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  1. I believe that is the original, so it should have the authentic frying grease.
  2. This water issue can be a problem with see starting mixtures as well. Peat moss does not "wet" very well, nor does the vermiculite. So you are relying on the compost to do all the wetting and wicking of the water throughout the soil. Best thing to do is up the compost ratio or add some good loam to it.
  3. I am pretty sure buying tackle on the BST forums here for the sole purpose of reselling it for profit is greatly frowned upon........... Just some friendly advise.......
  4. Man, been a long time since I had a good Italian dog.... Last one I had was a few years ago when I went to the Jimmy Buffs in Kenilworth, and it was a huge disappointment, as it was fairly new and way too "antiseptic", likely due to local health codes. Just ain't the same as the one that was in Irvington right down the street from my apartment, with the who knows how old grease for frying. That was 35 years ago that I had a good one.... Up here they have no clue as to what they are........
  5. Instead of 10 different language, perhaps some thing like this with pictures and numbers. This one is a bit too complicated, but gives the idea. They could even have a duplicate picture next to the legal size with a smaller size and this thru it: So ya got a picture of a bass at 28" and one at 27" with the warning over it, etc. That would take care of the language barrier issue.
  6. This is an old post from a commercial crabber in Long Island, Crabman. This may help answer your question: I think anyone would agree with you that we would not take a crab with eggs or sponge. A sook or #3, which is a mature female crab, here in NY has to be 4 1/2" point to point. It's kind of a useless regulation, most crabbers would not take hard sooks that small. Our buyers would be enough to regulate our catch. They would be pissed if I gave them a bushel of 4 1/2" sooks. A normal bushel of sooks would hold about 120 crabs. At 4 1/2", the bushel would hold around 200. The problem with putting a size limit on a sook is the over zealous DEC officer. Could you imagine having Crab Narc inspecting your thirty to forty bushels of crabs. At what point are you violated? One crab? Five? Ten/bushel? A percentage of the total catch? There are 4,000-6,000 crabs on the boat with 30-40 bushels. As I said, our buyers regulate our business through their customers. And what if you did catch a sook smaller than 4 1/2", if it were not for your buyer or your desire to eat a small crab, what good would it do to throw it back? Would you want it to grow and perhaps catch it again some other day? No reason to do that. During the average female crab's lifetime here in NY and NJ, she lives two years at the most. Most die at a year and a half. They are spawned in the ocean as the bays are too brackish. The salinity has to be high in order for the crab larvae to survive. That is why in June, we see all the sooks leaving the bays and heading out the inlets with sponge attached. They cast the eggs in the ocean and return in late August and September. At this point, they are a year old. That winter, 90% of the sooks will die on the bottom and never cast another egg although they do have a secondary immature egg inside their body. That immature egg is the delicacy for the mostly Chinese market of winter blue claw crabs. I dredge crabs in the winter. Ninety percent of my crabs are female. I've been doing it a long time. I would be the last person to want to see anything happen to the blue claw crab population. Anyone going out and seeing our operation is amazed at the amount of crabs we can catch when crabbing is good. The question of catching so many females always comes up. It's hard to explain until that same person comes out with us in the late winter. In February and March, almost all the crabs coming up are dead. By the spring, all but a few are dead. The dead crabs are reabsorbed into the bay and the cycle begins again with their spawn from the previous June and the ocean currents that washed them back into our bay.
  7. I am just tired of all the bickering instead of folks talking about solutions. Mr Beck and the folks on Blaze do. But they are called nuts. Pretty sad. Tell me, you distractors, how much of Blaze have you actually listened to? When you let me know, then we can talk. Until then, go away...........cause you look like a fool.
  8. Again, no one sees anything wrong with this partisan bickering over judges? Just like discussing solution to problems instead of calling each side names. And again, Glenn Beck et al gets called a whacko. You guys are pathetic.
  9. Exasperated............The judicial branch of our government is not supposed to be partisan one way or another, yet all you hear about is loading courts as liberal or conservative, but that is all anyone talks about, and has even taken effect in the courts.. We are truly ruining this country's Constitution,
  10. I know that in NJ the popular fishing access points, at least on the bayside, have these type of signs with fishing info, bag and size limits, including shellfish. The are supplied by the NJ Saltwater Fish and Game. And in Wareham Center on the river there are signs for crabbing regs.
  11. Yup, that is the best thing to do if you have the luxury. Um, Fishpool, what was your point with the one word quote" Yes I know it should be melt, that was a typo, but your quote?
  12. This^
  13. I know that, Carl...... Been here long enough to know about the confusion. The funny thing is that even up here you hear about "peanut bunker" more than you do "peanut pogies"......
  14. Some folks do that, I used to, but then someone here pointed out that cornmeal is too big of a particle for them to siphon in. That is why I said finely ground black pepper, that will irritate them just enough to make them continuously "spit".