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  1. Got photos? Id like to see that fish only seen small Threshers from LI Surf.
  2. Thank you for posting. After reading…not much has changed.
  3. There is a Stony Brook website where they aerial photographed the breach every month since a couple days after Sandy and it was opened.
  4. Interesting.
  5. Harvest on Fort Pond The Point Bar & Grill
  6. I miss Ronnies Deli.
  7. Top of my head: Johns Drive In Mtk Lobster House Lobster Roll in Napeague Clam Shack in Napeague Inlet Seafood Goldbergs Bagels Johns Pancake House Shagwong
  8. Have had failures related to the TA clip. At least once as the plug hit the water the plug fell off the clip and I reeled in a bare clip. Using a SS needle it was an expensive cast. I noticed a palomar knot is no good with the TA clips because of the doubled line at the “V” bend at the top of the clip. Looking at the knot it always appeared to have one of the wraps lower than the other and it seemed to make the clip slide around on the knot. I use a clinch knot now.
  9. A good idea is to know and understand what you own and be comfortable with it. Be it a target date, your own mix, or an advised plan. “I’ve got a guy” and knows nothing about what they are invested in. Scary.
  10. 2025 fund referenced roughly 56% equity (stocks). 2025 fund references a 34% stake in international assets. Too much for my liking.
  11. A target date fund is generally a blend of others funds. There is no standard for Target Date Funds asset allocation (stock/bond % portfolio). Meaning whoever runs the fund has a made up asset allocation they stick to (then they change it at their discretion). Due to the recent lack of income generated from bonds, generally, target date funds have become more heavily stock weighted. Target date funds also, generally, are more expensive than say an index fund. In the time it takes to pick a target date you could just as easily think about an appropriate asset allocation for your situation and make a plan for rebalancing. What makes no sense is owning a target date fund plus a DIY mix of other funds. The point of a target date is having a single mindless fund that gives you a diversified portfolio.
  12. The NYS 4x4 permit has a spot for park staff to amend the permit and date and initial on the front of it. I just had mine updated with new plates at Sunken Meadow Park this week.
  13. Lot of people like this, a fantastic time to buy. US stock market On Sale Now!
  14. I have great respect for you Charles but a lot of what your writing in this thread is BS. There has been an explosion of sharks on LI beaches last several years increasing every year with sharks making there way around the forks and into the sound which is all unprecedented in my lifetime. Years ago a heavy hitter surf guys caught a pup sand tiger chunking bass and it was a big deal. These are the same guys doing big numbers of big bass during the summer chunking the beach. We swim in a different ocean today. There is a lot of bunker close, thank god, and that should be normal.
  15. On the north shore of Long Island signs like that are the rule not the exception. In my opinion they are meant to scare the average person from traversing the area. If I heeded the signs threats my north shore numbers would be much different (lower) than they have been over my life. Lot of fishing with creative access and walking past no trespassing signs.