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  1. Our problem is the Politian's are afraid of I.F.A.W. and will not instill any changes. IFAW shut down the selling of seal skins outside of Canada causing the price to drop and not worth going. IFAW runs your government.
  2. What about fixing two halves?????
  3. Just midnight snacks.
  4. We had the same problem. Ended up with stove in the basement.
  5. I live in a small town. Back in the day I would add a pink strip down the side of a black back bomber. The only problem was going into the store and getting caught by some ol ladies seeing me bent over in front of the fingernail rack. This can start a chit storm in a small town.
  6. I HAVE ONLY SEEN ONE BY A GUY THAT MOVED TO THE CAPE FROM NEW YORK. He used a piece of copper pipe about an inch and a half long that was round and bent a lip by squeezing the front part of the pipe downward at a forty five % angle. The round part was filled with lead and had a hole through it for the line to a hook . The hooked eel head was pulled tight to the lead filled pipe and it swam like a live eel. Never did see it swim. Sounds to me like it could have come from the Brooklyn area. Just guessing.
  7. Akios and don't look back.
  8. I just got the word this morning that our grandson Long, tall, Pete went through the canal last night on a ship under his control. I was told not to name his boat incase he cut off someone's monsta fish
  9. So What's the difference between hooking and jigging???
  10. I use vanilla extract in my fish cooler. It might offer that girly smell. I know my wife likes it.
  11. On sand I still use mono(have a bunch) and am happy. On a boat I use 12lb mono with a thirty lb leader about twenty feet long to handle the fish next to the boat. Trolling I use 30lb mono. with good luck. Surfcasting I use twenty lb mono with a shocker about fifty lb.
  12. I gave up commercial last year. I've felt two major schools swim outside and there just a little larger than the size limit. Monster fish are like hens teeth and the seals are feeding on bass liver. I've gone once, caught a keeper and gone home. I'm done. Good luck to everyone else. The big bass seam to be along the rocky mainland coast. I might give bluefish try.
  13. Well my daughter , son in laws, and grand children have been given some nice stuff, some of which is hanging on a wall collecting dust. Dam it!. but my favorite beach bait rod is a Zziplex new ng1,my favorite plug rod is a Zziplex bass blank,favorite jigging rod is a Zziplex up tide conventional. But when I want to reminisce I pick up a Fenwick 1267 to slow dance with casting plugs.
  14. Carl you had better tell the young guys what that leather thing is around your waste.
  15. I'm not the only one with a rod holder.