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  1. I use an Albright for that connection.
  2. Make a line to line connection of 4-5’ or so of leader material to your shock leader. Leave long tags on the knot. Slide your sinker onto the leader material and connect your terminal tackle. The tag ends will make it difficult for the sinker to slide up your line, but not impossible so can eventually work itself out in the event of a line break. Thats what I tell myself anyway...
  3. I would rather have all manner of W than a straight N.
  4. Congrats! It was fun to be a part of.
  5. Not who you think...I think.
  6. Sorry my man, but I didn’t take any. Was solo yesterday eve and this am. I was rewarded by the fish gods for helping a new guy I think. He got a couple too which was fun to see.
  7. Caught a bunch of blues the last couple days on 1/0 owner mutu light circles with stripped spot or bluefish. What size are you using?
  8. Fin whale? Right whale? Guess that’s all it could be this time of year. Very very cool!
  9. Oh you guys. Just trying to help you misguided souls.
  10. It’s one dead ocean right now. Some blues and a banded rudder fish on metal. Not one hit on the whiting rods. Zero.
  11. It’s open now Steve.
  12. Nice pictures Jim! I cant wait...
  13. BTW, Nick, I think that's the best release photo of all time.
  14. Took me a LONG way down the beach. She spent a good deal of time on the surface running against the current. One of the better fights I've had with a fish, and enough energy left to give me a good face wash when I released her. And how many opportunities do you get to have picture like that taken on AI, especially considering the other people in the picture? Not many. One of my all time favorites for sure.