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  1. Great picture!
  2. Hmmm.... The migratory patterns I can get behind. That also means that seeing pups in the surf and inlets is very important, as many species tend to return to cite of their birth when breeding. I have no idea if this is true of RD. If true, then we should probably not keep many of those pups. That is, if growing the RD population in this region is a positive. Obviously, from a recreational perspective it is. There is no other fish I'd rather target. However, do we have enough sustenance for RD, SB, and blues? I don't know, and that may explain why the species seem to peak individually. Larger members of a species tend to live in the north. Yes, it's called Bergmann's rule. The reason for this in mammals is due to body size to surface area ratio. Larger, more round shaped animals (Allen's rule) live north because its advantageous to have a higher body size to surface area ratio for heat conservation. The rule has been applied to freshwater fish, but has only been relevant for species that are considered cold water species. I don't think it would apply to the RD.
  3. It's interesting to get takes from different people. As for me, I would say this year was good, but not the best at least in terms of the fish we care about. I didn't catch a ray, which I'm not upset about. I caught a ton of sharks, including an even dozen in one day. I caught far more sharks than I usually catch in Oct. I caught some skates, about normal Sept/Oct numbers. I caught some reds, also about normal per day for the last few years. I caught more spot this year than I've caught in the last several, but..... I caught far far fewer whiting than I've ever caught in Sept/Oct. My best day was maybe 5 or 6. Ive had many days in the past in Sept/Oct where I've had to stop fishing for them because I've had more than enough to eat. Nothing even remotely close to that this year. I had my very first all out Sept skunk this year. As in nothing, not even trash. I caught more pompano than I've ever caught on AI. But that's just the fish. I did get to see a bunch of good people, which is always the best part. There were some I didn't get to see. Hope to see you guys soon.
  4. I use an Albright for that connection.
  5. Make a line to line connection of 4-5’ or so of leader material to your shock leader. Leave long tags on the knot. Slide your sinker onto the leader material and connect your terminal tackle. The tag ends will make it difficult for the sinker to slide up your line, but not impossible so can eventually work itself out in the event of a line break. Thats what I tell myself anyway...
  6. I would rather have all manner of W than a straight N.
  7. Congrats! It was fun to be a part of.
  8. Not who you think...I think.
  9. Sorry my man, but I didn’t take any. Was solo yesterday eve and this am. I was rewarded by the fish gods for helping a new guy I think. He got a couple too which was fun to see.
  10. Caught a bunch of blues the last couple days on 1/0 owner mutu light circles with stripped spot or bluefish. What size are you using?
  11. Fin whale? Right whale? Guess that’s all it could be this time of year. Very very cool!
  12. Oh you guys. Just trying to help you misguided souls.
  13. It’s one dead ocean right now. Some blues and a banded rudder fish on metal. Not one hit on the whiting rods. Zero.
  14. It’s open now Steve.