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  1. The Amish don’t have a mustache I do. And I’ve had a beard for like 8 years now lol
  2. My voice is mostly heard on the face book these days.
  3. Go with the daiwa ballistic 4000lt. Reel is an animal. Now I’ll go disappear for another year
  4. The roller gear has destroyed a lot of bottom in there. Also New York is closed that time of the year now. The Atlantic highlands fleet usually hangs it up after December. The guys to south are usually fishing seagirt, axel Carlson or the shark river reef at that time. I know a few boats poked around in there in January but it wasn’t very good. It got fished hard in December. Biggest problem is there just isn’t the amount of fish there once was. Recreational Togging has become way too popular over the last decade and I don’t think the species can handle the pressure.
  5. Why are u only selecting what parts of my statements u want to reply too. Roller gear destroys habitats. Especially the offshore habitats. The inshore bottom that your talking about hasn’t been touched by roller gear. Instead that’s just littered with pots. Especially unmarked pots. And what’s even worse is a whole bunch of pot licenses went up for sale the past few years and they’re all actually being used now. Let’s also not forget the amount of pots that are down there that aren’t flagged. I don’t see how u can regulate something that doesn’t exist as far as the govt knows.
  6. It’s combination of all of us. But anyone who thinks roller gear which has literally decimated the natural bottom in 17 fathoms and other areas isn’t a giant problem is out of their minds. Anyone who thinks that pots that have covered our reefs for years and that fish and catch more than anyone else out here aren’t a problem is out of their mind. I’m perfectly fine with pin hookers going out and catching their 25fish a day on rod and reel. They actually get weathered out. They actually have to go out and hook 25 fish. Not drag a net over some rocks and scare the fish out into a net. Or even better drop a pot with a female tog in it in the spring and come back 24 hours later with a pot loaded with male black fish. I guess u guys don’t see pots with 25 tog crammed in them on the inter webs tho
  7. They’re creating a bigger void. Dog fish are bigger more aggressive fish n seabass may not be bigger but they are some aggressive little bastards that are hammering the crustacean populations. It’s bigger than overfishing although that is one of the main causes.
  8. It’s also time from them to start controlling the dog fish population and give us more liberal seabass regs. Both of these fish are destroying the eco system on the reefs.
  9. U wanna greatly help the black fish fishery get rid of the roller gear n the pots. One destroys everything in its path n the other fishes 24/7 n never takes a day off. Also it’s time to close the spring season n the one fish season. Also if u wanna release a big tog that’s all blown out put it in a mesh bag and hang it about twenty feet down for about 20 min. Usually they will decompress and be fine. Just take the bag up ten feet and let it sit for another two minutes before bringing it back to the surface.
  10. I haven’t even fished that one in two years now. I may have to stop by there soon lol
  11. U never gave me any numbers on the axel. We have discussed charted wrecks but never any numbers exchanged. And you don’t have to worry about me on there the entire fleet is on those two reefs right now.
  12. The stuff in elberon n long branch? I honestly don’t think I’ve ever fished either drop. Maybe the pineapple. Sea girt n the axel have been very inconsistent. 17 has been consistent for the guys who know how to fish it.
  13. Since when do u fish 17 fathoms lol
  14. Since when do u fish 17 fathoms lol
  15. Is that the “if I gotta measure them they’re not worth keeping” code?