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  1. Make sure you get a nice LPD and wear it!!!!!!!!!
  2. Be grateful. If you lived in Wyoming you would have had 4" snow yesterday,15 degree tonight. By, by garden.
  3. Yep I remember giving Stevie some add vice. OH!!! I mean B A D vice. Yak, yak, yak. JUST JOKING!!!! STEVE'S THE BEST!
  4. How long do I need to hum before they show up.
  5. Find yourself a river inlet and fish out of the wind
  6. 40--50years ago it would have been---sand-dabs-aka-window pains-. After a night of bass fishen I would walk the shore line with a jig catching wind pains to ring home to feed my babies.
  7. She's in our prayer's
  8. Oh Yaaa!!!
  9. Original tires on 2006 Toyota. Duelers!!!
  10. Wow. I guess I've been doing it wrong fer seventy years or so. I cast out ,put da rod in da rod spick and the drag is always light. I set drag by pulling of da spool with line between my pinky and thumb. WHEN A FISH TAKES LINE ,I LET HER TAKE LINE. AFTER ALL i PAYED FOR ABOUT 200 YARDS, MIGHT AS WELL USE IT.
  11. Ya gota go skunken in the woods not in da ocean.
  12. I understand the (new bridge) will have a fishen sidewalk for the canal dunkers.
  13. I just fell in love with yer dog.
  14. Look up---plane flying over Monomoy Island 60, 000 seals at last call.
  15. I chose Warren as a Indian she can kill seals legal.