went on for decades, then they replenished the beach nearby, the next winter storm washed the sand over the rocks and the bass no longer hang out to grub for crabs and lobsters in the rocks. There's a lot to habitat and sand isn't always the best structure, tons of sand has been dumped on great spots to make it better for sunbathers. if only larry the lobster could talk!
  3. I liked those because of the larger profile and they have a good swim. For a while, they were the only bait bigger than 9" and were a go-to big fish bait. Now there are so many other large plastics, many bigger and easier to cast with great action. So I haven't used one in a while, but the 36" weakfish in my avatar has a 10" Fin-S hanging off it's lip!
  4. so are you a criminal or has our government criminalized normal activities?
  5. I know a guy who got ticketed for lack of registration on his and he had a drop in motor. I have kept my pedal kayak registered just in case I need to get a tuna permit, but haven't seen small tuna close to shore anymore...
  6. I was an early adopter of braid, by the time I moved to MA in 1994, braid was my go to for any deepwater application, by the end of the 90s I completely stopped using mono. I think the only time I've used it in the last 10 years was when I was carp fishing and wanted to pull fewer hooks. The elasticity of mono is great for keeping fish on the hook, but all you really need is a long enough mono leader. I think mono is great for leaders, that little extra stretch in it makes a difference in fish landed.
  7. cold water. Not just because of shrinkage, cold water is as deadly a danger as kayakers face, probably kills more people than any of the other fears.
  8. One thing I've learned from looking at fishing pictures is that fishing looks more manly when you hold the rod with your teeth!
  9. couple comments--if you're fishing in a crowded area and someone bumps you because they have a fish on, it shouldn't be a big deal. This is supposed to be fun right? why not help the other guy land his fish. When that happens to me I'll usually grab the camera so I can get the guy a couple pictures. As for trolling I have a different calculus...I hold the rod if I troll, my thought is that I'm a better fisherman than my rod holder and will hook and land more fish with the rod in hand. Maybe it's just false confidence in my fishing skills, but there seems to be a noticeable difference, especially in fish hooked because with rod in hand, that lure comes alive.
  10. I mostly fish open water and rips. The Revo 16 is a monster in the rough stuff, it flies through it and can handle any condition that I'm willing to fish in. For the back bays I will sometimes use my Revo 11, it's good for smaller water and has a tighter turning radius. The 16 doesn't exactly turn on a dime!
  11. Except at JBay and any of the NEKF kayak fishing tournaments...they've always been won by a paddle or pedal guy. Pros for paddling: some people like to paddle. Pros for pedaling: some people like to fish. Since we're doing this for fun, we should do what we consider the most fun. I like to paddle, but can't imagine any scenario where I wouldn't rather fish instead; when I'm on the water I'd rather be holding a fishing rod than a paddle--so it is an easy choice for me.
  12. never ends, but be careful and use the right gear to keep yourself dry in case of immersion.
  13. Everything is spot specific, but my go to is always a plastic 10" or bigger, usually the bigger the better, there's so many great ones out there and they all work. Rigged for the depth I need to hit, they're always the first lure out of my box. The only time they aren't my go to is when distance casting is necessary...which isn't often.
  14. The big fish "problem" at the canal will take care of itself. It won't take long!!
  15. on point. It is about effort and focus. Those who work harder and fish with more intensity have the results to show for it. Some nights fishing is a game of very few opportunities and being attentive at the right moment makes all the difference--not missing the big fish that hits on the 200th cast of a seemingly fishless night because you're expecting it....