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  1. Even the standard headlights are too bright, my Honda pilot always gets flashed with low beams on. The highbeams are blinding to oncoming traffic. Even went to a shop to make sure they were pointing in right areas and was told they were good and todays cars do have way too much brightness.
  2. Greenport and Mattituck.
  3. On the Brooklyn side are marinas in Sheepshead,Gerritsen Beach And Gravesnd that may let you launch for a fee.
  4. Moms side of family is from that area. your trailer should be good during the day,but everywhere today make sure everything is locked down. I have had more theft living in Southold town than we ever did in Rockaway. Something to be said for neighbors who would look out for the people they lived with.
  5. I already told her i'm not cosigning for her loans. she will stay home for a semester and go to local junior college for 6k/yr, or wait for scholarship appeal to get cost down.
  6. Big popper My daughter is the same mind set about starting off in debt. She thinks that if her starting pay is 100k for her field its ok to have the same amount of student loans. she wants nothing to do with the local cc to save 50k. But what do we know? over 50 and not brainwashed by the higher education mantra even if the roi is in the loss column.
  7. Meghan is driving me nuts and as much as i want her to save by going to local community college, she needs to get as far away as possible before i kill her. Brian is on the right track but must be on public transit line so I'm not spending time driving to pick her up and drop off 2-3 times a year.
  8. My son went into the navy last year for his education. my daughter is a senior who wants to go to Syracuse but even with the 50k scholarship they gave as a first offer that equals 23k a year. Trying to explain it in a business sense and roi but she just doesn't grasp the reality of 80k in debt to make 75 k/year. My financial picture is kinda bleak due to sick wife that ate thru all our cash and me not being able to generate any income for the past six months while caring for her.
  9. Going to check around Cutchogue and Mattituck tomorrow,but the water is still really cold. The bays will heat up pretty quick if we get good sun and not alot of rain, hoping to see some fairly large in the bays this year. The ospreys in the tower behind my house let me know when the bunker and alewives move through. I could count on one hand how many times i went surfcasting last year. Hoping to change that and get back to going out 4-5 days/nights a week again.
  10. I'm in for the Scabelly
  11. A dab of epoxy or superglue to the lip of the hellcat will help to keep it from popping out on cast or when retrieving around rocks.
  12. i'm in
  13. If it hasn't been serviced in over a year you definitely need to hire someone to do a full service. Just pay the 150 and get it done.
  14. If you are going to change the canister filter, you may as well change the filter screen on pump .
  15. How about $95 for the lot?