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  1. Countless times you've claimed Russia is winning. Have they won yet?
  2. There was nothing in the bill that secured the border. Period. Oh, Texas border is still a ship show, only reduction I have seen is in the illegals who cross and wait for capture.
  3. So, no, Russia has not won.....
  4. So Russia is going to initiate nuclear war. How cosmopolitan of them.
  5. What good is an EV if you can't charge it?
  6. Didn't help your case at all. Actually, contradictory to your claim of, "Joe opening up new areas to drilling".
  7. Back at you. "Oil was discovered in the Willow prospect area west of Alpine, Alaska, in 2016, and in October 2020, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approved ConocoPhillips' Willow development project in its Record of Decision. After a court challenge in 2021, the BLM issued its final supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) in February 2023." The lease for ConPhil willow project dates to 1999. I hate to tell you, but Biden was not president in 1999 to open the area to a lease. This should give you an idea on how long it takes to develop a productive lease. By the way, you absolutely suck at this.....
  8. You should actually research a bit. The Willow discovery was made in 2016. The well development project approved in 2020. Try again.........
  9. Why the need to lie about lies? A pathetic life to live.........
  10. Every time I move a shed from the Home Depot on Cresent St, I have to evict a creature before I can move it.
  11. Could be how the 'court' dictated that Mar-a-Lago was only worth $18 mil. Unintended consequences can be a female dog.
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