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  1. I don't usually post stuff like this, but after eight years of exile in upstate ny, I will be returning to coastal mass in the early summer. Any hot tips on towns with good schools, resonable housing prices, and decent fishing? Thanks, Tim
  2. Angler #1 has nailed it. The fishing has been a joke for a long time. If any of you have been to Italy, Greece, or Croatia you may have seen what a few thousand of years of heavy overfishing does to a fishery. We are attempting the same thing in a few hundred. Wild fish cannot sustain the pressure of the market. If the price is low due to high numbers, you are pushed to catch more to earn a living wage. If numbers are low, you have an incentive to hunt down every last (and increasingly valuable) fish. Look at the state of white tailed deer and freshwater fishing, versus cod. Tim
  3. About two years ago I put most of my braid in the trash. For almost all fishing (bluegills with bobbers to cod jigging) I now use mono. The biggest advantage is that I have an easier time detecting slack line bites with mono. Braid is more sensitive straight up and down. With belly in the line mono seems to work better for me, especially when fish hit on the drop. Mono allows lures to move more naturally in current, in order to look like a fish. Braid makes lures sink as if they were stones. Live baitfish do not sink quickly. Every now and then I feel like I am missing out and I try spooling up with braid. This always ends with me throwing the line into a trash barrel, driving to a tackle store and spool back up with mono. Mono has improved since the early 90's. 8 pound trilene xl is very strong when tied carefully. 15 lb ande is more like 25 lb test. The ande casts almost the exact same distance on my surf rod as 30lb braid. Unlike braid, ande has never failed me while fighting fish. Even fireline has broken mysteriously during long fights. Hooks seem to remain nicely attached to fish when I use mono, less so with braid. I honestly don't know why people like the hookset so much with braid. I have never had difficulty sinking hooks with mono, even while bait fishing for haddock in 350 ft depths. Bass 20-50 feet away tend to be solidly hooked when I used mono. I do feel the stretch on the set, yet it never seems to matter. For freshwater, I tend to use 4 lb trilene xl for trout, 6-8 for open water bass, and 12-14 for carp. Strength has never been an issue. With practical drag settings, few fish are ever going cause problems. I have bass fished in florida with 10lb mono, casting into weedy canals that were full of snags, and did not lose any lures or fish due to breakage. I cannot think of a situation where I would want 50 lb line in freshwater. To sum things up, mono is cheaper, user friendly, more consistant in knot strength, and seems to put more fish in the boat for me than braid. Granted, I grew up less than a mile from the beach, fishing constantly using mono, and I like it. Others simply may like the feel of braid more.
  4. A few were hitting small bait in shallow water this morning near Osterville. Four followed my fly but no takers other than snapper blues. As soon as the surf became sandy from the wind, they vanished. Tim
  5. Hello, I am looking to harness the collective knowledge on this site to find a 10 foot factory surf rod that casts a 2 ounce metal lure very well. Thanks, Tim
  6. Nice that you were able to hook up. Boats put down every group of breaking fish I was able to find on foot over the past two days. Aghh! Six hours of nonstop casting to areas without visible fish yielded nothing.
  7. I am looking for a resonable cost rod to go witha tica scepter and 30 lb braid. Distance is important, and casting weight is about 2 ounces length 11'. Thanks, Tim
  8. Homemade soughdough pizza from a diy rye starter and gnocchi I attempted
  9. Last weekend a friend was kind enough to take me out on his boat. We were successful in finding a bunch of 15-18" blues hitting on the surface. A few were hooked deeply, so we bled and kept them. I love spicy food, and fish, so I dug through my collection of spices for some medium chili power and added it to my usual salt and pepper topping prior to the broiler. It was a welcome change from haddock. Next time, its spicy ceveche. Tim
  10. If only they could hang around for a few weeks. Due to work commitments I cannot make it down to the Cape again until after September 21st. October would be even better. I may even buy a boat for this! My ten horse has been in the garage for way too long. Tim
  11. I have tied uni knots with up to 250 lb mono and they are very, very strong, yet I think the best advice is from tall paul, to use a knot you are already good at. I like doubled line for metal connections. The San Diego Jam has potential, I may have to relearn that one. Tim
  12. Pink ande is cheap, strong, and casts well. I prefer 15 pound test for striper fishing.
  13. I bought a few rolls of electrical tape in different colors so that I can set the rod up to the point of fishing with it prior to wrapping. I like the idea of a longer rear grip. Casting hard is fun. Tim