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  1. Us Cape Coders could send you a bunch more of seals. If you have the shark ,,we have the seals.
  2. big fish on open beach about 45-55 minutes with 12-20lb mono.
  3. Hey new guy.Welcome to thumb burn school. You might want to start off with 40lb mono. 1Make sure you tie around a tree and stretch the mono before loading the reel. 2keep line down 1/4" from top of spool flange. 3 Start your cast like a large truck leaving a traffic light.Slow then picking up speed. 4Ask me for special swear words for backlashes.
  4. I;m sorry to say I think those two gents drowned wile fishen.
  5. Just go fish!
  6. I think I have enough mono for 400 years.
  7. Three pink rods down the cellar. They switched to boys.
  8. take a saw and cut off enough plug to make a loop out of the new wire. fish won't care
  9. In the past I would go past the old time wormers with rods in rod spikes. But now I set up a bait rod and only cast now and then with a secret plug unless I see magic birds working or on a sand eel hunt or see fishy action in the water or just feel like casting which I do a lot or start a conversation with someone especially when I stay down the beach for a few days in a row and the seagulls stop talking to me and ,and ,and. I'm an official Nauset beach bum fer over sixty five years.
  10. Go to plug building site and yell fer Capesam.
  11. One grounded at Wellfleet ,bay side today. Still hanging around P.E.I.,NEWFOUNDLAND and Nova Scotia. Don't cha just love seals?
  12. I have a 1267 and love it with big wooden plugs.
  13. After watching the three creeps cutting cranberries in half for cranberry bread the day before followed by thanksgiving at daughter # four's house with four out of five daughters,four out of five granddaughters, two out of three grand sons,Mother inlaw,farther in law,boy friend of # one daughter,one skinny city dog and one fat southern coon dog. We had a great thanksgiving and hope you did as well. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  14. Taste like chicken.