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  1. Joe Ya caught me.
  2. Leave house at 7:10am, screw with boat, add gas, go fish ,catch fish, go home at9am, take big nap.
  3. Back in the day when I wanted to cast to the moon I would look for the thinnest I could find. After tuning a reel on the Cape I went to a casting event down Delaware and I couldn't control the reel. To dam fast. I you're trying to cast to the moon see if you can find some whale oil(really). It doesn't change viscosity witch is why they used it in clocks. I think it's called NYE whale oil.
  4. How about one fish at 36", commercial at 36" and Bob G I eat fish about 28 days a month.
  6. Huba, huba, dingy, dingy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and every thingy.
  7. never tried milk jugs.
  8. If your in a tin boat in the bay what I've done is in summer get yourself 18' of chicken wire fencing and weave grass through the holes to form a blind for your boat. Takes time but worth it.
  9. PFD then think safety first. I've done it boat and shore. From shore find a point or river ,bay entrance flyway for pas shooting. Run a bunch of half gallon bleach bottles on a line half painted black for your deeks. Don't ever try to eat a merganser. sea duck just rip off the feathers and filet the breast meat,pick off the white fat and toss the rest.Dice up the meat for yer stew and some folks add a pint of whisky to the stew.I think that's the only reason they eat it. good luck
  10. I have no knowledge of Chesapeake bay netting but have watched Pleasant bay on the Cape from the seal damage. I have a skiff in Crow pond and can tell you about the runoff from the golf course making up on the water lines. I can also suspect the lawn chemical run off. So while the gill nets do in the deep water fish and the lawn chemicals handle the back water fish,the seals finish off the leftovers.
  12. I'm gonna hid under the bed till Monday.
  13. I hope Tim will let this fly. * plane over Monomoy. We need to grab the reps in the elevator.