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  1. I can't offer any fishing advice on the DE bay, but would like to thank you for your service.
  2. No. It didn't. Those were truly extraordinary.
  3. I had this great igloo that smelled like bait and didn't have hinges. I believe Chris called it the big stink. Every time, and I mean EVERY time I told Marcus to grab some bait from my cooler he would fling the lid across the hood of my car. I had it for 10 years. Kept ice for 4-5 hours. I used to cut bait on the top and not clean it. It once held a Cobia...folded in half. I bought a new one last year. Still has the hinges.
  4. Yeah, this was my experience as well.
  5. I use 3-4' of 80 as well. Don't know who mentioned that to me but it's been a godsend. Palomar knots to terminal tackle and the swivel between the shock and 80' rub leader for me.
  6. Simple no name running line to shock leader for me. Been that way for a long time.
  7. In the fall I usually just bring a bag of fishbites. I have two bait rods and a spinning set up I can throw stingsilvers with. I set up a bait rod first with fishbites in close and try to get a spot. That spot loses its head for a big rod and I strip the rest for the other bait rod. That gets chucked out to the bar or as close as I can get to it. Once I get 4 or 5 spot I switch to spot strips on both rods and catch whiting. Don't need spot heads if I can get whiting heads for the big rods. There were no shortage of whiting in the surf last weekend. Had wonderful fish tacos last night. If the whiting/spot fishing is slow I'll throw the sting silver for blues. Drum like blues. P.S. If trying for whiting use meat (spot strips/blue strips/whiting belly) and chuck it to the bar. I would highly recommend size 1 or 1/0 owner Mutu light circles tied on a plain Jane hi/lo rig. P.P.S. I wrote all this because I don't have any drum to report.
  8. It's all good. I can't grow a beard....
  9. Nice fish! Not sure about that salt n pepper beard.....
  10. Does anyone know the status of the OSV? No one answered the phone at the Rangers station. Facebook page has not been updated.
  11. Ah, maybe that’s what I’m thinking of. Yeah, that’s the one....
  12. If I remember correctly there was a certain guy in a hamlet by the beach that caught one and live lined it....
  13. Wait, didn't someone freeline an albie one time
  14. Jeremy Firestone I don't like surf fishing. Signed, Jeremy Firestone
  15. I haven't fished the beach since the last weekend of Sept 2019......