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  1. At the time I fished eels and told him I was just heading off Cape and wanted to know how the cannal guys were doing. I think I screwed up a good drunk heading off Cape and such.
  2. One night I joined the kids and caught 72, 35lb bass =2500lbs @$2lb=5000 bucks.Long time ago.
  3. I just wet my pants and I'm to old for this chit.
  4. Use pancake batter for a coating on window panes.
  5. I can remember the hauling gravel to logan from Peabody. Don't get old.
  6. conventional or spinning? boy o boy am I dumb.
  7. Back in 1968 or 1970 a powerful wildlife group had the government change the rules to protect seals . No killing seals!!! So we now have seals eating bass and they don't care about the size. While fishen I watched seals eating bass by the dozens one after the other.
  8. FLIPPER PIE! Cut flippers off baby seals and make a pie. Yum,yum.
  9. Everyone is spraying crap on their lawns. BIRDS EAT BUGS!!!
  10. Back when you could kill a seal (they eat fish) I would fish all night for bass then in the morning I would cast along the beach with a small spoon for sand dabs for the kids to eat. Even the dog loved the skins! Lets hope we wake up before the seals eat all our fish.
  11. OK! Your going ta love this. Back when I had hair with color,18-20 years old .I cut wood wholesale for wood dealers 18-20 dollars a cord.Cut,split, and delivered. I had a Homelite saw with a bow saw blade and split with an Oregon mall. Oh the fun I had cutting wood in a t shirt in winter.
  12. Thems cannal imports have no class.We try to have some class when we take thar money and all we have ta do is give them a slippery rock ta fish off of. This is only a joke. Cool it.
  13. .A good start would be to thin out the seal herde. They LOVE bass.
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