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  1. There are ISP providers.................... The tentacles reach much further than you think, young man. Perhaps some day you will mature and learn this.
  2. Why $529K? That number had to come from somewhere..........
  3. Frank - sooner or later, if they are allowed to continue, they will come for you too, cause sooner or later, you will have an opinion they don't like, however small, and well......... "Yes, we are the folks of diversity and inclusion, so long as you agree with us and do what we tell you to........"
  4. I am jealous NS.....between the weather and my back this year (more my back), I pass by my garden overgrown with weeds and get sad everyday. But yours looks spectacular. As to the San Marzano, I always grew them for cooking with. Sure, they can be eaten raw, but there are better varieties to do that with. Just watch them closely as they are one of the first to develop blossom end rot. In fact, it might be a good time to grind up some Tums and side dress the plants with it to add calcium to the soil.
  5. The details mentioned in the last paragraph can be found here, as long as the site is allowed to exist.....which may not be long.
  6. Um, the point and bottom line is that when the citizens of Puerto Rico start paying tax, then PERHAPS they can complain. Until then shut the **** up and be thankful you got anything!
  7. Getting there, among others. Follow the money further (and from Chicago ya gotta head east.)
  8. Should be fine other than the sugar is.....well, never mind some people will think I am taking a random pot shot so I will bite my tongue.
  9. Just for said it goes away if you turn it sideways. Which direction? Try turning it sideways the other direction and see if it still stops. My theory rests on the fact that it should only happen turned on one side and not the other. It should stop with the crank on top, and maybe even get worse with the crank facing the ground.
  10. Roche Brothers is ALWAYS expensive. (If you are gonna get lobster there, defer and get the live soft shell crabs while they still have them. Personally I would take them over lobster ANY day.) Last week's sales were at Stop and Shop and Shaw's, maybe Big Y. Sales change on Thursday or Friday, so not sure what they are currently, but it shouldn't be too hard to find $8.99 or less.
  11. The point is who gives a crap about the Secretary of Labor? Of course Epstein and what he did sucks, but we got better things to worry about than The Head of Dishwashers. And frankly, the Democrats are running pretty scared of this right now, cause if he snitches, their worlds are coming down.........along with some of the entrenched Republicans.