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  1. I think those yo-yo's on Oak island found C19 in the money for kicked my arse for 30 years before I figured it out. 30 years ago diagnosed with "possible" Lyme (crappy ELISA test) after fever and bullseye rash gave me 10 days doxy....went about life.....always achy, joint forward to ~2 years ago....has these recurring episodes where joints would increasing hurt for 7-10 days....then fever then fine next day. Last episode bad. After ~7 days of joint pain I was in shop when all of a sudden no energy...looked at house 100 yards away and didn't think I could walk there, got in went to couch laid down under several blankets.....spiked bad fever....wifey put compresses on my head all day I went to doc asked for western blot test....Lyme positive (Imagine that?)....30 days doxy and now no issues
  2. Thanks
  3. have you guys seen this? It is so stoopid but somehow I cannot look away....
  4. wifey and I had 2nd dose of Pfizer....sore arms, malaise on day 2 and she had headache...all well now. I often wondered...if people that had COVID would elicit a stronger response if they got vaccination after infection...makes sense from what I know as you already have antibodies so as soon as your body sees more spike proteins....WHAMO!
  5. You ain't kidding....Plus I am now in my fifties that makes me twice as evil......bwaahahaha
  6. Fencing and dog is primary, punji sticks in pits secondary, lead tertiary... but with prices being what they to just let predation happen and sacrifice a few to critters
  7. Staying in the 4x4 community Carova not Corolla
  8. There is a blast from the past....and you have no idea
  9. What did I miss? Heading to Carova 11-17Apr before I start new job... Interesting times ...had elbow rebuilt, some nasty bug bit my foot last year, garden is in and looks good but wife got her annual "gardenitis" (broke her foot again) so it is on me, did my bosses job for year during COVID kept site running, met budget and then they gave his and my job to diversity and inclusion and I got good deed goes newest female lab is 106lbs and not fat, harvested 8 deer last fall....haven't fished in a while but will try next week
  10. Any fish in the surf?
  11. well if I get the corona virus I am gonna get me some lyme disease because everyone knows you can have a corona without a lime....hahahaha
  12. Thanks to all for Prayers. Surgery went well. They performed partial lobectomy in left side. Mass was cancer but margins were clean. They used a robotic laparoscopic procedure. Also pulled lymph nodes for pathology. His recovery has been up and down mostly due to his intolerance of anesthesia and meds. I left yesterday and he was walking and they water sealed the drain tube. Last night they were supposed to cap the tube and hopefully remove today. If all is well, he may discharge today. Then there is the discussions around any additional treatments as he has other spots in his lungs. I work for Astra Zeneca and I plan on attending the oncologist appointment. I am in the plant that manufactures immuno-oncology products that fight NSC lung cancer against PDL1 (Imfinzi and Keytruda). Thanks again
  13. Amazing...when a term you created years ago still echoes in these halls
  14. Doing well. Thanks. How about yourself?