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  1. A 1201M can throw 5-6. But I usually don’t. In my experience its rare to need 5-6 bucktails or leadheads in the fastest moon current to work bottom.
  2. GSB1201M 250 30/40/50 braid I don’t really try out new tackle (rods) when this has worked forever. But I do prefer the 120 over the 132. Its more fast and I like that for lead. And shorter on the rocks landing my own fish by hand.
  3. Yes (in NYS 4x4 Fishing Area only), no (parking lot access-lot is Town of Babylon).
  4. You may not be aware but Larry Welcome makes both wood & plastic “Montauk Darters”. Not to be confused, as it so often is, with his “Bottle Darter” also of wood & plastic fame. His Darter has tremendous (4’) side to side darting action that I have tested extensively and the plug won’t ever flip out. Really good stuff. A SS darter is a totally different animal and it is more akin to a feel thing like fishing a bucktail. You can quickly get your confidence up with the SS darter fishing them in Montauk. Trust me.
  5. Can anyone recommend a wader sock that comes about knee high with the biggest priority being eliminated chafing where the boot meets the material on my bootfoot wader? I am not looking for warmth as much as I’m looking for my leg to not get chaffed and cut up. Over the years I have used “snowboard socks” which provided warmth and eliminated chaffing and cabelas 2mm neoprene socks over the foot when I needed more warmth or to fill extra space in the boot. I basically want a ski sock but a better material that wont make me sweat as much.
  6. The shop I am thinking of is: Suffolk Sportsman 2642, 119 E Main St, Smithtown, NY 11787 Its been there probably ten years. If you live and work in Smithtown you should definately knock on Ken Swaines door. If nothing else to peruse the pictures in the basement shop. Awesome. Before its gone.
  7. I drove by Swaines and the house has a For Sale sign on it. In recent years I heard he let the eels and minnows go... I think there is a shop on Main St in Smithtown. There is no shop I have ever been to on Long Island that can match Terminal Tackle and what they stocked.
  8. My Max
  9. Update: exchanged my leaking waders no questions asked at the store today. They informed the return policy was not changing in regards to leaking waders. They leak they will exchange them. Easiest exchange Ive ever made.
  10. Did you try and return to a store or you shipped back to them? I have a leaking usless pair that was purchased under the old warranty and the store I called said bring them in for them to look at. I will remain optimistic. If they refuse to honor the warranty it will be the last LL Bean item I purchase.
  11. CWitek, Are these public meetings i.e. can I attend as an independent recreational? If yes, when is the next meeting?
  12. 1-Moratorium or coast wide 1 @ 36” 2-Ban commercial fishing or least make it hook & line only 3-Conservation not killing So my kids and their kids can enjoy the resource as I have.
  13. You must be reading or paying attention in the wrong places if you do not recognize the name Jason Colby, especially if your a Long Islander Surfcaster. Not many living Legends with that type of resume walking around. Sad people require social media as a means of being deemed legitimate in this day. Jason it was nice to finally meet you at the show and I don’t know why you were stuffed in that dark section of hallway presumably surrounded by only artists. That could not have helped your exposure.
  14. No disrespect but I would say based on my observations that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if Bunker is available and gamefish, Stripers, Blues, Weaks are in the vicinity that they are primarily feeding on the bunker. Bunker is numero uno. The best fishing I’ve ever seen or heard of is usually directly coorelates to Bunker being around. With a lack of Bunker all the aforementioned gamefish seem to be able to sustain themselves on other baits though the fish in my observations are less healthy than those stuffed with Menhaden.
  15. Fishing shows-big purchase From the owner-big purchase Only buy the good stuff