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  1. Trees remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen. I thought carbon dioxide was bad?
  2. Cautious approach? That's amusing.........
  3. Your words. "Cancel culture". That could apply if the button applied to all members. As it only applies to you, it does not.
  4. Then FB should be held responsible for that which they allow to be posted, right?
  5. Well, the ignore button only keeps 'you' from seeing the post, not everyone else.
  6. Governors vote on bills in congress? Who'd a thought it............
  7. Why? That would be a disservice to his constituents, right? You should take issue with those who push these pork fests, bit you wont........
  8. But he's not the one adding the 'pork' to it, right?
  9. Accomplish turning off the gas without the blame?
  10. What intelligence was fudged?.
  11. Facebook, now there's a trustable entity.
  12. It falls back to the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  13. If he is as ill as reputed to be, that makes him very dangerous. He should be put out of his misery. The world's too.......