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  1. You should have posed the question “How do I invest a lump sum (found money) when the markets scare me?” Fortunately those factors you cite are short term speculation and historically can be mitigated by long term investing.
  2. Buy a diversified portfolio of low cost mutual funds that reflects your risk tolerance and personal situation.
  3. As access has been squeezed almost impossibly thin the people using these have taken full advantage and racked up tremendous catches as a result. With the state of the fishery and the increased ability to cover water and access the unaccessible this tool is priceless. As some have told me a bike is cheap comparatively to the permit costs, a kayak, or new 4x4 truck.
  4. Very interested to know what these “safer” double market return investments are and how long you have achieved said returns.
  5. I am glad if that works for you. My investing is planned, automatic, boring, works, takes almost none of my time. Like it that way.
  6. Annualized returns: 15.62 17.25 15.43 12.98 S&P500 17.16
  7. Achieve the market return minus fees over a long period of time (20-30 years). This is guaranteed as I am broadly diversified in passively managed index funds. You cannot say the same about any actively managed products. Retire young. Maintain tax efficiency. Leave a legacy.
  8. If you stayed the course I think you would be alright.
  9. Im talking about investing long term. Your talking about betting one single night if someone was elected? Nobody knows how the market will behave in the short, or in that case the super ultra short term. But good luck trying chances are the index will outperform in any meaningful amount of time.
  10. Politics and investing do not mix. Those are political talking points hammered home on a daily basis by mainstream media outlets. That could cause you to make foolish investing decisions. There is no conviction any of that will happen. It helps to know the history of the US stock market. How has it done under Republican or Democrat Presidents? About the same. Which is about 15 % per year on average. The stock market had a bad week. But where will it be in ten years? Very likely higher.
  11. Curious what is the “Biden effect”?
  12. From a personal finance perspective hold enough cash in reserve as an emergency fund and any short term savings goals and don't expect it to compound interest. Invest the rest. Stocks have historically outpaced inflation over the long term. Precious metals don’t pay dividends or capital gains. Might be worth a small slice in a well diversified portfolio if you are so inclined. Same with digital assets (bitcoin). Make sure you are comfortable with the risks and you understand them.
  13. Nearly all who dance in and out of the market fail to capture its return especially over the long term. Its impossible to make a prediction on where the market will be in 1, 3, even 5 year windows. But you could conclude with near certainty it will be higher in ten years or more and you will enjoy all the dividends and cap gains along the way. You need to understand your investments. Focus long term. Ignore the fear mongering of the main stream media. If your worried about losing money in a correction or apt to pulling your money out stocks are not for you.
  14. Couple weeks ago
  15. In my opinion a captain needs extreme local knowledge to operate a boat from that ramp out into the sound and back based on varying moon, tide, and current. Wrong combination you could easily land your boat on a bar from the Marina channel to the Sound. Operating around high water slack is almost required for all the boats moored and in the marina.