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  1. Just got a Viair 88P to replace my Masterflow MF1050 that went after ten years. Tested: airs up 265 75 R16 tires from 15-35 psi in 2 min 15 sec.
  2. I don’t paint any of my jigheads or bucktails anymore. I could not justify it based on results. All species, all plain leadheads and fish. I focus on what really matters...profile, water column, sink rate, trailer, working the bottom effectively, etc.
  3. Bump.
  4. I use the TA clips for years now. Have withstood the test of time. Had one freak accident years ago. Plug came off the clip when it hit the water on cast.
  5. Thanks for posting up but I need one taller.
  6. Want to buy... Used two tube belt bag. Pay w/ Paypal or LI local pickup.
  7. I don’t like the rear drum brakes on the Taco. Would rather discs.
  8. I have the Nissan at 116k currently. Only major issue was snapped an exhaust manifold about 100k. Odd and expensive repair. Friends bought used and new Tacomas at same time I got my truck some happy and some not happy with them. When I buy used I insist on a clean CarFax meaning the car was regularly maintained at a dealer for the life of the vehicle, no accidents, no major repairs. I like a vehicle that just came off a 3yr lease through that dealership. With these conditions and an inspection by me and my mechanic I wouldn’t hesitate to buy either vehicle. Both known to go to 200k and beyond.
  9. I’ve had that issue before and a few drops of gear oil where the spool meets the flyer took care of it. Lubes the upper seal. If you search this site you will find a wealth of info on self service of the VS. Guys use adjustable wrench to remove side cover. Check it for water intrusion. At present I go to Saltwaters B & T (Mike), W. Islip, NY for seals. Should be able to pickup a self service kit there and it comes with the plastic side cover wrench.
  10. With no tools needed: Go to a big field. Walk out old mono. Crank on new braid. Tie braid to old mono. Crank on old mono til spool filled. Gather old mono for disposal. Walk out old mono/braid. Go to old mono end, crank on old mono/braid.
  11. Normal. Its a feel plug. However I have had bad plugs so make sure the plug is sound (no water inside, loose weights, flipping out)...
  12. I am still testing...vastly different than a SS. Darts true and wide even in slack water. Does not cast as well as SS. I find hooks too small and bad rings out of the package.
  13. Where are you located. Have a similar condition VS 150 in gold on LI.
  14. To the top...