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  1. Gotta love that one.........
  2. Joe is lucky he can find the breakfast table in the morning.........
  3. Guy is awesome. He was on Beck this AM. Last half of the third hour for those that know how to get it.
  4. So Zak, did you listen to the audio of Elijah I posted? Did you hear him say that he talked to the guy AFTER the story in that newspaper. Did you also hear him say that if proof came out that what he witnessed was not the whole story, he would GLADLY own up to it? Well, Elijah was on Beck this AM, and talking about something completely different. And STILL no proof of what he personally saw was not the whole story. So do you want to rebut, or just post more unfounded garbage? And will pose the same challenge to Hokey. But alas, I expect to hear crickets....face it, you can't face the truth.
  5. And my position is you are an idiot that can't come up with any facts to dispute what I am saying, which is BASED in document facts. So yes, by your responses, you are proving that. As I said, enjoy your ignorance.
  6. Market Basket sales run Sunday thru Saturday. Not sure why yours had that price, as it is on the front page of this week's ad. Perhaps if was early Sunday morning they had not yet changed the sign.
  7. Depends on the test. Some of the "quick" tests show false positives for active virus. What they are detecting are left over RNA strands of the molecule that are inactive and not contagious. An Antibody test would (usually) show if you had it and recovered.
  8. Typical response from those that can defend their position. Thanks for proving it to the forum for me.
  9. Last year they were quite good. My only concern this time is the ad says 30-40 per pound, which is kind of small for sea scallops. But if like last year they have not been previously frozen, I bet they are super sweet. May go later in the week.
  10. Hear it for yourself, starting at about 36:00. BMDC6251599809.mp3
  11. And some story in who knows what newspaper ids better than the words from a man THAT WAS THERE and also talked to the so called vigilante this morning/ Yes, you are brainwashed. Try getting the facts instead of relying on 4th source stories that are undocumented. You are now part of the problem.
  12. Have fun in your continued ignorance.......
  13. If you had any clue at all, you would know that Fox, NBC, Cbs and CNN took Blaze TV's video AND EDITED OUT THE PARTS THAT SHOW THE MAN BEATEN WITHIN AN INCH OF HIS LIFE BECAUSE IT DIN'T FIT THEIR NARRATIVES. Elijah was on Glen's show this AM and told EXACTLY what happened as witnessed by his own eyes. So don't give me your crap you mainstream media brainwashed fool. TRUTH HURTS.
  14. I told you guys, I am not the one that is gonna turn this all have done a fantastic job of doing it yourselves. But I get edited for stuff that has no hint of partisanship.
  15. Yup.......