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  1. what he says love my 2 pelicans......cant go wrong... an upfront investment though
  2. fish around champlins....probably the safest place for you with just rod and reel.....and no korkers or look for beaches...safe that way as well
  3. i would be all over this if it was a lefty
  4. hi guys wondering if anyone has good/bad experiences with solar cap lighting for fence posts. want to put around the pool this summer, but heard mixed reviews on them. Not really looking for lighting or safety, more for atmosphere. thanks jim
  5. bmw I 8
  6. here's the deal robbiethao10 you could be a great fisherman....and i'm happy that you are getting into fish early in the season. The site has rules....no spot burning...block out the surroundings in pictures....ect..... adhere to them and the place is fun and you will learn a lot. ****....i'll even take you fishing.....just not where I would want you to know about..
  7. i personally like deutschmacher , although never had some of the ones mentioned here.... quite honestly...never heard of some of them...must not be available in RI
  8. time to go bud......not fitting in here at all go ahead...say something about my fishing knowledge
  9. got the golf balls today brand new.....couldn't ask for a better deal thanks CCB and SOL
  10. payment sent thanks Bob and SOL
  11. 02917
  12. thanks for the heads up
  13. that me ill take them let me know total cost/ how many balls and i will paypal you thanks
  14. got it.... thanks ferret
  15. Hi ferret, he is 57" tall......he was fitted for a 13.5" trek marlin at the local bicycle boutique......$600.00...waaaaaay more than I wanted to spend what do you think of the size for a frame that size