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  1. I will take the wonderbread for $30 paypal shipped thank you. Please PM me your paypal info
  2. Oooppppssie, forgot it already shipped. Please ignore my "forgetfullness"
  3. $32 OK if you ship with the GooGoo slim?
  4. I will take that, please pm your paypal info, thanks
  5. Dave, beat me to the punch. Which is funny cause most of what I "collect" are yours and Eddy's.
  6. I can do that. Please PM me your paypal info. thanks
  7. My bad, yes the Donny.
  8. how much for the Danny?
  9. I will take it at the $26 asking price, paypal shipped please.
  10. I will take those for the $75 paypal shipped, please PM me your info and I will get the paypal done today
  11. 9'-6" Shimano Tiralejo...been on the list for almost 2 years now. Long casting albie rod plus....
  12. I will take it at the $165, paypal shipped then. Please PM me your info.
  13. TRS96MA for $150 shipped paypal OK? I am in CT
  14. $35 for the top two?
  15. Black Donny and Pollack Eely BMs for the asking prices via Paypal please. Let me know if there is a discount for shipping two also. thanks much