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  1. yay!!! all over again!
  2. The judge will give them lollipops
  4. I'm sorry about that. Try an Inlet or place with currant or with bathing trunks walk in the water until you feel sand eels hitting your legs.--FOR REAL!
  5. O'BABY!!! Right Idea, wrong state.
  6. I have a compulsion. I know I have it when I clime into bed (in the dark room)two or three in the morning and my wife says---WHO IS IT?!!!!!! THAT WILL GET YA THINKING ABOUT YER MARRAGE .
  7. I started out like you about seventy five years ago and this is what I noticed. The ol timers used BAIT but some had a second rod with a plug incase a school of fish traveled through the area. The best part of this fishen is you can lay down and watch your bait rod. Some (sneaky) guys lay down so others won't see them catching or not catching fish. Dude Try to have some fun.
  8. Haven't had a beach car in over fifteen years and I live 8 miles from Nauset beach gatehouse so I can't comment on the latest tires but the last tires I liked were Coopers for their sidewalls. As kids we would go to Chicky Clark's junk yard and buy baldies for a buck a piece for our beach cars. When I say cars I owned three cars before I broke the hundred dollar mark.
  9. Cape sand is coarser than southern states. As you start off in the -track- try staying in the track rather than rub the sides of the sand track. 7mph is a good speed to learn at in the track. When ready to turn around gain a little more speed to get out of the track and make large circle to keep from getting stuck. If you start to overheat drive to a spot were you can turn west and have the westerly breeze help cool you down. Tall dunes will block a cool breeze when traveling close to the dunes. If you can find a front and rear spot to use an old fashion bumper jack buy one. We would jack up the stuck car as high as we could and then push it over side ways out of the track. As far as tow rope get 1 .25" nylon tow rope about thirty ft. long.,10"x30" boards,short shovel and you should be good to go In the past the wheel base of foreign cars were narrower than US cars at which point we would follow a US car for easier driving but I think that might have changed. Your tire gage is your friend, have fun.
  10. Great to see American stuff.
  11. White for jigs and green for the stores.
  12. Before you dump your paycheck try a couple of things. #1 TAKE OFF THE 17LB MONO REMEMBERING THE SPOOL LEVEL. Try 25lb mono at the same height as the 17 on your spool. If you still get the mid cast fluff then try a little less line. You should end up with 20lb running line at about 1/4" down on the spool flange and when you cast it should be low enough on the spool so it won't bother you. After sixty five years I find I can dance with my squider regardless of a soft rod or stiff beast. Happy thumb burning.
  13. capesams I think are the best.
  14. Git well and we have the weather station gate locked till yer back.
  15. I'm old enough to remember the same thing with the foreign fleet on ground fish. So a two hundred mile limit and things could improve our fishing. So with bass we have competion with 50,000 seals off Monomoy as well as man catching. To bad we haven't the balls to address our public servants. in regards of seals