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  1. Not gonna go into how I made it as that has been discussed in numerous threads over the years that have been bumped up just below. But the one thing I would add to the very end of my recipe or pretty much any recipe of the traditional New England Boil, are the words: Let cool, park in fridge, reheat it in two days, and enjoy. I swear, as much as what we had on Saturday was good, the leftovers I had last night were 3 times better.
  2. My biggest question is the glue to the still intact acrylic surface adhesion. I am worried that the glue would just sort of "slide" off of it........
  3. When looking on line for those pictures I saw that terminology in a couple spots, so yes, another thing to look for on the label.
  4. This is the main point of the matter that no one seemed to grasp, except for perhaps Dude. A publisher can edit anything he wants, but in doing so exposes himself to being sued for various things like copyright infringement among others. A platform cannot be sued, but in return for that protection, cannot selectively censor posted material (with exception of pre-stated ground rules that are agreed to by the "consumers" when they register to the site, such as posting illegal activity, pornography, etc.) But ya can't have both. But as usual, let's not get to the meat of the matter, lets argue about the sypmptoms.
  5. Well, I said paper but meant washable, water resistant wall covering. This will be heavy enough to hide the underlying slight imperfections from the peeled areas.
  6. I plan on removing the peeling from the surface, under neath is a literal sponge for glue, wish it was all like that. I am more worried about the glue not adhere to the areas that are still "glossy".
  7. More:
  8. A picture showing the deal..........
  9. Have some acrylic finished hardboard that was installed in my bathroom some 20 years ago, and the acrylic surface is starting to peel off from the moisture. I want to cover it with wallpaper, as this would be the easiest fix. Anything else would involve removing the finish trim and then reinstalling it which would further involves filling nail holes, re-painting and finishing with poly, which is more work than I am willing to do. Question is, will the wallpaper paste stick to the still sound areas of the acrylic coated hardboard, or will there need to be some sort of prep work?
  10. Looks to be the flat cut which indeed is more lean than the point cut.
  11. Misinformation. As to the parents, doesn't much matter, as no matter what they or the kids are going in, the kids will come out being indoctrinated to socialism.
  12. Have never seen anyone get DTs from stopping smoking weed. DTs are neurological, meaning that something physical is going on.
  13. Since "cioppino" roughly translated means to "chip in", there can be any number of things in it. Fishermen would walk by the community pot and toss in whatever they happened to have caught that day.
  14. Not Philly, SSP.
  15. Sad thing is that early this AM as I was driving around from work, I heard on WBZ's Jay Talking, a 24 year old guy called in who was obviously in that camp. He talked with Bradley for perhaps 7 and a half minutes. In that time, I lost count of the "like"s at 62.........and there was still a minute or two to go. Sorry bud, couldn't even hear what you were trying to say, and even if I could, in speaking like that, you lose any credibility you may have had. And that is part of what makes this all so scary.