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  1. ill get back to you tomorrow after taking to the boys as they are already in bed........see how many they want to hang onto before I unload them let you know tomorrow scrap
  2. been there...it sucks....but like DZ....put some sort of laminated info card in the bag got you all beat.....2010....I left a 30lb bass where I parked in gansett....realized it when i got home (smithfield....50 minutes away) when I emptied the car out
  3. scrapper...where are you...I probably have 4 milk crates full.....which is about 120 pucks per crate....so about 500 +_ total, as i have been coaching for 20 years...lol how many are you looking for ? I am in rhode island.....we have probably seen each other at the rinks over the years and didn't even know it
  4. actually.....close it down.....my aunt has one....TY anyway
  5. Hi guys 15 year old son asked if he could start hitting a bag....I said Yes.....he's buying it with his own money...perfect!!! Anyone have one that is laying around that they don't use in Rhode Island/Southern Mass area willing to sell thanks Jim
  6. thanks bud for the advice...
  7. almost as elusive as toilet paper, purell or lysol right about now.
  8. garden hose once not too bad power pro once (sucked) re bar....shot out like a frieken rocket
  9. thanks for all the help guys 10' high 40' wide went with 2" black steel pipe (10') coupling then 3' in the ground cemented.... strung aircraft cable across the top....hung netting with carabiners...and tied off sides with lacrosse overhands... thing is awesome. can be used as a baseball backstop for the little guy as well as lacrosse backstop and hockey backstop as well. well worth the weekend of digging and setting up
  10. Hi guys looking for a source, in RI, to buy 12 foot steel pipe to be used as a sides for a backstop barrier. Big orange and blue stores only go up to 10 ft needs to be 10 ft from grade, 2 ft buried any ideas?
  11. this...great bait live lining
  12. net

    does anyone have access to fishing nets...either used or new trying to obtain some to make as a barrier for the back of hockey net and lacrosse net in the yard. Sick of chasing balls and pucks in the woods with the kids 30' x 10 ' or bigger would be ideal
  13. just noticed the picture It seems that the stuff we work on after market, we appreciate more with the time and thought put into it. My boys play hockey, as I did though college and modifying equipment is the norm in that sport....almost as much as we modify out boots and korkers.....lol
  14. maybe modifying them with small stainless steel d rings and grommets?
  15. great points Cap agree 100% with what you said
  16. WTF....those things aren't even broken in yet... LL Bean has unfortunately gone down a lot in quality over the year.
  17. 400.00 big green egg (large) with nest..... new in box craigslist.....guys getting divorce...needed money quick man there is a lot of information and forums out there on kamado smokers
  18. thanks guys no plate setter just an egg and the nest besides the plate setter and the ash basket.....any other must need essentials right off the start
  19. thanks is it a I or II
  20. I or II can't tell if its serrated or not?
  21. you going to tell us where you got it that way we don't waste our money
  22. second on crkt if falls through please
  23. where? stand/ lights included or just glass
  24. Hi guys looking to make the investment, and I have a couple of options. Family of four (wife, myself and 2 teenage boys)...entertain a lot. I have choices of the following: LARGE egg, with table and cover for 1,000.00 (new) Medium egg, with nest and shelves 600.00 (new) Large egg with nest and shelves 625.00 (new) medium egg with nest and shelves 300.00 (used) what would you guys go with? Never had any experience with them...but want to make the correct investment. thanks Jim
  25. Hi Guys does anyone of the site work or own a chrome plating company looking to have something done thanks Jim