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  1. I'll take them. LMK the particulars
  2. Berk's. Was disappointed they didnt have any at the Rockland sports show
  3. Also if the firearms were reported stolen and insurance collected they now belong to the insurance company. In other words CONSULT A FIREARMS LAWYER
  4. Took a walk this afternoon and heard the peepers at several woods ponds. Also saw one lone beaver.
  5. Lacrosse. Purchased at Lamberts , Cobleskill NY mid 80's. Had to purchase a new pair about two years ago, finally couldnt patch them any more with rip in the arch area.
  6. I just cut two hooks off. Have not noticed any difference in catch or hooking up.
  7. I have always thought a weight forward spinner ( erie dearie) would be the ticket. Of course you would have to replace the hook. I think Im going to try it it with the South bend version (walleye wonder)
  8. Dont forget WWG. A bit more expensive but also has protective wings.
  9. You dont even have to be afloat. A few years ago on the Esopus ,a father and daughter were walking along the bank. The daughter fell in and current took her to the strainer. She died in her father's arms while tried to hold her head above water.The rescue boat was also taken by the current and mangled. The strainer has since been removed.
  10. Couple of ideas.(1) pinch nightcrawler in half, should end the short bite or (2) use 0.030 lead wire (wrapped around line like a coil spring) and small circle hooks. Using circle hooks keep line tight when trout turn DONT set the hook the hook sets itself. Another idea is to use small jigs and plastic
  11. He/she it should get back money from the educational system
  12. Chain is toast. Black plastic is to hold chain during shipment. Take side cover off you will see black rubber thing shaped like old radiation sign push chain brake handle forward install side cover. If in doubt you tube has video Dont buy the cheap Husky chain from Big box stores soft drive teeth IMHO Good luck and be careful THINK TWICE cut once
  13. Four words. Fleece blankets and sheets. Your wives and kids will thank you
  14. I just tell them, "i'm sorry I forgot your name". when they respond with the first name I say no your last name. and vice versa