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  1. Finding gloves that are the right balance between warmth and feel is a journey. Luckily in NC, we don't have the long bitter cold of the NE. I was out on Sunday shooting a 5 stand with temps dropping and wind whipping behind the front. I like shooting our 5 stand with a good wind. Makes the targets behave like something alive. We have a battue, that depending on the wind gusts, was moving at least 50 yards in its landing zone within in its flight path, . I have had the best luck with work/ mechanics gloves from walmart, homies, etc for shooting. I don't think that I would like neoprene gloves at all for shooting because of their stiffness and sponginess. Like you, if i had to wear something that heavy to stay warm, I would stay home.
  2. Well, looks like the NPS got to work and cabins are open except for 3 that were claimed by Flo. Off to the island for a week on 11/4.
  3. Tru oil works pretty well. Try it on one of your "not my favorite rod" rods first
  4. Cape Lookout National Seashore – OPEN WITH LIMITED SERVICES Seven cabins at Great Island will be reopening on October 5. Original reservation holders will be contacted. If the original reservation holders decline, the cabins will be released to the public on a rolling basis. Services available include fuel, ice, bathhouse, and dump station. Cabins will be added to the “open” inventory as they become available. Long Point cabins remain closed with reservations canceled for the rest of the season. The area will reopen pending completion of dredging operations. Services available include fuel, ice and dump station. No bathhouse or running water available. Beach Camping will resume on Thursday on South Core Banks when ferry operations resume. Use caution as the beach has changed. Please note new signs indicating areas off limits to driving and camping. These areas will reopen as the beach stabilizes. Portsmouth Village has reopened and is accessible by private boat or ferry out of Ocracoke. No camping on North Core Banks until ferry operations resume. No trash service anywhere on beaches at this time. Everything must be packed out. The Harkers Island Visitor Center is reopening on Tuesday, October 2. Hours of operation are daily from 9:00 am to 5 pm. The Beaufort Visitor Information Center is open. Hours of operation are daily from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Reservations for Long Point Cabins have been canceled for the remainder of the season.
  5. Cape Lookout National Seashore – CLOSED All visitor facilities and services are closed, a reopening schedule is not available at this time. Minor roof damage of the Harkers Island Visitor Center has been repaired, and power has been restored to the building. Harkers Island trails are 80% clear, the boardwalk remains closed due to damage. Temporary repairs of the Harkers Island Visitor Center Harbor docks are underway. The U.S. Coast Guard is repairing the Cape Lookout Lighthouse (currently not working). The Les and Sally dock has been repaired. Initial assessments at Les and Sally, Cape Lookout Lighthouse, and Historic Cape Village are complete, stabilization, including installing tarps on roofs has begun. Natural resources staff began sea turtle surveys on Shackleford Banks today. Shackleford horse survey is planned to begin tomorrow. Crews surveyed and flagged three miles of backroad on North Core Banks. Reservations for Long Point Cabins have been cancelled for the remainder of the season. Reservations for the Great Island Cabins have been canceled through October. Cancellations may be extended depending on the results of full assessments. An update will be provided once assessments are complete.
  6. Get Fuel when you can- stations in Rocky mount and all the way east to the triangle are running through gas pretty fast, and bags on the pumps are the norm. Use gas buddy or the like to see who has had a truck deliver
  7. If you have a pair of Hy-Wyd's they will do a single lens with an upper bifocal
  8. Short answer: If you can tell the difference in stability between a spinning set up and a standard conventional setup, you will appreciate a conventional that is spiral wrapped. If you cant tell the difference, and think that they feel the same- there is no advantage. Castability is the same.
  9. It has been disgustingly oppressive for the last 2 days
  10. This drove me nuts for months. I had replaced the fill valve and did not trim the little tube that fills the bowl through the overflow to be above the water level in the tank. It was syphoning the water out of the tank- very slowly but that was the culprit. Replaced flappers, etc with no improvement.
  11. that is a really low stripper guide. I dont think that the 3mm spool diameter will make much difference when the guide is 1" off the blank. how far away from the reelseat is the first guide?
  12. Unless something has changed recently that I don't know about, the carry laws in a national park default to the state carry laws in which the park resides. In this case- FL. I think prohibition relates to federal buildings on national park land. Im sure someone will correct this if it is wrong.
  13. Really sharp. I really like the tricolor ones
  14. Are you talking about a regular pipe seat? If so, I'm sure that you have an 18 on a rod that you own already -it is the standard default size on most FW rods. You can check it yourself.