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  1. They were all pumped onto the Beach in Ortley with the sand.......
  2. Saw them at Fresh Catch in Mansfield yesterday, $39.99/lb ...... to pricey for my blood.
  3. You ain't buying the right stuff. And trust me, I abhor stuff with sugar added.......
  4. Sounds familiar so could be.
  5. There is a chain up here that has a cheese steak with hot capicola added to it.....onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese, and the capicola, thier "Steak Bomb." For what it is from a chain, it is okay every so often, but not very authentic.
  6. Sliced onions, not diced. I like mushrooms sometimes. And sometimes, small amount of GOOD French Fries on the sandwich. Sometimes the simplicity of just the steak and cheese is good to have to appreciate it for what it is. Other times, I would put all of the above on. And everything in between. And no doubt some folks will groan, but ketchup...........
  7. When looking remember that it is not just Greek, but also Lebanese, particularly Lebanese. The place we have up here that is pretty good is called "To Beirut" and they have all that stuff as well as a Lebanese grocery next door. There is another place down the road from them that is Turkish and does all that stuff as well. Never been there. And there is also "The Feisty Greek" right across the road from them. Never got anything there either, as To Beirut is cheaper and is the only spot I saw the rotating vertical spits right behind the counter.
  8. Well, too late, as I am home and didn't stop there. I DID stop at the Hot Grill in Clifton yesterday for a Texas Wiener "All the Way"......... been 40+ years since I was there last, and it hasn't. (I used to play HS baseball right across the street in Nash park.) Also have a whole #10 from Troopers Sub Shop on Van Houten Ave in my fridge for tonight. And they are also still the same and as good as they were 40 years ago. $10.45 and there is easily a pound+ of cold cuts on it.
  9. I have an electric water heater, traditional stone lined tank version. When I bought the house, the system was already plumbed such that The cold tap water first ran thru the tankless boiler coil and then into the electric water heater tank. The idea was to preheat the water so as to use less electricity. Everything was valved such that it could be set this way, or you could bypass the boiler and just use the electric to heat the cold tap water from the start (which is what I do now) for the reason below. I indeed keep the boiler on in the summer even though it is only used for heat. I have found that if I shut it off all summer, the condensation on the outside of the coils and the box of the furnace ad flue mixes with soot and is not good - When I would start it up in the fall, the basement would fill with soot smoke. So in the summer I set the high temp limit to a low setting, perhaps 120, and the low temp limit to about 80. The water in the boiler will cool down to the 80 in about 24 hours, and the burner will come on for a short time once a day to dry out all that condensation. Problem solved.
  10. If your roll has "brand", you already lost the battle.......
  11. Yes, yes we do...... The clambrella may come in handy from what I understand.
  12. Toss an apple slice in a zip lock bag with some of it and let it rest a day or two........
  13. That was just before we had to rip you off Taylor Swift's fence................ Good to see ya bud , I will be in the usual Jersey haunts starting Thursday PM for a week and will be with the usual cast of characters. Hope to run across you again.